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Welcome to our HP Technical Support Center! We are ready to deliver/ share our highly focused experience for you. If you are a HP Computer/ Laptop user and want assistance to use these devices, simply contact us by sending a message in our Live Chat Box or call on the Toll-free HP Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24.

HP Laptops Support
HP Laptops Support

HP Gadgets

The branded firm HP is one of the leading manufacturers of desktop computers, laptops, printers and other hardware. This is an enterprise which enjoys a wide customer base globally because of keeping customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list. All the products of HP whether it is laptop, desktop computer, printer or any other peripheral offers best and enjoyable working experience to the users. But the annoying fact is that – alike other technically designed gadgets, the devices of this highly appreciated brand may also suffer with several technical issues. These problems can be due to errors in software of the device or faults in the hardware.

HP Tech Support

To ensure that all technical issues related to your laptop or computer should be resolved instantly, the highly-qualified executives of HP Customer Support team at Pctech24 work round the clock, 365 days of a year. Apart from troubleshooting the technical glitches, the certified HP Computer Support professionals of our firm are always ready to serve the customers by ensuring that all their queries and complaints are duly attended. The main concern of our team is to provide a hassle free and smooth experience to all the customers by catering solution for their complaints as soon as possible. As mentioned above, our HP Technical Support is for all customers from any of the region incorporating UK, Canada, Australia, etc. and the expert professionals are dedicated to render solutions for all products & services. The entire team of experienced and highly skilled technical professionals at our HP Tech Support Center struggle hard to deliver the best resolutions to all the customers.

HP Customer Support Services

Though this international brand (owning a good customer base) has maintained quite high standards for all of its products but still many users reported that they are facing issues with their HP laptop. One may encounter issues at the time of starting & installing it for the first time, during configuration or setting up. Such small appearing technical glitches can result in big damages later in the future.

Solution of all these problems is a single call on well-managed & congestion free HP Technical Support Phone Number. This is a toll-free customer service helpline which lets you to get connect with our specialists who have years of experience in diagnosing and resolving any kind of issues related to HP gadgets.

Our HP Computer Support experts have solution of every problem along with answers of every query. So get instant assistance from these professionals just by dialing the toll-free customer service helpline number or visiting our website and then messaging in the live chat box available there.

Our Standardized HP Customer Support will enable you to take advantage of:

Software Updates: HP Laptop Support to get the latest updates, new features and available solutions.

Access: Take advantage of online, round the clock, self-solve technical customer support.

Optimization: Optimize your IT environment with our HP Technical Support expertise.

Problem Resolution: Gain instant access to technical resources and certified support experts.

Stability: Remote Connection Support to increase system performance and reduce downtime.

Reduced Total Cost: Support services to enable quicker time for resolution and reduce resource consumption.

Defined Response Time Objectives: Be aware about when to expect an initial response to an issue raised.

Communication: HP Customer Support to receive preemptive notifications about new versions, participate in discussion forums, and search our extensive online knowledge base help services.

Apart from enjoying the benefits of aforementioned HP Support, you can also have pleasure of the unique and excellent help services given below:

Exchange Ideas & Expand Your Knowledge With Access To:

Software Community: Here via this feature you can join the conversation with our highly –qualified experts and colleagues to discuss issues, get advice and find solutions

Online Support Expert Days: You can join us on any day or night to talk directly with our intelligent experts, just by calling on our toll-free number.

HP Support online chat services: Our technical experts are also available and ready to help you via Online Live Chat Support portal.

Get More Familiar with Our Customer Support Team

Actually there are many causes that result in ‘HP laptop is not working or not processing efficiently’ issue. Which may further interrupt your important office work or personal task. These situations deteriorate your working experience and give us a feeling of frustration as you never want your performance to drop down.

So in a kind of scenario when your HP laptop is not functioning properly, you are highly recommended to dial the toll free HP Customer Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24. The technical experts here very well understands the importance of appropriate working of your device thus they are happy to help you round the clock by establishing quick connection and delivering immediate solutions. Is taking help services from our firm then the one don’t need to travel anywhere, as the problem will be sorted out at the very place they are now.

You can also contact us if there is issue associated with driver software, driver installation or uninstallation. We have trained our already skilled technical professionals to provide you with instant solutions for each and every laptop, computer, and software related issues.

Though you can call us in any situation yet some cases in which you can freely contact our experts and seek help are given below:

  • Low cost services and toll free calling
  • 365x24x7 assistance & availability of experts
  • Answers and solutions for every HP laptop related
  • Step by step assistance support for technical solutions
  • Highly trained customer support representatives
  • Complete troubleshooting & effective results
  • Updates, information & tips that are necessary for a user

The technicians at our HP Customer Support team also provides remote connection help services to our users via the call on our 24×7 available Toll-free HP Laptop Support Phone Number. Moreover at this helpline, the users are served by our HP Technical Support executives in a structured and time bound approach manner.

Support for Dell Laptop Issues – 1800 83 24 24

Want Dell Support? Come get it anytime from the certified technical experts of Pctech24.

Dell Support
Dell Support

We can proudly say that the adorning functionality, unmatched features, & the top performance of Dell Laptop as well as otherproducts of this brand have helped the firm in acquiring ample success. The branded firm incorporates a vast collection of wide range of electronic products including PCs to Laptops to Peripherals to many other gadgets and all the enriched with qualitative features and tools that has bagged an ample popularity amongst countless people all over the world. Proudly ranked as one of the largest brand on globe, the story of its success are wide & far. Dell Laptops, Ultra books, XPS, Inspiron are counted amongst the most famous offerings of this brand, thus meeting all the technical requirements of users efficiently.

But there are some technical issues that can encounter during the usage of these gadgets. Some of the common problems associated with Dell Laptops, computers or others are listed below:

  • Technical Errors in Dell machines, whether laptops, desktops or more
  • Issues when updating or upgrading the programs to the latest or most recently released versions
  • Performance optimization sometimes seem mandatory issue
  • Errors associated with software incompatibility
  • Dell Laptop support Registry errors or more
  • Issues related to virus attacks and popping of other vulnerabilities
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSODs) issue, driver-networking errors, virus infections, or startup related problems

The aforementioned issues are common to occur in the laptops or computer system nowadays. But not to worry as various instant method are also there to resolve them. To access the easy to understand, apply and immediate resolution techniques, you just have to call on Toll-free Dell Laptop Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24. Once you dial this technical support helpline number, you will be assisted by the highly-qualified customer care executives of our firm to diagnose and fix the issue. And if in case you are unable to troubleshoot the problem via this procedure then they will transfer your call to the experienced Dell Laptop Support technicians of our firm, who will then carry out the resolution from their side. But for the resolution via the second method, i.e. the remote connection support technique – you have to provide some detailed information to our Dell Support technicians in order to permit them to access your laptop remotely. Don’t worry about the privacy of your details that you give to our Dell Laptop Technical Support, we never share your particulars with anybody at any cost as our main motto is – customers’ security is our first priority.         

Find Solution with dedicated Dell Technical Support experts

No technical device out here in this digital world is completely trouble-free and similar is for Dell Laptops. So, why to worry, when solution for all your problems related to the computers, or other peripherals of this brand is just a phone call away. The assistance or help offered for these machines by our Dell Technical Support experts here covers:

  • Dell Support when updating, upgrading any program to its recent version
  • Resolving errors of every sort keeping your gadgets working at its best
  • Dell laptop Support for solving issues like incompatibility, setup
  • Dell Technical Support for registry errors and more
  • Assistance for performance optimization support for Dell machines
  • Support to keep vulnerabilities of all sorts away from your Dell Laptops
  • Excellent fixation that covers issues, errors and problems of all sorts on Dell machines

Pctech24 is a reliable customer service center where the expert professionals offer Dell Technical Support for everybody. It has a dedicated team that renders excellent assistance for solution of issues with all Dell products via a two–way offering that incorporates phone support, and support via live chat.

A high customer satisfaction index at Pctech24 allows you to know how efficient our technical experts are. So, call now and get connected to the professionals having years of experience in dealing with Dell products and their issues, these specialists are happy to help anytime, anywhere!

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of unique features that make the customers to choose us. They all the true and appreciated by a wide range of support seekers all over the world. Some are listed below.

One Stop Solution

Our Dell Technical Support is a one stop solution to all your computer requirements, whether you need help for resolution of a technical problem or you need to purchase a new laptop we have it all.

Toll-free Dell Customer Support

With our Dell Customer Support Phone Number (toll-free) we are just a call away, irrespective of what part (UK, Canada, Australia or other) of the world you are at, with a simple call at our well-managed customer service helpline number you can get connected to the long term experienced technicians and then they will get on with the troubleshooting right away.

Unlimited Dell Support

We would be happy to help you whenever in need.  With our unlimited plans, you would be able to call us as many times as you want, you would be provided with customer satisfactory Dell Support every time you call.

Manufacturer Independent Support Services

Irrespective of what brand’s product you own, our technical experts can help you to resolve all your issues, even if it related to any gadget which makes us one stop solution providers for all your laptop related needs.

Remote Access

We would make sure that you don’t need to move here and there in order to get your laptop or computer fixed, the experts at Pctech24 will resolve all technical issues by creating a remote connection with your system, this is a transparent technique where you just require to sit back relax & let the professionals to do the job right at the comfort of your home.

 Subscription Based Support Services

We really value the importance of your money, therefore with the various subscription based customer help services offered by our Dell Support experts, we would make sure that they must fit into your budget.

High Resolution Rate

Due to the high customer satisfaction rate & also the higher resolution rate of approx. 97 %, we at Pctech24 would make sure that you always feel pleasure with our experts and go smiling.

365x24x7 Dell Support

We are available to serve you for complete 24 hours of the day, the certified support experts of our firm will be there for you even on public holidays. We are just a call away from you, freely dial – 1800 83 24 24.

Toshiba Laptops- a brand with Complete Technical Support 

Laptops have become an integral part of our daily life. Leaving apart laptop working for homes or business means, all of us are in need of a laptop all the time. Laptops have got their place in the list of valuables as they are serving the job of providing connectivity even when we are on the go. The decision of selecting a reliable brand name to meet one’s daily requirements is an important one. Toshiba is certainly that laptop brand that can meet this requirement.

Toshiba Laptop Technical Support
Toshiba Laptop Technical Support

With a range of collection to select from, it’s not shocking that customers sometimes don’t know how and from where to begin while purchasing a new Toshiba laptop. As a result, some amount of research is needed before purchasing a laptop, as well as taking proper advice from expert sources.

Usually, laptops are business purpose devices. Technical laptops should be robust and enduring too. Toshiba laptops are designed to make available quality purpose solutions and highly admired for their strong body build.

While purchasing any laptop device it is crucial to check how green energy or eco friendly it is. It is a great idea to purchase Toshiba laptops as they are the only brand that designs eco-friendly stuffs. Toshiba effectively saves the surroundings by blocking the use of infected substances like the lead, and mercury, etc. Toshiba always works towards enhanced customer products while contributing to a greener planet.

High quality plastics are employed that are recyclable to make these technical laptops sturdy and good-looking. These laptops are so strong that a sudden fall will not cause any harm. Safety during the fall is offered by Toshiba’s “hard-disk lock technique” that secures a hard-disk even after the sudden fall.

It is suggested to purchase a laptop or technical computer that is upgradable to additional disk space and RAM. Toshiba laptops are fully upgradeable. Connectivity on the move should be a major feature of any laptop. A Toshiba laptop is the perfect mobile companion as revealed by tests. Toshiba has on the go solutions with four USB ports, integrated wireless, a Fire-wire port, and wired networking, HDMI port along with a modem. So it is the perfect choice to get these laptops if you often travel and searching for affordable options.

A laptop should be configured enough to cover up specific needs. Toshiba laptops are designed to work with heavy applications and are quite popular among the gaming, graphic and multimedia circles. Toshiba laptops are designed to last long and work in a better way.

It is also suggested to look for the price to feature ratio while looking to buy a laptop. Laptops with low cost should comprise features that are needed by the user. The low cost Toshiba laptops do not lower down the speed, features, and performance.

Checking the laptop reviews is crucial before making a purchase. It is clear that Toshiba laptops are rated high in terms of customer technical support and genuine reviews. But, it is always crucial to select a laptop that is best suited for one’s requirements. Focus should be on the working of laptops while examining the features. Purchasing a technical laptop with unnecessary specifications may lead to non-utilization and is also not a very gainful solution.

However, when users are buying a laptop, they should be very alert of the warranty services offered. Toshiba laptops have always held a top position in this list with regards to customer satisfaction. Toshiba usually gives a one year of warranty on purchase of a laptop. The method of extending this warranty to two years is easily gettable on the payment of a monthly charge.

Toshiba gives its customers a huge range of innovative features to make the laptop buying experience a reliable one. There are enough options to confuse customers on basis of specifications. Battery power supply life of the Toshiba laptops is one of its amazing features; but a good charger is always appreciated. This is crucial as it is solves the requirement to keep the laptop properly charged in times of requirement. Similar to mobile gadgets, even laptops can these days be charged from a car battery with the support of a specialized charger.

Reliable consumer technical support for the purchased laptop is very crucial. There is numerous technical information that users aren’t aware of and knowing these may be very time taking. Toshiba offers an excellent customer technical support. Technical support received from a reliable brand name makes users feel protected. This security is genuine when support comes from technicians who know their job the best. Toshiba technical staffs are skilled enough to support the technology they are offering.

Toshiba laptops have excellent technical support service. This technical support service can be easily availed online using the Internet facility. Users are able to get specific and specialized software to work with their laptops in optimal situations. The online website also lets one to download required drivers that are specially designed to satisfy a number of requirements. The lifespan of laptops depends very much on handling the laptops before and after sale. On purchasing Toshiba laptops, the customer is at peace as they know that these things are given due importance by the company.

The advantages of Toshiba laptops are: 

  • Helpful technical support
  • outstanding product quality
  • full warranty
  • brilliant customer technical support service
  • excellent battery life
  • diverse product portfolio

Features of Toshiba Technical Support:-

  • Toshiba Technical Support to fix driver issues.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to deal with slow device working.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to clean hard disk registry.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to fix blue screen error.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to do optimization of the device.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to run heavy applications.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to uninstall predefined applications.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to take data backup.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to resolve operating system errors.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to boot up the device.
  • Toshiba Technical Support for 24*7 support facility.
  • Toshiba Technical Support to update outdated drivers.
  • Toshiba Technical Support for resolving security

How to download & Install Lenovo Drivers?

Technical problems with Lenovo drivers can seriously affect the working of your Lenovo laptop. In the worst scenarios, driver related technical issues can stop you from using certain software programs or applications.

Lenovo Technical support
Lenovo Technical support

Before discussing the instructions you need to carry out troubleshoot of Lenovo laptop driver related technical problems, let us first know why these technical issues occur in the first place. Lenovo laptop driver related technical issues usually occur when one or more of the following things occur:

  • The earlier installed drivers have become out of date or might be corrupt.
  • You have mistakenly deleted a driver file.
  • You have done formatting on your Lenovo laptop or net-book but have not installed all the drivers again properly that were present earlier.

Continue reading for more information on how to troubleshoot Lenovo driver issues in three simple ways.

Open the Lenovo Laptop Manager screen to identify the technical issue

In case the technical issue is driver related, it will appear in the Laptop Manager window only. To get it open, follow these steps below:

  • Click on Start
  • Click on Run
  • Enter in devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, and hit Enter button.
  • Double tap on the hardware laptop brand with which you are facing a technical issue to see all its laptops. If there is an exclamation mark, a question mark or a triangle next to the laptop, it means the technical problem is surely driver related, which can be resolved easily by downloading the current version of Lenovo drivers and installing them through the given steps below.

Download the current Lenovo Laptop drivers

  • Open your web browser and type in their
  • Tap on the Drivers & Software under “Select The Technical Support You Require”.
  • In the window that appears, choose your Laptop version.
  • Next, choose the appropriate Laptop series, the specific product, the correct laptop type, the model number, and finally the operating system it has.
  • On the next screen, choose the driver you require to download and then tap on the Download now icon.
  • If you have to download a number of drivers, in its place of downloading each one separately, add all laptop drivers to your download list by tapping on the Add to download list.
  • Once you have all the laptop drivers you require, tap on My Download list, choose all the drivers you need to download, and tap on the Download Selected button.

Installing the current Lenovo laptop drivers

To install all the downloaded laptop drivers, just double tap on them one-by-one and read the onscreen steps. After you have installed all the drivers, we suggest you restart your laptop machine.

A driver update software kit can download and installs all left out and missing laptop drivers within moments of tapping on the Scan Now button. This skips the need to download drivers one by one, which can be a tough task if you need to download several drivers or if the drivers you require is not present its manufacturer’s website.

Avail Automatic Driver Updates Feature

With support of a Driver Update Kit can be an easier and more effective means of fixing driver related issues. There are several support benefits of using a Driver Update Kit like the:

  • Reliability – Most Driver Update Kit support a database of Laptop Drivers.
  • Speed – Looking for drivers can be time taking and annoying.
  • Efficiency – A good driver update kit will support your required Drivers.

All the above steps are crucial to download & Install Lenovo Drivers. In case you are not able to do it, just call toll free number of Lenovo support service. H technicians will fix all the technical issues.

Features of Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service:

  • Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service to fix driver installation & setup technical issues.
  • Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service to upgrade the performance of laptop.
  • Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service to fix problem of turning on and turning off laptop.
  • Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service to customize laptop.
  • Lenovo Customer Technical Support Service to get rid of malicious agents from laptops.

How to Use Avast Browser Cleanup?

Whenever you surf over internet and download an application from the online platform, it usually comes with hidden add-ons which can extract your essential data for the product vendor.  These malicious software are typically designed to analyze your preferences & behavior and send this data to other vendors so that they can provide you with user-specific ads, or can record the information for analysis. All this can be annoying for various reasons like:

Avast Support Phone Number
Avast Support Phone Number
  • Your search results are manipulated.
  • Ads interfere into your browsing experience.
  • Tracked data is being sent to backend servers.
  • Getting rid of the toolbars become very difficult.
  • Existence of Multiple toolbars crowd the browser window.
  • Browser homepage or default search provider may change.

‘Avast Browser Cleanup’ had been designed to prevent you from such annoying situations. It is a software that identifies poorly rated add-ons for major internet Browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and then allows you to disable or to completely remove them. An automatic rating system in this also shows to you ‘how other users like an add-on?’

Actually, ‘Avast Browser Cleanup’ is a secure web browsing tool built with some isolation features that helps the user to stay secure from hackers & annoying ads. With the use of this program, a user gets filter out web pages that have a poor reputation. Moreover, your Avast Browser Cleanup can also blocks the annoying ads that appears on the webpages when you are working online. One of the main feature in this program is that it stops malicious extensions from getting added to your search engine. Your online transactions also remain safe if you are working with this program. This Avast protection software not only safeguards your system from getting infected but also scans & eradicates the harmful browser add-ons.

This is all about Avast Browser Cleanup, if want to know more call on Toll-free Avast Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24 where the highly-qualified customer service representatives of reliable support firm Pctech24 will provide satisfactory information for all of your queries. Some users get this Avast Browser Cleanup software on their system but then stop as they don’t know the exact process to use the same. If you also want to know ‘how to use this software’ then go through the guidelines provided below by our Avast Antivirus Support experts.

Steps to use ‘Avast Browser Cleanup’

Follow the instructions given below:

  • First of all, you have to download the Avast Browser Cleanup from the official website.
  • Then you need to select the installer that matches with the Operating System running on your computer & start the downloading process.
  • Install the program properly by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Open Avast program whose shortcut is created on your system’s screen.
  • Click on the ‘Browser Cleanup’ section if the main dashboard appears on your system’s screen.
  • This will start analyzing the various add-ons installed on all of your web directories.
  • If it detects any doubtful add-ons, Avast will show all these add-ons & tool bars.
  • Now, select the doubtful files which you want to delete and click on ‘Remove button’ present beside the name of threat. And if you want to clear all items in the list, select remove ‘all add-ons’ option located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, you have to choose a new homepage followed by searching provider and then click on Continue option.
  • Close the ‘Web Pages’ if opens by itself while working on the ‘Browser Cleanup’.
  • Sometimes, removing of add-ons led to creation of setting issues with your web browser. To eliminate such issues, choose each tab of browser Cleanup panel & click on “Reset browser settings to default value” option in order to overturn the changes in the settings your tool bars may have made.
  • Finally, open the web browser for verifying if the add-ons are still there.

The aforementioned steps must have helped you in the expected manner but if you still have some other doubts or issues or face any inconvenience in following these steps, then feel free to call on our Avast Technical Support Phone Number – 1800 83 24 24 to get appropriate fixes from the certified experts of Pctech24. We have hired a team of innovative, young, enthusiastic & qualified engineers that have expertise in dealing with all products of Avast. We know the importance of trouble-free and continuously working gadgets (computer, laptop, tab, mobile phones, etc.) in this ever advancing digital life & thus help the customers like you to harmonize the issue and get their properly working system back as soon as possible. You can contact us at our Toll-free Avast Customer Service Helpline Number at any sort of time from anywhere to get satisfactory answers and resolutions to avoid any further issues.