How Kaspersky Antivirus increase Android Phone Speed, battery & Memory?

Kaspersky is a renowned security application that is used for safety of PC, laptops and mobile phones from malwares. But, with its high demand, developers have recently launched its latest version for Android phones also. In this blog we have mentioned some important features about it. To reveal what it can really do for an Android user, Kaspersky Technical Support used in phones for latest results. Check them!

Kaspersky Technical Support

Our team analyzed the impact of Kaspersky Application for Android on several smartphones having Android OS. Using database of thousands of users, we installed some renowned apps on Android Smartphones of several age and found the impact of it on the battery life, memory space, and working and how Kaspersky Application Premium show different outcomes that were not expected.

Better Performance Results

Speed is Everything: There is no fun in using a phone that takes a lot of time to load applications or response to inputs, if games freeze or if the web browser runs abruptly. Mostly observed when plenty of apps are running in the back drop, the phone struggles to do the simplest tasks. Kaspersky Application for Android has a new hibernation functionality that helps in blocking of resources drain of the applications. The results shown before & after tests are remarkable.

Memory Space Results

If your phone has no memory space, you simply can’t install applications, can’t take photos or shoot videos anymore. Kaspersky Application observed a lot of unnecessary data and fuzzy pictures you probably don’t require anymore, often getting into the Gigabytes of space.

Battery Life Results

One of the major worries of today’s world: What to do if my phone gets out of battery space? The applications you install have a huge impact on the battery life thus using the Kaspersky Application hibernation functionality integrated with the battery saving features definitely give a significant boost to the battery life.

About Tests Process

Most of the smartphones were setup using the similar process: We’ve pre-installed renowned applications as per our internal research and the top 50 apps from the Google Play store. After the installation completed, every single app was started and used for its main purpose. For instance, Kaspersky Customer Support, team signed up for Spotify and used the application to access music over the time period of several days. In some scenarios, this need registering, using and playing for a specific amount of time. We provided these devices to smartphone users. We wanted them to explore the apps regularly on the smartphone.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus Support

  • Team helps to remove malware and virus from the smartphones.
  • Bootup and performance issues are resolved immediately.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users.
  • Setup and configuration of Antivirus is done by the team.
  • Increase speed of the smartphone for better user experience.
  • Device freeze and hang issues are cleared by taking remote.
  • 24/7 Technical guidance is given to troubled users for any trouble experienced in device.