What is Macro Targeted Malware or Macro Virus and How to stay safe from it?

Ever since the rudiments of the computers, many types of viruses and malware have been created and distributed. Initially back in the days of QDOS, it was just for fun, but now computer viruses and malware creation and distribution has become a full-time business for the hackers and cyber-criminals. Hackers have made it a business […]


Instructions to Fix Microsoft Access Error 7957

Computer users using Microsoft programs may face this error while installing or accessing any Microsoft Corporation-related software program, or during Windows installation, or during Windows startup or shutdown. It will provide necessary information to fix the issue if you keep track of when and where 7957 encountered.  You may experience various symptoms if error 7957 […]


How to Get the Setup Log File if Avast Installation Fails

There may be several reasons if you’re trying to install and download Avast on your computer and could not be successful or it quits unexpectedly. If you connect to any tech support service providing company to help you in Avast installation, you will be asked to provide a setup log file for further analysis. You […]


Steps to Create and Use Avast Rescue Disk

There are multiples types of malwares and infections which may prevent the Avast installation on your computer. So if you want to install and use Avast on your computer in this case, you need to create Avast Rescue Disk first and use it to remove malware and infected files. Create Rescue Disk on a CD […]


How to Give Your PC a Performance Boost

Slow speed of a laptop or computer has been always a headache and if you’re experiencing the same, surely you’ll be thinking to buy a new. But just hold for a moment before going out and buying a brand new computer. You still have chances to speed up your computer system without making a hole […]


How to Fix the Issue if the Installer can’t Remove Previous Version Components

The Installer can’t Remove Previous Version Components “displays while installing or upgrading TrendMicro Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) Agent 7.0 You receive the following error message if the WFBS 7.0 Security Agent (SA) failed to install or upgrade: Installation Unsuccessful. The installer could not remove previous version components Search the Trend Micro Support site for “Error […]


Tips to Fix Windows 10 Activation Problems

Users are facing many problems with the activation of Windows 10 and they are complaining that even after a clean install of their Windows 10, they are receiving activation error related messages. Microsoft allows Windows users to upgrade or non-Windows users to manually download the installation files in order to perform a clean installation of […]


How to Troubleshoot Kaspersky Internet-Security Error 1719

Kaspersky 1719 error encounters because of corrupt download or incomplete installation of its anti-virus software. There is any issue with the Windows registry or your system is already under the influence of severe malware and infections, or there is already an anti-virus program running onyour computer, or some other application has meticulously removed Kaspersky anti-virus […]


How to Troubleshoot Adobe Reader installation Issues in Mac Computer

Sometimes your system may not meet the required system specifications so it shows installation issues. So before heading towards the troubleshooting points, check the system requirement.   So here are the system requirements for Mac computer users Intel processor Mac OS X v10.9, 10.10 or 10.11* 1GB of RAM 450MB of available hard-disk space 1024×768 screen resolution […]



You may face Enable P2psvc Windows 7 error after performing some malware cleaner tools and sometimes this error may show the blue screen error also with error 0x0000005E OBJECT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. To fix this error download Enable P2psvc Windows 7 Error Fixer with the specifications described below: Error Codes Enable P2psvc Windows 7 Recommended Download Enable P2psvc […]