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How Kaspersky Antivirus increase Android Phone Speed, battery & Memory?

Kaspersky is a renowned security application that is used for safety of PC, laptops and mobile phones from malwares. But, with its high demand, developers have recently launched its latest version for Android phones also. In this blog we have mentioned some important features about it. To reveal what it can really do for an Android user, Kaspersky Technical Support used in phones for latest results. Check them!

Kaspersky Technical Support

Our team analyzed the impact of Kaspersky Application for Android on several smartphones having Android OS. Using database of thousands of users, we installed some renowned apps on Android Smartphones of several age and found the impact of it on the battery life, memory space, and working and how Kaspersky Application Premium show different outcomes that were not expected.

Better Performance Results

Speed is Everything: There is no fun in using a phone that takes a lot of time to load applications or response to inputs, if games freeze or if the web browser runs abruptly. Mostly observed when plenty of apps are running in the back drop, the phone struggles to do the simplest tasks. Kaspersky Application for Android has a new hibernation functionality that helps in blocking of resources drain of the applications. The results shown before & after tests are remarkable.

Memory Space Results

If your phone has no memory space, you simply can’t install applications, can’t take photos or shoot videos anymore. Kaspersky Application observed a lot of unnecessary data and fuzzy pictures you probably don’t require anymore, often getting into the Gigabytes of space.

Battery Life Results

One of the major worries of today’s world: What to do if my phone gets out of battery space? The applications you install have a huge impact on the battery life thus using the Kaspersky Application hibernation functionality integrated with the battery saving features definitely give a significant boost to the battery life.

About Tests Process

Most of the smartphones were setup using the similar process: We’ve pre-installed renowned applications as per our internal research and the top 50 apps from the Google Play store. After the installation completed, every single app was started and used for its main purpose. For instance, Kaspersky Customer Support, team signed up for Spotify and used the application to access music over the time period of several days. In some scenarios, this need registering, using and playing for a specific amount of time. We provided these devices to smartphone users. We wanted them to explore the apps regularly on the smartphone.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus Support

  • Team helps to remove malware and virus from the smartphones.
  • Bootup and performance issues are resolved immediately.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users.
  • Setup and configuration of Antivirus is done by the team.
  • Increase speed of the smartphone for better user experience.
  • Device freeze and hang issues are cleared by taking remote.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users for any trouble experienced in device.

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Dell Printer Customer Support?

Dell is a renowned company in the field of printer devices. From printers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones to other peripheral devices, Dell develop every electronic device. The Dell Printer Customer Service after sale is also very good of Dell. This makes Dell a world class electronic device manufacturing company.

dell printer support
dell printer support

The world of computer today has changed to such a great degree that everything is now getting computerized using the information technology. Dell develops a great quality printers, desktop and laptop according to changing need in the field of Information Technology. The field of IT is a very new discipline, every year a number of IT professionals who work in different IT companies of the world. The Dell Printer has turn into the need of the hour and every printing work is now done electronically to save the money, efforts and time of the people. The old generation who never know, how to work on printer when it was new, as it was a not common thing nowadays, are now trying to get used of it as it has become a need of the time. So, when people try to learn new things then they face issues and then come the need of Dell Printer Support. There are various service providers who offer online Dell Printer Customer Support for the issues related to your personal printer and other peripheral devices.

It is not very easy to fix the technical issues related to printers and it needs an expert guidance to get fixed. So, people take the assistance from an Online Dell Printer Customer Support Company to save their important time in fixing the issues and get the issue solved fast with professional help. The Dell Printer Customer Support service providers have experienced people who are Dell certified professionals giving technical help to solve the issue and troubleshoot problems very fast. They can fix the issues related to printers like driver installation, updating or fixing others printer error. Dell Printer Customer Service also give assistance related to virus removal, anti-virus update and installing windows when there is a virus issue. Windows recovery is also very vital service this online Dell Printer Customer Support for Dell product provides.

In addition to these technical errors they also give assistance in installing other utility software and other useful applications that are usually required for using various computer peripheral devices. Now with increase in Dell Printer Customer Service providers it has become so simple for people to get their issues resolved by professional experts. They are very knowledgeable and professional having lot of experience in resolving problems linked to printers, laptops, desktops and their peripherals. That is the major reason behind why they easily fix the errors or issues that come while working with the desktop and laptops. Dell Printer Support offer support for not only Dell printer but for most of the other brands like Lenovo, HP, Asus, HCL, Toshiba, Sony, Intel, Samsung, and Acer.

Dell Printer is one of the most used printers with latest features in it. To get the optimum results on the printing quality of the document, setup the printer on the device. Sometimes installation becomes difficult and to get rid of such issues call the Dell Support team immediately on toll-free number. The team hired by the Dell Printer Customer Support is experienced enough to deal with every sort of trouble with ease. Make sure that the problem you are facing are resolved in a proper manner. Technicians are always prepared to assist the users.

Installation of the Dell printer drivers on the PC you are using is very important. On daily basis a huge number of driver updates increasing causing serious annoyance. Dell is a renowned printer manufacturer having all the latest features to print. Customer can contact the professionals of Dell Support. These experts are available 24/7 to assist the customers with all the important guidelines. Resolution service offered by Dell Support team is fully online. Customer device remote session is activated to resolve all the troubles. Toll-free number mentioned below is always available to resolve the errors.

Registration or renewal of printer drivers is a process by which validity of printer increases. If the registration is not getting done from your side, simply be in touch of the experts at the Dell Support. The technicians are proficient enough to clear all the errors with ease. Clear the driver issues immediately from the device by calling on the toll-free number. 24/7 online assistance is given to existing as well as new users by the team of Dell Printer Support.

Common HP Printer problems shared by Hp Support technicians

HP is the best brand that manufactures quality products. The products are used in schools, offices, business firms, and households. The modern product line by HP is quality-based and everybody loves to have one. Printers are one of the best products the brand offers to the users. They are efficient and known for their best performance. But, it is a common occurrence for even a printer to come across a technical glitch. A machine can face issues as well and for that various effective steps are present. But, some issues are quite technical in nature and fixing them up alone can be frustrating. In such situations, it is advisable to fetch professional help. Our HP Printer Support services are the best to fetch whenever there is any such situation. The HP Printer Customer Support experts here share some common HP printer errors and their solutions.

HP printer Support
HP printer Support

The best and most effective customer support is here to offer the best solutions to the users. Sometimes, the lack of knowledge is dangerous and can put the users in serious situations. In this blog, our HP Printer Technical Support experts make sure that you find the best solutions for every issue:

Paper Jams

As per the HP Printer Technical Support techies, the most common issue is the issue of paper jams. Paper jams may occur due to wrong paper, or the dirt that stuck around. Such issues are quite complex to handle. For them, always pull a paper in the way of the paper path because pulling it backward can damage the printer. If you want to receive quick answers for such issues, call at the HP Printer Tech Support Number to find the solutions.

Printing on the page is dull

This issue may arise from printer getting low on toner; low print density or Economode printing on. If Economode is on, you can turn it off or set the density higher. If the toner is low, removing the cartridge and shaking the same can for the time being solve the issue. If the solution seems difficult to get, call at HP Printer Tech Support Number to ask for help. The HP Printer Support technicians can help in solving the issue.


Ghosting is a condition where the picture prints right, but a much lighter copy of the same also prints somewhere else. This can be due to an issue in the power outlet that is supplying power to the printer. Check it by plugging it into a different printer to see if the same results occur. With it, calling at the HP Printer Technical Support can help a lot. Our HP Printer Support technicians are available all day to help you in solving the issues.

Toner does not stay on the paper

If words or pictures come off the paper when a hand is run across, then there is a major issue. Fuser assembly is not working and the solution is to replace it. Second, the toner cartridge may be defective and letting too much toner out at once. In a laser printer, the solution can be replacing the cartridges. On the other hand, the toner may have spilled in the printer, you need to clean it. You can discuss the issue with the HP Printer Customer Support experts as well.

Printer is not printing from the expected paper tray

This is also one of the common issues that can arise from nowhere. In such circumstances, it is important to look into two places to correct this error. First, look on the printing PC, and second, on the printer. If the app is set to print to the wrong paper tray, correct it by clicking on Printer properties. With it, find the Tray Selection source. On the printer, make sure that the paper sizes in the control panel match what is in the trays. If there is any confusion or doubt, do not hesitate to share the problem with HP Printer Technical Support techies.

Printer is showing a ‘79 error’

This error can be the result of an issue with the network print server that services the printer. When fixing a 79 error, first open the Printer folder from the Start Menu on the print server to make sure there are no tasks pending. A 79 error can also indicate a failure of a printer add-on component, like an MIO card or a RAM module. All add-ons should be aloof and then added back to the printer one by one to see which module may be at risk. If this does not help, assistance from HP Printer Customer Support specialists can be a great option. You can call at our HP Printer Tech Support Number to share your issue.

Problem printing onto envelops

Envelopes can bring a lot of problems for laser printers. Select envelops that are close to 20-lb in weight and thickness. Also, ensure that the superglue on the envelope is able to endure the heat that the fuser puts out to retain the printing on the page. If you don’t, the envelopes may come out of the printer already closed. If envelopes are coming out of the printer wrinkled, they may be quite firm for the paper path. Now, open the rear of the printer and let them exit at that location instead. For more suggestions, contact HP Printer Support experts.

So, these were some of the common issues that can arise on an HP Printer. If you come across any of them, feel free to connect to the HP Printer Support techies anytime. Dial the given toll-free number and discuss the printer issue you are facing. Be quick and discuss the issue with the professionals now!

Fixing Print Spooler Error in Windows 7

There may be many reasons if you caught print spooler error in Windows 7. This article includes step-by-step instructions on how you can fix print spooler error in Windows 7 by-hand according to the level of the complexity of issues. It may be possible that these steps may not work for a few of complicated problems, but they may be helpful in saving you from print spooler error. If you cannot fix error on your own, you can ask the printer technology experts to help you. PCTECH24.COM.AU has skilled professionals who can provide you support for Brother Printer, support for Cannon, Epson, or any other brand’s printer. If you will not be able to fix your problem by yourself, support team of PCTECH24.COM.AU will help in each problem.

Printer Technical Support Services
Printer Technical Support Services

Among different reasons of print spooler errors, one reason may be the access to the printer drivers. The local printer may not be running because of printer driver issues which may cause adding the printer connection failed. Because of driver issues, you may receive the message similar to:
“Attempt of adding the printer connection failed. The local print spooler is not running. Restart the print spooler or restart the machine” please.

Or “Windows is unable to open Add Printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Restart the print spooler or restart the machine” please.

Here are some steps given to deal with these messages, but before following these steps, try restart print spooler first of all. If it doesn’t work for you then move the following procedure:

1. Open the system Registry Editor and look for the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers
This key usually has one or two sub-keys called Version-2 and Version-3. These keys hold the data of your printer configuration. Save these keys by Export these keys to save them to some safe place and remove the keys that have the name of your current printer.

2. Now, locate the key:

Export sub-keys of this key. The list of keys for default monitors will be including:
• AppleTalk Printing Devices
• BJ Language Monitor
• Local Port
• Standard TCP/IP Port
• USB Monitor
• Windows NT Fax Monitor
• PJL Language Monitor
There are some other keys that you need to remove from this section.

3. After removing the keys that have the name of your current printer, you will need to remove files for old drivers which may be located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\printers. The driver location may be different on your PC if you have installed Windows on other disk.
Now, check if print spooler runs properly.

4. Get newest drivers from vendor and install them for your printer. The problem with print spooler error in Windows 7 may be still there if you try to install the standard windows drivers or old drivers.

Often, this is only one problem that can be responsible for print spooler error in Windows 7. However, if you are not comfortable with these steps, you can ask printing device experts to get Epson Printer Technical Support Services or any other printer.

Learn to Remove and Unclog Epson WP-4540 Print Head Nozzles

Your presence here shows that your Epson printer’s printhead has stubborn clogs. This document explains 3 ways how you can clean and unclog an Epson printhead. Go through the document to learn how you can remove the printhead from an Epson WP-4540 for a deep cleaning.

Epson WP-4540 is a nice printing device which been sitting in storage for years and hardly shows any issues. It usually shows problems if you don’t take care of it properly and using without any maintenance over a long period of time. If you have tried to clean it and still a few heads are clogged, try to wet the printhead with cleaning liquid. If it doesn’t work out for you, take the printhead out for performing deep cleaning.

Important Advice: if you are a novice and not well aware of know-how, perform these steps under the supervision of experts or hire a professional.


Unplug Power Supply 

The printer will prevent the cartridge from moving freely and raise a white lock when you open the cartridge door. So, you need to unplug the power supply before the lock is in place.  Disconnect the power immediately after opening the cartridge door to make sure that the cartridge assembly can be moved freely.

Remove the Panel at the Top

There will be a white knob on the left corner and near to that there will be a hole. Find it, press in with your finger to pop up the top cover. Repeat the similar steps to the right side.  On the front, there will be three screws, remove them.  Now you will see two wires: a red/black door trigger wire and a black ground wire. Also, there will be an electronic ribbon. Disconnect wires as well as electric ribbon and connect them back.

Unscrews the Back of the Printer

Turn to the back of the printer, and unscrew top two screws and then bottom two screws of the back wire plate.

Unplug Wires from the Back of the Printer

There will many wired combinations so it is advised to take a picture of the wire bundles to avoid any mistakes and put them back in sequence. Make a checklist from the top to bottom: pull out 4 white/gray, 3 gray, 3 black, 2 red & black wire bundles and then unscrew 1 black ground wire.

Remove the Back Plate

Now separate the top unit from the rest of the printer. Turn to the back of the printer and unscrew the four screws which are holding the box cover.

Remove Box Cover and Cartridge Door

Now turn to the front of the printer and on the front cartridge box, remove two screws and the remove one screw at top right. Now remove the cartridge door.  There will be two more screws holding the box cover, remove these two screws also and now remove the box.

There will be two screws holding ink tubes and 4 electronic ribbons, remove them and then remove four more screws to take the printhead out.

If you need any kind of guidance to take the printhead out, you can ask our experts to get the Epson printer Tech Support.

How to Fix the Issue if Printer is not Working After Replacing Cartridges

Ink cartridge

Replacing CartridgesInk cartridges are disposable container that contains ink for an inkjet printing devices. Depends on the types of printer, monochrome or colour printer, an inkjet printer may only have one or multiple ink cartridge that contains either black or each of the primary colours along with black. Replacing ink cartridge may not be the only issue if your printer is not working. There may be number of reasons including the cartridges related. This document includes few common suggestions that will be helpful in determining causes of the problem and solving them in some cases.

  • Make sure that the tab protecting the ink from dispersing is not still there on the cartridge.
  • Make sure that you have inserted the ink cartridge(s) properly.
  • If you have pulled out the lever from its original position to install the ink cartridges, make sure that you have repositioned it to its actual position.
  • If available, clean the print head of the printer.
  • Try to reset the ink cartridge counter. For more detailed information about it, consult your specific model documentations to get instructions.
  • Print a test page to ensure that no software errors are encountering.
  • If you are installing an ink cartridge which is not authorized by your printer’s manufacturer, it may not be useful because of compatibility issues.
  • Refer to your printer manufacturer’s web page or printer’s documentation for detailed information if any indication lights are flashing.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the printer if the above recommendations are not able to resolve the issue.