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How to Stay Safe Against the New RedDrop Android Malware?

RedDrop Malware! It is sad to hear that this new malware is turning into an unavoidable nuisance for our digital world. But, the good news here is that AVG Tech Support experts who are concerned about cybersecurity of all the people worldwide will aid to secure your device.

Now, let’s start with further information and ensure comprehensive safety against the recently developed RedDrop Android Malware.


What is RedDrop Malware?

Though recently developed, yet this malware appears to be the worst version of bug for Android devices. Designed to rob financial assets and personal information, RedDrop has the ability to record and upload the data to Google’s and Dropbox’s cloud storage accounts. Like many other online viruses, this malicious program is deeemed to steal victim’s sensitive data. For instance – it can take away contacts, images, applications, files, and other data from the victim’s device. RedDrop developers’ main intention is to make it a malware that not only becomes a part of cyber-espionage but aids them through generating illegal revenue by fooling subscribing users.  

How RedDrop Malware Affects the Android device?

To understand it clearly, let’s take an example of a user searching for a new Android app.

⇒ The malware starts its work from the very first step ‘when the user will click the infected search result’. Getting a click, the RedDrop redirects the user to many URLs that take him/her to malicious store.

⇒ Once the application is installed & opened, the device’s details will be sent to the C&C servers. Surprising, but 7 other malevolent apps will silently get installed at the later stage.

⇒ In order to prevent wishing permissions from users, it asks for invasive permissions.

⇒ Making the victim’s phone automatically subscribe to the premium SMS services, it can abolish the SMS incoming to the mobile gadget.

⇒ In addition to affecting the SMS, it steals the images, contacts, photos, and other sensitive data on the phone.

⇒ It can even affect the applications holding audio details, SIM info, and network data.

Where the Stolen Data Goes?

Our AVG Customer Support researchers detected that the developers of RedDrop upload the stolen data into the remote file storage systems in order to use it for the purpose of extortion and blackmailing. Achieving huge profits in this way, the hackers are targeting more and more users including businessmen, wealthy persons, politicians, etc.

29 Oct Image

What to do to stay safe from the RedDrop Android Malware?

Users who don’t want to fall victims to this nastiest android malware, need to consider the effective safety tips. Some of the excellent precautionary measures are:

⇒ Ensure that the device ‘setting’ which allows installations of third-party apps is disabled

⇒ Before installing an app, please check its app’s permissions for at least three times

⇒ Be habitual of making frequent backups of your vital data

⇒ Install a robust anti-malware on your phones

⇒ Don’t forget to encrypt your phones

⇒ Stay familiar with CIA cycle

⇒ For downloading the applications, always prefer the trusted sources

⇒ Stay up-to-date with the latest available version

⇒ Before giving permissions requested by the apps, think twice.

Being habitual of implementing these tips will for sure keep you far away from the RedDrop Android Malware.

Conclusion: So, this is all about the RedDrop malicious program. Apart from the precautionary measures, almost every information needed about this malware has been included. However, if still there is any query, contact the well-versed AVG Support mavens. These professionals can also be consulted for instant removal of the virus if they anyhow enter into your phone.            

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How Kaspersky Antivirus increase Android Phone Speed, battery & Memory?

Kaspersky is a renowned security application that is used for safety of PC, laptops and mobile phones from malwares. But, with its high demand, developers have recently launched its latest version for Android phones also. In this blog we have mentioned some important features about it. To reveal what it can really do for an Android user, Kaspersky Technical Support used in phones for latest results. Check them!

Kaspersky Technical Support

Our team analyzed the impact of Kaspersky Application for Android on several smartphones having Android OS. Using database of thousands of users, we installed some renowned apps on Android Smartphones of several age and found the impact of it on the battery life, memory space, and working and how Kaspersky Application Premium show different outcomes that were not expected.

Better Performance Results

Speed is Everything: There is no fun in using a phone that takes a lot of time to load applications or response to inputs, if games freeze or if the web browser runs abruptly. Mostly observed when plenty of apps are running in the back drop, the phone struggles to do the simplest tasks. Kaspersky Application for Android has a new hibernation functionality that helps in blocking of resources drain of the applications. The results shown before & after tests are remarkable.

Memory Space Results

If your phone has no memory space, you simply can’t install applications, can’t take photos or shoot videos anymore. Kaspersky Application observed a lot of unnecessary data and fuzzy pictures you probably don’t require anymore, often getting into the Gigabytes of space.

Battery Life Results

One of the major worries of today’s world: What to do if my phone gets out of battery space? The applications you install have a huge impact on the battery life thus using the Kaspersky Application hibernation functionality integrated with the battery saving features definitely give a significant boost to the battery life.

About Tests Process

Most of the smartphones were setup using the similar process: We’ve pre-installed renowned applications as per our internal research and the top 50 apps from the Google Play store. After the installation completed, every single app was started and used for its main purpose. For instance, Kaspersky Customer Support, team signed up for Spotify and used the application to access music over the time period of several days. In some scenarios, this need registering, using and playing for a specific amount of time. We provided these devices to smartphone users. We wanted them to explore the apps regularly on the smartphone.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus Support

  • Team helps to remove malware and virus from the smartphones.
  • Bootup and performance issues are resolved immediately.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users.
  • Setup and configuration of Antivirus is done by the team.
  • Increase speed of the smartphone for better user experience.
  • Device freeze and hang issues are cleared by taking remote.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users for any trouble experienced in device.

1800 832424 – TECH 24 (AUS)- Google’s Best Tips to Android Ransomware Protection

It is always a matter of concern that ransomware are infecting Android devices. As per report and according to Google, less than 0.00001% of apps that you install from Google Play ever have ransomware. On a justifying note, Google states that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning twice. However, that doesn’t mean that Google say that ransomware isn’t a very serious issue. They are still a crotical problem and obviously need to give it a second thought while using your Android device. You will get hardly hurt if you exercise caution. It is must especially when a device has as much sensitive information as your tablet or phone.

support for android

It is good to hear that Google has already done a lot of the work for Android users. To keep ransomware and all kinds of other threats from infiltrating your device, it has built numerous protections into Android. You’re in the best shape if you’re among the roughly 3% of users running Android 7 Nougat.

Google implemented several new features in its latest version to fend off ransomware, like “safety blinders”. This feature keeps apps from finding out all other running apps. Android 7 Nougat also launched protections against clickjacking which is a technique that attackers use to trick users into clicking buttons where they can’t see to kickstart malware.

This can be a big relief for you that Google has made it impossible for a malicious program to change your PIN. It is one of the most common way attackers and hackers use. They lock users out of their devices using ransomware apps and reinforce them to set up a PIN or other lock. Now for safety, Android apps are also sandboxed. Android apps will run inside isolated virtual containers so that they could not poke around where they’re not supposed to interfere. Though it’s not a impossible task to break out of a sandbox, but it is arduous.

There’s also a feature called Verify Apps feature, which has been around for years. This feature scans for suspicious behaviour and blocks them.  This feature will even remove suspicious behaviour from your device in very serious situations, all without you lifting a finger.

How Android users can avoid getting a ransomware infection

The first step to avoid getting a ransomware infection on your Android device is, don’t mess with the “untrusted sources” switch in your settings. Google screens apps in Google Play after checking them on its security parameters. It is not obvious that other places where you can find Android apps, like third-party app stores and filesharing sites will be necessarily screening apps.

Google advises you to do little investigation before clicking on download and install button of any app even in Google Play Store. Though Google is good at keeping threats out of its store, but still odd ones can still slip through cracks. Before installing any app, have a look at its reviews and see what permissions it will request. Skip the install if in case things aren’t adding up.

Another super-simple way to provide the protection to your device is, keep the software up-to-date. Make sure that you have the latest Android patches and current updates whatever software you have installed on your device. It will help you keeping malware at bay.

If you it is being difficult for you to understand how you can keep your device protected against ransomware and malware, you can ask the experts to do hacks for you. Here at PCTECH24.COM.AU, we have experienced experts who can provide you support for android ransomware protection as well as device running on any other platform.

How a Single SMS can Break the Security Defence of Android phone

You may be surprised to know that in 2017 also Android devices are being compromised by boobytrapped SMS text messages. Attackers are able to uncover the flaws in Android phones. Remote attackers are exploiting Android smartphones to execute attacks and endlessly reboot targeted devices. Vulnerability researchers and Android security experts have found that hackers and attackers are able to trade on security holes and exploiting targeted devices with minimum (or no) user interaction via WAP configuration messages.

Attackers use different approaches to attack on an Android phone and this problem gets more critical if users accept malicious messages blindly without checking their content and origin. There are plenty of malicious apps and bugs which can do irreparable harm to mobile devices. Even a sinle text message that seems innocuous, but carry infection may wreck your Android phone’s security. If you receive a text message from an unknown source which looks like a multimedia message includes a link and, country code, number of sender, and other content, don’t open that link.

Technical Support for Android Devices
Technical Support for Android Devices

Malware and such other infection writers create and implement such codes that they can bypass all security measures and attack specific users in order to achieve specific outcomes like stealing money or making money using unfair means and approaches. Hackers know that banking malware is big business so they are targeting more and more users who use online banking through their malware mercenaries more than ever. Once malware authors and distributors trick you into downloading malicious app onto your smartphone they exploit the vulnerability to get the control of your device.

So if you get any messages from any unknown contact, don’t click on it. If you will open this link, it will install an app that will give access to the hacker to steal the sensitive information from your mobile device. They can use their own installed app as backdoors to spy on you and break the applied security protocols and furthermore get the details of your online banking apps as well as credentials of other websites also.

To avoid being victim of such attacks, NEVER click on links in SMS or MMS messages that you receive on your mobile phone. Android phones as well as other platforms are notoriously vulnerable. There are many security products dedicated to this platform which perform effectively for the security of Android devices. If in case you think that you have clicked on a link inadvertently, change passwords to all your services and ask a security expert to reflash your phone. For extended help you can call the experts at PCTECH24.COM.AU to get extended Technical Support for Android Devices.

Our technician will guide you on how you c an stay aware and protected even if you get maliciously-crafted SMS message. They will install the security for you on your device to keep your data as well as device safe from reach of cybercriminals.  They will help you in keeping your security patches up-to-date.  They will guide you how to react and when to react on when it comes to these particular vulnerabilities.

Android O Beta with new features now available

Google’s next most important Android release, called Android O, had its great time at the keynote address of I/O 2017 yearly developer’s meet in California. The Android O is the next version to Android Nougat and Google mentioned some innovative features to expect with the new Developer Preview 2 launch, which is now present as public beta users worldwide as part of the Android O Beta Program.

Apart from innovative features like notification channels, picture-in-picture, and enhanced keyboard navigation that were known when Google released the first Developer Preview of Android O, Google also released a new feature called Smart Text Selection. This new feature recovers copy and paste via the help of machine learning, that can now recognizes contexts on the screen like an address and will be able to copy the whole thing with a double tap. It will also be able to bring up Maps when you do to navigate to the address. Notification Dots is a latest way for developers to tell users about activity on the app, driving engagement.

Android Tech Support
Android Tech Support

Google did not go into detail related to Android O’s other features, and is maybe saving that for a later day when it basically starts rolling out the final build. Despite the beta accessibility, Google is still referring this Android O Developers Preview 2. Along with the Android O, the company also released Android Go which is optimized Android software for entry-level users on devices with up to 1GB of RAM.

Android O also advertized improved battery efficiency and Google is providing that via Android Vitals that focuses on optimizing battery life, graphic rendering time, stability and startup time. Google has launched new tools for developers such as background apps limits, Android Vitals Dashboards and system optimizations in the Play Console.

Google’s yearly developer’s conference started with highlighting the company’s efforts in AI and machine learning with Assistant taking centre stage. The company declared that support will be coming to the iPhone as well as new facilities such as Google Lens and new innovative features for Gmail and Google Photos.

The Android Beta offers you a chance to use out pre-launched versions of Android and give feedback. Devices that you select in to the program will get an over-the-air (OTA) update to the latest beta version of Android O. The updates that you’ll obtain are the part of this program and are pre-launched versions, and may cause errors and defects that can affect normal processing of your device. The feedback you offer on the Beta will help us find and fix problems, and make the platform even better.

If you were earlier enrolled in the Android N Beta Program, you must enroll again to get Android O. You may stay in the Android Beta Program beyond the initial O release to see future Android O maintenance releases (MRs). If you opt to do so, you will simply get an OTA update to pre-release versions of the MRs as they become accessible. At the end of the program, you will begin to get regular public updates. If in case, use does not get proper updates regarding Android O, and then he or she can contact Android Tech Support for help. Technicians at Android support will help the user to install it on the device.