5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015

Nowadays Internet users pay much attention on security concern so that they can keep their identity anonymous and secure. Online intruders and malicious agents always track the online user’s activities in order to steal that and misuse that. Today computer users know that they are not 100% safe when they’re online but it’s partially true. There are multiple ways to stay safe one of them is surf anonymously. If you want to keep your identity confidential VPN software can be really helpful for you. They secure your networks, your identity and location as well. There are various VPN software available for free for users of all platforms and a few of them are enumerated below which are available as a freeware:

5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015


This service doesn’t charge even a single penny. This doesn’t allow adware to enter in your network and doesn’t put limitations on your browsing speed. There are no data caps and subscriptions also even though being completely free means you can get unlimited data at blazing fast speed regardless of the location you have choose. To download this service you don’t need to register anywhere, there is no need of credit or debit cards. This software is as simple as just download and run this wonderful application on your Windows, Android and other devices.

SecurityKISS VPN

SecurityKISS VPN offers a limited amount of bandwidth on a daily basis, but at increased speed. This VPN application has good speed in its free version along with better security features. Without making any account or login into any account, you can use this direct software and for that you just need to click on the connect button of it. Its one day limit is 300 MB. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac OS.


This application protects your Internet connection from infected agents and malicious users because these obtrusive agents can breach through your security wall and intercept your confidential data. They can identify your location, change your browser settings, change your credential details, etc. It basic account is available for free with security features which are limited to a particular location with the speed limit of 300 kbps, but premium users will get more speed and more flexible features.

HideMan VPN

If you are willing to pay, then HideMan VPN is a great choice as its premium version has lots of impressive features. Its free version puts the limitation of the usage of 7 hours per week, whereas in premium version, there is no such kind of limitation is imposed on users. It’s compatible with all major OS.

CyberGhost VPN

It’s one of the best choices in free VPN services along with lots of free features in the free version. This free VPN software is laden with all the security features which make it a complete VPN service. Although this free version comes with ads, but with adblocking software, all perky ads can be handled. This is not in the case of the premium version, because that is completely free from ads and offers 5 times better speed than the free version. It is compatible with all major Operating Systems.

Above most of the potential VPN software are discussed which can be your choice for because of their amazing features first and the cost second. They are those VPN subscriptions, which will not put a heavy load on your pocket and also, they ensure robust protection from online risks. They will not only keep your identity annoying, but also your location and activities as well. With these software, you can enjoy the freedom of Internet without any fear.

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15 Amazing YouTube Tricks You Should Know

YouTube needs no introduction! It’s the topper in the list of video streaming sites and 3rd among World Wide Web. It’s the way to go whether you want to watch latest or oldest videos, movies or willing to upload any created video. YouTube is equipped with multiple features which are hidden and if you’re a regular user, unraveling these features will be beneficial to simplify the fun of video streaming experience. Here is a list of its hidden features is enumerated for your facility:

15 Amazing YouTube Tricks You Should Know

  1. Advanced Keywords Search

There are countless videos on YouTube and among a huge number of videos; it’s difficult to remember the exact titles of your favorite videos. To find any specific video, you don’t need to memorize exact title; you can search it with the keywords.

  1. Customize Visual Ads

Whenever you watch videos online on YouTube an 30 seconds long annoying ads come up before starting the video. Often they are useless for you. Although, you can’t disable the ads, but you can customize them according to your preferences. To change the settings, head over to Ads settings and put your preferences to see the ads of your choice only.

  1. Specify Video Start Time

It’s a very convenient and impressive option if you want to share only a specific portion of the video with your friends and family instead of the entire length. You can do it in a simple way to specify particular time. There is a share button below every video, tick at the ‘Start at:’ and specify your time then share it with others. It video will play from that specific time, which you’ve selected for it.

  1. Bypass Regional Filtering

It may be possible that YouTube or its particular video is banned in your country or city and whenever you open it, it shows a message that YouTube video is not available in your Country or region. YouTube gives you the flexibility to watch its contents by bypassing national and regional filtering. To watch videos on it and bypassing filtering, you just need to change the URL from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VideoCode to http://www.youtube.com/v/VideoCode.

  1. Get Lyrics of the Song

There may be language or communication gap while listening your favorite singers or songs. If you’re unable to understand what the singer is singing, YouTube allows you to read the lyrics of the song and learn the words. If you don’t want to close the video and do both tasks simultaneously you need to download Google Chrome extension. It’ll show lyrics at the top of all videos.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s very time consuming to be dependent on mouse only. In order to do things quickly, keyboard shortcuts are there. They allow to navigate through videos without any complexity and here are some keyboard shortcuts to simplify your YouTube experience. Space-bar to pause and play video, left and right arrows to rewind and forward, up and down arrows to increase and decrease volume, Home and End keys to take you to the beginning and end, and M key to mute the video.

  1. Watch Offline

If you’re a fervent video watcher from India, Indonesia, or the Philippines, you have the opportunity to watch videos offline on your Android device. All contents, whether national or regional will be available offline, but not from all regions of the world. By tapping the button below, you can add offline contents in your offline library.

  1. Access Full length TV Shows

On your YouTube account, you can watch TV shows episodes and movies legally. You don’t need to watch bootleg versions of them uploaded by shady users. To watch movies, you can also head over YouTube Movies and for TV shows go to YouTube Shows.

  1. Enjoy Watching Videos While Using Other Sites Along Side

This is not an in-built feature of YouTube. If you want to watch your favorite videos and use other websites simultaneously, you need to use Google Chrome extension Floating YouTube. This extension allows you to watch video while using other website in your chrome browser.

  1. Keep Your Activities Private

To keep your activities private, you can turn on your privacy. It keeps your presence hidden and others can’t know what are you searching and doing. To turn on your privacy, go to the top-right corner of your avatar and go to settings. Now click on privacy in the left panel and after enabling both privacy options and click on save option to ensure privacy.

  1. Watch Videos in HD

If you want to improve your YouTube experience and tired of watching videos in low or normal quality, play your videos in highest possible quality. To change the video quality, go to the top right corner and click on your avatar then go to settings. In the left panel, click on playback and select your desired option to enable the best quality for player size and connection under video playback quality.

  1. Find Latest Redesign

If you don’t want to see and use boring and outdated layouts of your video player, YouTube has brought a new range of layout redesigned for video player. To change the old layout, you need to head over YouTube Testtube and select a new player from there. It offers simple playback options with minimal buttons and in case you don’t like this layout, you can always restore your old layout.

  1. Clear YouTube History

It’s very easy to remove or clear your video history on your account. In the top-left corner next to the YouTube logo button, there is a menu button, click on that. Now click on the history option which will show the details of all watched videos. Now click on clear all my watch history to delete entire history or click them one by one by clicking the cross button next to them.

  1. Turn Videos into GIF

YouTube offers an amazing feature to turn video into GIF image. It’s in-built feature of YouTube and you don’t need to use external GIF maker to convert your videos into GIF images. To turn videos into GIF images, go to the share button below video and click on it, now click on the GIF tab and choose your preferences. It also allows you to start and end time, top and bottom text to your GIF.

  1. Free Background Music for Your Own Videos

If you want to add any sound or music in the video the video you want to upload and you don’t have, YouTube offers a great range of free tunes and music. To get your favorite music, head over to the YouTube Music Library.

Apart from these enlisted features, YouTube has various other features as well. It simplifies your video watching and uploading experience.

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6 Best Web Browser for Windows

The Internet is a source to navigate the vast information on World Wide Web. User’s use the Internet in the way they want like it can be used as a source to read or send informational contents, as a medium to communicate with the people who’re far away from you, as an online shopping store, as a banking institute to deal with your financial transactions, as a medium of entertainment, etc. But to make your browsing experience comfortable and flexible, Internet browser plays a vital role. So let’s explore further what are few good choices and why:

6 Best Web Browser for Windows

Google Chrome

Chrome is the topper in the list because of its wide variety of features. To plug into the Google ecosystem is very easy and a fun to behold. It has a capacious library with excellent extensions to add variety of functionality with high browsing speed and tight security. It’s able to block infected URLs, attachments and files. But on the down side, it becomes slow if you open too much tabs.

Mozilla Firefox

After Chrome, Mozilla is another feather in the cap particularly for Windows systems. With constant updates and add-ons, it’s a top class performer for all operating systems. Whether you’re experienced or new user, it offers a smooth surfing experience. Thankfully, it offers high level security to its users and tabbed browsing.

Microsoft Edge

With this new web browser, Microsoft is giving challenge to Google Chrome. This brand new web browser was initially known as project Spartan and now Microsoft Edge is available with Windows 10. This web browser offers integration with Microsoft’s various services such as Cortana and OneDrive. Microsoft has given special importance to its user interface, performance and security. This web browser is powered by EdgeHTML layout engine. Microsoft Edge is a great choice for you if you’re not looking for various developer oriented features.


Opera is a minimalistic web browser with propitiate basic features. It somewhere lies between Firefox and Chrome. It doesn’t have developer-oriented features, but it has some other stunning features like it allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts, custom the appearance and themes, bookmark and sync your data between various devices, simple to set up and use, lightweight and secure. For those who want additional security, it gives the advantage of auto-upgrade and Private Browsing. Opera is powered by the Blink layout engine.

Torch Browser

If you love dealing with apps and downloads, Torch browser is there for you as a free program. It is designed for those who are very active Internet users. It’s Chromium-based browser with multiple in-built features to simplify your web surfing experience simple. It has embedded media player and Media Grabber which let you to play and download audio as well as video files directly from the web. Its in-built BitTorrent clients assist you while managing and downloading torrents. With its Torch Games and Torch Music, you can play music and games from your browser screen.

Epic Browser

It’s a very secure browser which doesn’t store any browsing data or history,and cookies. In the same course of action, it doesn’t offer features like ID and password autofill options, plug-ins and add-ons. It doesn’t allow tracking scripts and ads to enter and display on your system’s screen and for more secure browsing, it switches to HTTP and also allows surfing via by default proxy.

The Internet is same but the browser you’re using can bring a different surfing experience for you. Browsers provide a platform for the users to save, and share their stuff with protection, find and read the information they are looking for, communicate with their friends, etc. The choice of browser completely depends on the user’s needs and understanding as there are various potential choices available for them.

Gitanjali is an experienced technical content writer. She has done post graduation from a reputed university and likes to write unique and informative article about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc.

How to retrieve Shift Deleted Files in Windows 8.1/8/7

Did you permanently delete your important data? If yes, just relax! You can get back your shift deleted files and folders in quick time. If you want to get back permanently deleted data, you are only a few steps away from it. Following is an easy and simple description which will help you to recover your personal files and folders.

How to retrieve Shift Deleted Files in Windows 8

Download and Install Recuva

  1. Firstly, download the free version of Recuva software.
  2. Now just click on downloaded Recuva file, then you will see a dialog box like below; click on next.
  3. After that, you will see the below options just tick marks like it is on the image and tap on install.
  4. After a few minutes your software will be installed. If you see the window like below that means your Recuva software is successfully installed.

Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8.1/7/8

Now you will view a shortcut of Recuva on your PC screen. Just open it as soon as you double clicked on it. After clicking on the shortcut, you will see a new window as below, click on next.

In the same window, you will view all the options like below in the figure. Just put your tick mark on all files and again click next.

After that, you will see a window like below which has an appropriate option for you. If you want to recover files from a specific location or from particular partition, you can select that option! Choose the certain option and press next option for (I am not sure) ‘I am selecting all locations’.

At this point, you will see another option to enable the deep scan as in the below image. Don’t put tick mark; because it will take so much time to scan all your deleted folders; so kindly press Start. After a few seconds, you will see a progress window and even see another window like in second image which contains some color dots before the file name. Red color dot shows that you cannot recover that files. Yellow color dot shows that chances are low and if green, then you can get back that file. Place tick before the file name and press on recover to get back that file. After doing this, you need to choose a location to retrieve that file. Finally, you will see that file in your selected location!

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Advance Abilities of Windows 10

Microsoft has brought a good idea for not only the computer users, but other digital gadgets users. This version of Windows is more stable and feature laden than the earlier versions of Windows. With the flexible changes it may lead the race of dominant operating system. It’ll give a totally new experience to the end users, and it looks different on different devices. The best thing about this that it’ll be a free upgrade for the Windows 7/8 users for the first year. It is equipped with many features and abilities.

Advance Abilities of Windows 10

Comeback of Start menu

You know that start menu was the part of Windows 7 and when the users move to the next upgraded version of it, i.e. Windows 8 it was replaced by the live tiled icons on desktop. In Windows 10 both options are available for the comfort of the users who are comfortable with any of the two versions of Windows. With its upgraded graphics you may go for its full-screen view.

Xbox app and streaming

It is a feast for the gamers that Windows 10 is available with Xbox One along with some more interesting features. With the Xbox app you’ll be able to play multiplayer and simulator games. Also, it has the ability to stream games from Xbox One and support for Direct 12.


From the Microsoft’s concern Cortona is one of the attention grasping features of Windows 10. It is a digital assistance like Siri and Google Now. Earlier it was for Windows Phones only, But now it’ll come to PC and tablets. It’s placed next to the start button on the desktop and also you can find it by saying “Hey Cortona”. It also allows to edit the things it knows about you in order to serve you better. With its intractability you can make a request to execute like toshow me the document from October, etc.

Holographic computing

We have seen this technology in the movies only till the time, but isn’t it exciting that you’re going to experience it? Windows 10 is the only one holographic computing platform. It’s the augmented reality, which is very interesting and has brought holographic expression in the real world from the virtual environment.

Continuum mode

With the ‘Continuum Mode’ it will make your interaction with the device easier. Means this Operating System can move comfortably between laptop and tablet.

Spartan browser

According to Microsoft Spartan may be the new browser of Windows 10 which is built with ‘interoperability’ in mind. Along with the reading mode, it also allows you to annotate with pen, finger and obviously keyboard. It is an intelligent browser because it provides you the additional information related to the subject you’re asking for.

Universal apps

It’s good news for those users who’re using multiple Windows devices. Universal apps is a bunch of programs like audios, mailing & messaging, maps, music, videos, etc. and they will look same across multiple gadgets and their screen sizes and OneDrive will synchronize the data automatically.

Unified settings

The Insider program of Windows 10 is based on the users experience and demands. Microsoft has made the changes suggested by its users and now it has unified setting of previous two versions of the same OS. Means you won’t find PC settings and control panel separately. It also has an Action Center, which is synchronized across devices and to give you notifications.

Also for Windows phones

Unlike the earlier versions of Windows for Windows Phones, Microsoft has kept the same name of it for this OS based phones. It has the same name for a variety of devices either PC, Phones or tablets.

Windows 10 is the result based on the demands and changes suggested by the users and It’ll roll out in the in the last week of July 2015. Overall, it’ll look more like Windows 8 but with tweaks. It has the Action-center as its new ability to sync with other devices and also has the ability to float the keyboard on the screen. Also, users can reply to notifications in-line. And there is app menu to show you the recently installed apps at the top.

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Make Your Browsing Experience Safe with VPN

Privacy is the basic right of everybody. In case of web browsing, VPN security can give you complete protection from cyber threats and serve your security purpose well. Its adoption can bring two technical results as advantages: First It encrypts the signal so that intruders couldn’t intercept your network identity and your activities remain imperceptible to them and second it alters your IP address and it seems a different location, nation and machine identity to the eavesdroppers. There are lots of productive reasons to clock your device with VPN protection apart from a drawback that it compromises the speed of the machine.

Make Your Browsing Experience Safe with VPN

VPN enables a network-enabled device (like computer, mobile phones, etc.) to exchange the data as if you are connected to the private network.  It provides multiple layers of protection to the users using encryption and tunneling protocols. But tunnel endpoint must be secure before VPN tunnels are established. For the authentication purpose a user-created remote-access VPN can be secured by using two-way authentication, biometrics, passwords and other cryptographic arrangements.

They are beneficial because accessing a public Wi-Fi network without complete protection is not a safe option for your confidential activities. Public Wi-Fi networks don’t offer any security to the users rather they create the challenges. In this condition your connection will be open to the hackers and even newbie intruders can intercept your signal. This insecurity forces the user to have a safe VPN connection. Before logging into a public network, encrypt your signal so that you remain hidden from the eyes of snoopers and hackers.

VPN protection, also allows to access your home network while you are not in the territory of your home location. If you have enabled VPN tunnel, you can demand to your existing network which you have borrowed for the instant to provide the access of your home connection. It provides confidentiality of information in such a way that if the snooper has sniffed the data at the basic level, they will see the encrypted data only but can’t decode that. It accepts the data after confirming the authentication of the sender, so that the message integrity remains intact with the message.

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How Windows 7 Users Can Recover Permanently Deleted Files?

In rare cases Windows users can take care of suddenly arising computer problems. These problems also include the situation when you lost the access of your important files and folders preserved in the hard drive of your system. Or, by mistake you yourself deleted important documents with junk file permanently. “Deleting” files doesn’t delete them actually; in this case the space of previously saved document is the available space which is overwritten by the new data. If you try to recover that data very late it’ll be difficult for you to retrieve because the space used by deleted files will be overwritten by new files. So on a serious note; try to recover it as quick as possible.

How Windows 7 Users can Recover Permanently Deleted Files

There are a lots of data recovery software available for Windows 7 users which can solve the problem in question. Since such mistakes are very common committed by Windows users the method of recovering lost files is described below in that how you can get back your data using a third party application if the data is lost due to various reasons like:

  1. Using Shift + Delete key combinations
  2. Removing file by using command prompt
  3. Virus attack on the system
  4. Invalid program running on the system
  5. Emptied recycle bin

Efficient file recovery software will help you out to recover your lost folders and they are developed in such a way that they can restore your data within a few minutes. They also prevent data damaging in future. You can recover the data of a wide variety of formats like MS Word, excel, Outlook, media, PowerPoint, compressed, PDF files, etc. with the aid of these file retrieval applications, you can also recover your data from external storage spaces like pen drives, Hard drives, SSD drives, iPod, memory cards and some other devices.

Below is the procedural description about how to rescue a permanently deleted document:

  1. Login as admin to download and install recovery program.
  2. Install and run program.
  3. Select file recovery option from the first screen to get back deleted data.
  4. Next screen will present multiple drives and partitions available on your system.
  5. Choose the partition so that you can restore permanently lost files or folders.
  6. Once you select the partition, next screen will appear before you where you need to mark the file type of file which you want to extract.
  7. Now the recovery software will scan the selected partition thoroughly.
  8. Once the scanning process is done, a list of various files will be shown to you under options Data View or File Type View.
  9. Now select the file document or folder which you want to get back and assign a new location to it to save it on the hard disk.

As additional precautions follow these basic tips:

  • Be watchful while permanently deleting files or removing them from Recycle Bin
  • Keep backup of important files and folders
  • Apply a genuine anti-virus program to secure your valuable files from being corrupted

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10 Cool and Useful iPhone Tips and Tricks

Even though you keep your iPhone with you every moment, use it multiple times in a day to call friends, leave a message to others, use it as a music and video player, etc. But below 10 useful points are discussed about your iPhone, so read further to know how well you know your iPhone?


Directly Accessibility Feature

Like most of the people if you have applied the settings to show push notifications about the text message or any other update, you can open it directly by swiping left to right even when the phone screen is locked but not with the four digit code. You don’t need to go to the home screen to open the app.

Keyboard Shortcuts

iPhone keyboard supports few shortcuts to simplify your mailing and texting experience. If you’ll tap and hold the “Compose new message” button in Mail, it’ll bring up all of your saved emails in drafts automatically. And at the point of entering an email address, you can also see the other address endings by holding down the period key.

It allows you to add extra emoji icons to your keyboard by selecting: Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards>Add New Keyboard>Emoji. To see the alternate URL endings like .edu and .org in the browser while entering the web address in the address hold down the .com key.

You can also split the iPad’s on-screen keyboard so that you can type with two hands. It is by default and to use it, just tap and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom side of your phone screen and choose the Sp0lit option.

Receive Notification for Email Thread Replies

It’s an intelligent way to be watchful about email thread. If you enable this application, a pop up will notify you whenever you have a new email message to the thread. To activate this service, click on the flag icon in the lower left side of an email message and select the option notify me and then again notify me. And in case you want to disable the facility perform the same action again.

Save Online Images

If you will tap on any image in Safari it’ll represent an action list with a few options including save the image. Also, you can take the screenshots to save them in your photos library.

Change iBooks into Audio Books

It’s the excellent feature of iPhone for visually impaired people. They can access its “VoiceOver” feature which acts as a gesture-based screen reader. VoiceOve essentially reads out in a loud voice what is on the iPhone’s screen. Apart from this it can also convert iBooks into audio books. To activate it, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>VoiceOver>On. Once it’s activated, the VoiceOver will read the text documents for you, as soon as you head over to your iBooks app.

Swipe to Delete

You don’t need to perform too many steps to delete anything. There are some impressive features to delete messages quickly. The most common way is to hit the edit button and choose the messages, then click on the red button. Otherwise, just swipe to bring up a delete option. In your inbox, notes, phone messages and more, swipe your finger from right to left across the screen over the message and press the delete button as soon as it appear to toast the text or message.

Put Together More Folders to the Dock

To create folders and bringing it to the home screen is a great ability of the iPhone when it comes to accessing and organizing the important apps. You can create any app just by holding it till the time it doesn’t start wiggling. At the point it wiggles, drag and drop it to the other application you wish to add in the same app. The iPhone itself will give it a name according to its contents and you can also rename it. Now you can drag and drop this app on the dock to access it fast.

Change the Order of Spotlight Search Result

The iPhone’s has brought flexible improvements in its Spotlight Search functionality. It has made it even more relevant by just tweaking the settings.

To alter the order, go to the Settings>General>Spotlight Search. Now you’ll see a list of categories showing three bars icon after each category and you can change the order of results you search. This useful feature prioritizes your search results based on what you’re most likely to search for (apps, e-mails, games, contacts, etc.).

A Smarter Way to Click the Pictures

iPhone has the feature to take Photos & Videos with iPhone’s Headphones/Volume Up Button. To click photo open the camera mode and then press the volume + button on the remote on your Apple or Apple-compatible earbuds, and to take selfies open the video mode and then press the middle button (play/pause).

Delete/Recover the Last Digit with Swiping Across with Calculator

If you want to delete or recover the last digit you inputted in the calculator, just swipe across the readout from left to right to delete and right to left to recover. And if you turn the calculator sideways, it’ll become a scientific calculator.

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