How Android Users can Play YouTube Videos in the Background?

Having a smartphone is not only a boon, but how to make the perfect use of that is a million dollar question. If you’re a music and movie fan, Android platform gives you a number of benefits. You know how to how to play music on your phone, lock it and sit back, but do you know what happens when you try to listen to a song on YouTube? Like you, many Android users love every bit of it till they decide to turn their phone’s screen off or if they minimize the YouTube app while doing some other stuff on the phone. And as soon as we tap the back or homescreen button, the YouTube app closes.


This issue is faced by almost all the people who regularly listen to music on YouTube. So, to tackle this issue, in the forms of apps people have a few solutions. To cater this issue three of the nicest applications are discussed here, which will work to help you to play YouTube videos in the background on your Android devices.

Awesome Pop-up Video


This is a bit different app and you’ll feel it as soon as you open the app. You will be greeted with a choice of popping out a video of your choice. As soon as you paste a URL in it and press on the button on its side, player will pop out your requested video. Now you can close, minimize or see it in the popped out player.

This app also gives you options to maximize, minimize, and close the screen and even to get the video back into its parent application.

Listen On Repeat


If you try to decode its name, it clearly says that application to play YouTube videos on repeat. But this app has more than that, it’s very creative and, other than the repeat feature, there are bound to be functionalities. It’s one of the awesome features is that; it allows users to pop their video out. So you can do your work and watch video simultaneously.

When you start a video, it’ll show a video screen to you and as you press the back button, like the official YouTube app, your video will be shifted to the bottom of the screen. To pop-out your video, you need to press on the icon encircled in orange. Now you can perform other tasks while this YouTube video is being played on the screen. Even if you wish to lock your screen, you’ll be able to listen to the audio which is being played in the popped out video screen.

YT Mobile

YT Mobile

This Android smartphone app has a simple interface and when you open it, it greets you with the mobile interface of YouTube. In the notification bar at the top, you’ll find that it establishes itself as an icon. It’s simple and easy to use app so when you will play a video in this app, you won’t find fancy options like the official YouTube app offers. It has a smart and useful feature which comes in light when you press a back or homescreen button.

Means you can play your videos in the background if you want to play them while doing other stuff or lock your screen. You’ll not miss anything whatever YouTube video has to offer.

If you want to go back to the video, just go to the notification bar, then click on the application’s icon, and you’ll be taken back to the video which is running currently.

YT Mobile offers a convenient place to browse the mobile web version of YouTube, and enables you to play videos in the background. So now you can perform multitasks while listening to your favorite music or movies!

All apps which are mentioned above are third-party applications because YouTube doesn’t offer any official app to play videos in the background. But YouTube launched this feature last year to play videos in the background by the name YouTube Music Key. But it’s in its beta version and is paid and available only on request.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about how to play YouTube video in android mobile background.

How to Customize the Look of Microsoft’s new Windows 10

If you are a new user of Microsoft’s Windows 10, you may have noticed a lot of new useful features of it, if you compare it to its predecessor. Although it looks a bit different to the starters from all other versions of Windows OS, but at the same time it’s more advantageous.


You can see that Windows 8’s tiles are still there in the Start menu, but there are also Start menu features from earlier versions of Windows which people have been complaining about, like a pop-up menu of your PC programs. By adding the tiles you want or moving tiles around, or by deleting useless tiles, you can customize Start.

At the bottom of the page, there’s one tab “Search the Web and Windows” to search the Internet or the files you have saved on your system, right from the taskbar. There is one more feature which you may not like which is right in your face. It’s Windows 10’s dark appearance. By default the background wallpaper is dark. The Windows Start live tiles are dark. At the bottom of the page, there are taskbar icons which are typically black or dark blue.

So if you are willing to change the look of Windows 10, it’s pretty easy to do. Go to Settings< Personalization<Colors. Here is an array of multiple colors; you can choose from to change the look of your Start menu, taskbar and Windows’ tiles. If you want to change the background image, you can do that as well. Because you may find that Windows 10’s standard colors are a bit drab and it seems boring.

Windows 10 Color Control taps into an existing Microsoft color algorithm which is unregistered. Means Microsoft has alternative colors, but most of the users can’t access them. Windows 10 Color Control fixes that, and it is quite simple to use. So if you want everything in bright color, or just want to toss in a little brightness you can do that.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about windows 10 support for their problems and issues.

What to do to Customize Windows 10 Action Center?

Action Center in the Windows 10 is a unified spot to access various settings and system notifications quickly. It remains located in a slide-out pane, which emerges after pressing an icon in the taskbar. Microsoft has made this excellent customizable addition to Windows 10 in a convenient way.

Windows 10 Action Centre

Let’s have a look what Microsoft has offered as options:

Quick action is one of the most helpful features of the Action Center because it helps you to easily and quickly turn on/off Wi-Fi, adjust the brightness of the screen, enable Quiet Hours (Windows 10’s notification-silencing feature) and much more. You can also tumble down this pane and after tumbling it down, you will see only four actions, but it’s your choice which you want to see here.

To customize Your Windows 10 Action Center, Open the Settings app, click on the option System, and then Notifications & actions. Under the heading Quick actions, you’ll see four boxes, each of them represents one of the four actions you chose which will remain visible at its place all times. Click the boxes to get a menu and arrange a coveted position for the action according to your order.

There are possible options which can customize and organize your Action Center as per your taste which are discussed below:

Toggle Notification

On the same setting page, under the Notifications subheading, you’ll find a handful of general options which can be toggled on and off and the options are as follows:

Show me tips about Windows: If you have switched on this feature, Windows 10 through its notification feature will occasionally serve up tips and tricks to you. It can be useful if you aren’t an experienced Windows user.

Show app notifications: If this feature is turned on, you’ll receive notifications from apps installed on your system.

Show notifications on the lock screen: This is useful when you’re away from the desk. If you haven’t prying eyes, it’s worth to turn on to receive notifications.

Show alarms, incoming VOIP calls, and reminders on the lock screen: If you’re concerned about privacy and security, you may not like it but it may also be very useful if you want to see your appointment reminders at a glance.

Hide notifications while Power Point Presentations: If you will turn on this feature in Windows 10, it will prevent notifications from displaying on screen when you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation.

Deactivate Overzealous Apps

It’ll be very convenient if you get an alert message every time when you get any mail. Windows 10 Action center allows you to turn off notifications according to the nature and use of app.

If you want to turn on notifications about any app, go to the Settings > System > Notifications & actions, then scroll down to the option “Show notifications from these apps” in subheading.

And to silent all notifications from a specific app, toggle their position from turn on to off for that app.

Exenterate out Notifications

If you have enabled the notifications, you may have various notifications in your system’s Action Center and clearing them out is a bit tiresome though.

Go to the Action Center by clicking its icon in the system tray which looks like a speech bubble. From here, you can delete individual notifications, or an entire section.

For deleting individual notifications, hover the mouse over the notification you want to get rid of, and then click on the button seems like “X”. And to clear out an entire section, put the mouse over the section, then click on the “X” button.

And if you want to delete all notifications, there is an option ‘Clear all’ in the upper right corner of the Action Center pane, click on that.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about windows 10 support for their problems and issues.

3 Simple Ways to Keep A Window Always on Top in Windows

Microsoft with its Windows OS offers various amazing multi-tasking features, which make it easy and interesting to work on more than one thing at the same time. But it still lacks a very important multi-tasking feature called “Always on top window”. This feature is extremely important in scenarios where there is something visual in the window like videos or you want to interact with a window otherwise.

There are apps for almost every problem. As users and developers already know that Windows doesn’t have built-in always on top window feature, so developers have added this feature in their software. You can download a third-party app that will allow you to set any window as “always on top”. Most of these applications are free to use, but there are paid version as well with some additional features. You just need to enable this feature in the specified software or app that you are using.

This write-up is about how to set a window always on top using different tools in 3 simple ways:

Enable the Feature in VLC Media Player

One of the most used media players is VLC media player and it deserves to get the feature always on top. There are my people who want or need to see videos while working on something else, whether for following instructions or entertainment. Fortunately, VLC media player comes with this feature built-in so you don’t have to opt for third-party tools as.

To enable this feature in VLC media player, click on “Tools” in the main interface of VLC and then on “Preferences”, then click on “Video” tab and check the option “Always on top”. Now the VLC media player window will always stay on top while playing the video and remain on top until you uncheck this option.

Enable the Feature in Your Browser

There are a number of reasons to keep your browser window always on top. It may be possible that you’re following some video based instructions or specific text, picture or simply using YouTube and want that your videos always remain in your sight.

For this purpose, there are many potential extensions available for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There is an extension named “Always on Top” is one of the best extensions available for both Chrome and Firefox.

To set the feature “always on top” in the interface of the extension, just download and install the respective extension, and type the address of the tab you want. This will set the loaded page always on top.

Third-Party Applications to Set any Window as Always on Top

There are various third-party tools if you want set “always on top” feature in those windows that doesn’t offer built-in always on top feature. They might be a better option, as there are many tools available for this purpose and they also offer some extra controls and features which you won’t get with standard always on top feature of the software programs.

  1. Window on Top

Windows on Top

Window on Top is a light-weight and simple to use tool to make any window always on top. It’s simple to get the tool, in the main interface, there will a hand sign, click-and-hold on it to grab and then move the cursor and leave it on the window in which you would like to set as “always on top”.

If you want to remove the feature “always on top” from a window, repeat the same process again. And if you’re not comfortable with this dragging trick, you have the option to use a hotkey too.

By default the hotkey is “Ctrl+F8”, but it can be changed always. To set a window always on top, make sure the window is on top and press the hotkey when the program is running.

  1. OnTopReplica


This tool will create a replica of the original window and set it as always on top. But the interaction with the clone window is quite limited, and you can’t actually navigate inside the cloned window. However, it is good in the scenario when your visuals depend on something, such as a video.

The cloned window doesn’t have extra options and if you have created a cloned window with a video inside, then you’ll see only the video in the cloned window without any extra interface. This is very convenient if you want to view a video while taking less space on the screen. Moreover, it’s very easy to customize the cloned window with adjustable size and you can specify the space on the screen for residing the window and also specify a specific region of a window to show in the cloned window.

To clone a window, you need to launch the program first and then select the window from the interface of the program. Once selected, the window will be cloned automatically and now right click on the cloned window to customize it.

  1. DeskPins


DeskPins provides a similar experience like to pin something on a board for easy reference in reality. It stays and works from the system tray with no interface of its own, and lets you to pin a window on top.

To pin a window on top, left-click on the icon of DeskPins, that will turn your mouse cursor into a “Pin” icon.  Now click on the window which you would like to set as “always on top”. It will be pinned on top.

It also has some customization options which you may like to tweak for better experience, like you can set a hotkey to set a window on top with just a press of a button or change the color of the pin also. Plus, there is an auto-pin option to automatically pin a window on top after a specified time. To reset the window to normal, just follow the same process, click on the pin icon on the window and it will not show on top.

  1. AquaSnap


This tool also works from the system tray and to set a window on top, you need to click-and-hold and shake the window a bit to set it to “always on top”. Now the window will always stay on the top and a “Pin” icon will verify that. To remove the window from top, you can shake it. You have options to customize it and for that right-click on the AquaSnap icon, choose “settings” and then click on “AquaShake” tab. Moreover, you can change opacity, duration, sensitivity and speed.  Plus, you can also turn AquaSnap on/off from the system tray instead of completing shutting it down.

This feature rich tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services.