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4 Operative Ways to Boost Up the Speed of Your Sluggish PC

Is your PC functioning sluggishly? Don’t worry and simply try these most effective tips that will optimize your system’s speed with ease. These measures are related to the cleaning of your device. Surprised? Don’t be! Because as per the experienced Windows 10 Tech Support mavens – the main reasons behind ‘slow speed issue in your system’ is related to cleaning. Yes, if you don’t clean your device periodically, it is obvious to get its speed & functioning affected.

Effective Ways to Clean Up the PCs 

Windows 10 Technical Support

However, cleaning up your gadget may appear tiresome but it is really a fruitful exercise for boosting up the speed of that specific computer. 

Let’s start:

⇒  Clear the trash: 

There is a very low percentage of people who like clearing out the trash. However, it is important. Tools like trash & recycle bin are available to aid the users in restoring the documents/ files that they have deleted accidentally. But, as the users don’t consider emptying these folders, they start consuming a lot of space. This is why you need to clean up the trash frequently. Prior to doing so, don’t forget to go through the items existing in the Recycle Bin & Trash. This will prevent you from losing your important documents that (by mistake) have gone into the trash.

⇒  Clean up your hard drive:

All Windows system comprises a preloaded tool that clears the redundant data from their hard drive. Hence, be habitual of performing a hard drive clean up after a couple of months. 

Steps to do this: Open ‘Computer’ -> Right-click on ‘hard drive’ -> Click ‘Properties’ > In the pop-up box, click ‘General’ tab -> Select ‘Disk Clean-up’.

Scanning your entire device, the OS will display a list carrying files needed to clear. Here, you can select all or only the data you want to remove. After that, click ‘OK’ followed by clicking ‘Confirm’. 

⇒  Perform Disk Defragmentation:

Defragmentation of the files in your hard drive plays a vital role in optimizing the system’s speed. Undoubtedly, this processwill boost up the computer performance. However, disk defragmentation will take some time but even then, it should be done on regular basis. 

Steps for defragmentation of your hard drive:

→ Turn ‘ON’ your PC & click the Start button.

→ Select the Control Panel.

→ Visit ‘System & Security’.

→ Let the ‘Administrative Tools’ dialog box to launch.

→ Click ‘Defragment your hard drive’ button.

→ Wait for a while till the ‘Disk Defragmenter’ dialog box pop-up.

→ Press the ‘Analyze disk’ button.

→ Check out ‘how much drive is to be defragmented’.

→ Click the ‘Defragment disk’ button present in the lower right corner.

→ Wait for some time till the process gets over.

At last, click on the ‘Close’ option.

In case of difficulty in locating any of the option, button or more, take help from the highly-skilled Windows 10 Technical Support professionals.

⇒ Uninstall & remove the unused programs:

In most of the cases, people install and use apps but forget to uninstall/ remove them even when they are of no longer use. If your PC also holds apps/ programs which you are not using or will not use in the near future, it is better to uninstall/ remove them.  


 As 95% of the PC’s speed related issues get resolved just by cleaning up the gadgets, Windows 10 Customer Support experts recommend you to maintain the cleanliness. So, use the aforementioned clean up ways & get rid of the sluggish behavior of your computer.    

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6 Things You Need to Know About Multi-cloud

With the advancements in cloud technology and the benefits it offers, the vast range of enterprises is moving towards the multi-cloud platforms. As the trend continues, more tech vendors with new techniques designed to address & handle different challenges are arriving in the market. As per the knowledgeable Kaspersky Technical Support experts – all users should be familiar with multi-cloud, whether they are switching to this service or not.         

Kaspersky Technical Support

Few Things You Must Know About Multi-Cloud

⇒ Determine What Factors Will Break or Make Your Multi-Cloud Strategy: While opting a multi-cloud structure for your organization, be bold. Being less concerned about ‘how’, focus on ‘why’ and ‘what’. Think ‘why and what your organization needs from the cloud services?’ Moreover, comprehending what factors can make or break your strategy is also important.     

⇒ Focus on the Security Measurements: While creating the multi-cloud structure for your business, don’t forget to consider the security measurements. Inspect the impacts that the switching to a new multi-cloud service can put on your business. For successful multi-cloud switching, usage of cloud access protection layer & a platform that unifies your threat identification and policy approach is recommended.     

⇒ Ensure Clean Up: Switching to Multi-cloud often requires a proper ‘clean up’ of your organization’s identity directory. As Kaspersky Antivirus Support experts said – with appropriate identity management & aggregation platform, cloud implementation and threat exposure seem easy.     

⇒ Assure Compliance: Ensure that the compliance requirements of your organization are not transmuted or mitigated as the data entered into a new environment used by cloud service providers. Furthermore, assure that your firm’s legal team owning knowledge that aid in identifying rogue cloud services, is participating in making decisions about the initial purchase.          

⇒ Approach exec/C-level buy-in:  When it comes to a multi-cloud strategy and if you want to approach buy-in through exec/C-level, consider the below questions:  

  • How’ll you or your colleagues measure the performance of new capabilities?
  • Are new areas of product or value enhancement possible via cloud services?
  • How’ll the organization detect & control the usage to reach your targets?
  • How’ll you know whether your firm is receiving the same thing you have expected from the cloud providers?
  • Do you have solutions for the commercial treatment of the organization if things go wrong?

⇒  Secure the cloud & safeguard your organization: The impacts in overall security depends on the diligence that deals in onboarding cloud service providers. Important technical measures such as Cloud Access Security Layer & Policy about acquiring of the cloud should drive the basic control requirements.        

Well! These were the essential things you need to consider while accessing cloud services for your organization. Go through them carefully and ensure your security. For more information about the challenges you may have to face while using the cloud, keep reading the blogs by our knowledgeable Kaspersky Technical Support Executives. Our executives can also be contacted to attain the best possible help for concerns like tech errors in antivirus or PC. With it, these professionals can provide aid for all sorts of queries related to cybersecurity. 

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How to Evade Being Victim to the Internet Advertising Scams? 

Nowadays, online advertising is emerging as a huge business that yields positive outcomes for not just the people who vend ads but also for those who want to buy the advertising space. But unfortunately, some people (scammers) manipulates the system through false terms and conditions, thus, taking undue advantage of online advertising. Your presence here shows that you are looking for tips to avoid the internet advertising scams. Don’t worry & go through the below safety measures by our experienced Norton Technical Support experts.       

Norton Support

Tips You Should Follow to Avoid the Internet Advertising Scams

Go through the ‘terms & conditions’: This is a vital task you need to do before accepting or signing up for anything. If the terms & conditions are not listed, then ask for them. This will aid you in a great manner as most of the online advertising scams start charging up after a period even if they mentioned as ‘free’. Generally, the service providers begin billing automatically after making you use the free services for just the first week or month.

Don’t trust the tempting advertisements: While online, you’ll come across a number of ads with attractive offers like ‘become the millionaire in just one day’ or ‘earn $100 per day in return of doing nothing’. Avoid these ads else you’ll become victim to the scam where instead of gaining you’ll lose your money. Sit and think – if becoming rich is so easy, then no one would stay poor.      

Do researches: Before accepting ‘what the online ad is offering’, do searches. Even if you feel that everything is fine, please execute the checking for at least one time. Google search in relation to the products & services being offered in the advertisement can provide you with a better help. If it is a tactic of scammers, then you’ll get the idea through the feedbacks posted by the other people who might have fallen for it. So, never forget to do researches about the ads you are about to deal with.       

Be careful about the ads including success quotes, posts, and comments from people appearing just like you: According to the highly-qualified Norton Antivirus Support experts – there are some greedy people who work for the scammers in order to obtain financial benefits. Therefore, if you come across the ads on a blog or in a forum & find people commenting on the quality & performance of the service & product there, be cautious as it might be a masked sales pitch.

Beware of web pages containing yellow highlighting or red text: Majority of scammers create and use pages of this style. 90 % of the pages that holds the same look are scams. Please note that the photoshopped books, CDs, or other downloadable information available in the selling cart of such sites have possibly never been bound or printed. So, beware.

Conclusion: These online safety tips on the internet advertising scams should aid in ensuring your security along with providing the convenience to have safer advertising experience. However, if you are fallen in a trap of a scam advertisement, Norton Tech Support can take you out of the same.                  

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How Norton Technical Support secure our IoT devices?

We are a part of a connected world. Worldwide, we’ve developed into a tighter community, whereas locally, we’ve developed into global. The web has delivered on ease, letting anyone with connectivity to see, know about, and interact with any individual or business on the globe. This convenience is integrated with virtually every tech stuff rolling for the users, and the homes of ours are fast filling up with IoT devices.

Since the beginning of the, PCs have been our major tool of interaction. For years, the home or office PC has been the digital space where attackers would do their best to penetrate and Antivirus like Norton would do its best to block. Finally, smartphones also become part of web, and the security for it also rose up. For a long time, computers and smartphones were our only connected digital tools.

iot device

But now an entire generation of new IoT devices has captured the whole marketplace: TVs, Alarm clocks, Thermostats, digital assistants, streaming sticks, Game Consoles, Alarm systems, printers, and light bulbs. On one place, the ease of its usage is amazing. On the other hand, there are important questions that require answers: what IoT security issues are and do we have to concern about them and how to secure IoT devices at our home?
IoT Security Threats

The loophole inside the IoT devices is that they are not essentially designed for safety. The sad thing is that in manufacturers hurry to get the most innovative devices to the shelves, they are ignoring the security lapses. For instance, an IP camera is a renowned one. The satire here is that you might install them for better home safety, but left unsecured, it can be like a digital doorway that allows the bad guys to move in.

One of the renowned cyberattacks on IoT gadgets is to forcibly hire them into a botnet, a group of infected machines capable of causing big damage as it performs all tasks. If your IP camera is compromised, it could be hacked to perform DDoS attacks, to cause severe damage to it.

If the hackers are concerned in taking off with your personal info, the IoT device can be hacked and used to reach deeper into your device. Your IP camera could be attacked and, since it is connected to the Wi-Fi at home, used as a platform to go deep inside everything on the network including the smartphone or PC.
Another IoT danger that is quite common is the device control. If a hacker gets inside, it could make the gadget do whatever it likes to do so, set the temperature in your house to 100, switch on the television in the middle of the night with full volume, and, also, capture your camera’s video details, knowing the household’s patterns.
IoT Security Solutions

Though the users of these devices are still new, IoT devices vary a lot in make, model, software, and performance. To work with each device by its own security application would be difficult job. The only practical solution is to round them up and secure them for better computing. Learn and know these IoT safety tips.

1 – Secure the Wireless Network
IoT network protection starts and ends with the router device. It has a default password present, immediately change to something difficult to crack. Look for uncrackable one. And ensure the safety protocol you’re having is WPA2. This is important and provides you a strong foundation of basic protection. Simply, contact the team of Norton Technical Support for better safety.

2 – Consider for Cybersecurity
Everyone’s security is in its own hands nowadays, so it’s a great idea to look for the supports for peace of mind. IoT security patches are being released for better working, like the Norton Smart Home Safety. Norton Customer Support offered security solution is an active network mechanism that uses Artificial Intelligence to know, monitor, and regularly asses IoT device working in your household, check anything abrupt.

3 – Regularly Change Passwords
This is for every device that is connected to internet and has a default password, not just only the router. When provided the option, make changes in the default password to more complicated one. If two-factor authentication is present, activate it too. Go for a Password Manager to make the life easier. Look for guidance from the team of Norton Antivirus Support.

4 – Research about your Devices
It may be alluring to remove the device out of the box and just use it, but it’s not feasible to look at every connected machine as a gadget. Every device is a possible gateway for a cyber-criminal determined enough to get inside. When you add a new connected IoT device, just research for a time to know everything about it, as well as its security protocol. Simply, contact the team of Norton Technical Support for better safety.

5 – Regularly Update
It cannot be used enough always keep the firmware of the IoT devices you are using updated with the newest versions and patches present. The reason for most of these updates is all due to the security flaw has been seen and compromised in the earlier version. You want to stop using that compromised device right away. Also, when looking for a new IoT machine, have a look at its update method. Make sure it’s simple and ensure you are notified when a new update is present. To update the device, reach the experts of the Norton Customer Support.

6 – Connect only if required
The best means to keep the threat away of the household is by connecting a limited number of gadgets to the network. If you don’t necessarily require your coffee maker or the lightbulbs to be “smart,” then simply use the analog present. But, when you look for the smart devices, be alert to take all the important steps like setup, onboarding, password change, etc.

The threats are surely out there, but the solutions from Norton Technical Support are also available. There is no necessity to threat from the oncoming crowd of IoT devices and the mainstream appearance of the smart house. Just stay aware about what you’re adding to the network, always keep your network secured, and you can be a part of the unbelievable technological era with no fear at all.