Norton Support Techies have Come Up with a New Update in WhatsApp

In today’s digitally equipped world, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have heard the word ‘WhatsApp’. Not just the adults, but the oldies and the kids are also fond of using this app. If you are also a WhatsApp lover or user, then we can understand your curiosity to know about its latest update. That’s why – we, the knowledgeable Norton Technical Support professionals are here to make you familiar with the accurate and useful information in this regard.


WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app that allows its users to chat, text, and share media (both audio and video) with a single person or a group of hundreds of people. Relying on the data in order to send messages, WhatsApp does not cut your text allotment. Permitting the users to share as many messages as they want, this app consumes a very low amount of data. With it, there are a number of other beneficial features that the people love about WhatsApp. Contact the Norton Customer Support engineers anytime to be aware of them.

When will the users be able to use the new feature of WhatsApp?   

Excited? Turn this excitement into a better experience with the accurate info (below) regarding the update. As per the Norton Antivirus Support techies – WhatsApp for the Android beta edition 2.18.246 has been provided with a revamped tab – ‘Report’. This feature lets the users retrieve their chat history with the contacts that they have blocked. The new feature works for not just the chats with the individual but for the group chats also. Earlier, the chat history of the contacts blocked and reported by the users also come to be deleted. But now, the thing is changed.

Norton 360 Support professionals recommend noting that at present the feature is accessible just for Android beta samples. But estimation says that the public rollout will arrive soon.

What will the new feature bring?

The new ‘Report’ feature allows the users to not just report and block the individuals or groups but to retain the history of the chats they have with the blocked contacts. Accessing this feature is very easy. You just have to go with the following guidelines provided by Norton Technical Support experts. The steps to use the feature for chats with an individual are as follows:

  • Open ‘Chat’
  • Click the ‘three dots’ icon present on the upper right side.
  • Click the “View contact” followed by scrolling down to the bottom side of the page.
  • Click the “Report” option.
  • A message showing “Report this contact?” along with a checkbox in front of it will appear on your system’s screen. Tick the checkbox in order to block & delete the individual chat messages.

Following these steps will make you enable to use the latest feature and block & chat messages with an individual. However, if the process doesn’t go as expected, then the effort of contacting the Norton Customer Support mavens will help you. The Norton professionals will aid you in setting up the feature without any issue.

Following the same procedure will assist you in blocking even the WhatsApp groups. No doubt that you (as a user) need to locate and open the group chat which you want to remove. As per Norton Support techies – here, the new WhatsApp feature will make you available with an option. The option will facilitate you to exit the group along with deleting the group’s chats. In both of the cases – the feature will work as per your preference. You just have to command it by clicking on either the ‘Report’ or ‘Cancel’ option.

According to Norton Technical Support – the messaging app will let you block the contacts that are not existing in your phonebook. If want to be aware of the fact ‘why the WhatsApp does not allow you to block these contacts? Contact Norton 360 Support experts.

 What’s More the Norton Support Experts Can Help You With?

  In addition to providing you with the aforementioned information, the Norton Antivirus Support professionals can aid you with a number of other helpful & useful things. The certified mavens can assist you in accessing the new ‘report’ tab with great ease. They can aid you in becoming a beta tester. Furthermore, the reliable Norton Customer Support mavens are ready to proffer the qualitative info on ‘the other latest update In WhatsApp that allows the users to forward a message just to maximum 5 people’.

Not just this, the highly-qualified Norton Support engineers can aid you to fix the technical issues that you may come across while updating your WhatsApp to its latest version. Remember! The technical support experts can serve you with the best possible solutions if a WhatsApp bug enters into on your app and device. Ultimately, we can say that the Norton Technical Support experts will aid you to enjoy using every new version of this app without any technical issue or threat.

So, whenever you go to update your WhatsApp, do it under the supervision of Norton 360 Support – 1800-832-424 mavens.