How to Remove the G-button from the Android Keyboard

If you are Android user and using the official Google Keyboard application (now called Gboard), you may have noticed that at the top of the keyboard, Google Keyboard application features a new G-button. Regardless of application you are in, you can run web searches directly in the keyboard interface just by tapping on G-button. Means […]


Hacking Forums and Dark Web are Advertising and Selling New Exo Android Trojan

Malware is a type of malicious program that cyber-criminals use to infect a computer or mobile device. Hackers use malware codes to advertise new infections and viral them from one machine to another or one network to another. Now hackers have found a new Android Trojan to trade on and advertise malicious infections. Malware coders […]


How to invade Cybersecurity Challenges

This is the digital age and everybody is connected through one or another technology performing many of their regular activities including personal as well as professional. There is a plethora of gadgets and automated workflows running on integrated platforms to function. With the increasing dependency on latest technologies and devices, cybersecurity challenges have forced the […]


What is the best way to back up data?

Many of you must have heard the news or stories of data loss every then and now. Users know that they need to backup their system and data, but they don’t know what strategy is best to implement.  Just analyze that what would be a good backup strategy and would you implement it? What you […]


Why the Protection of your Cellphone Number is as Important as Your Social Security Number

Due to the increasing awareness and activities of cybercriminals, your personal information is always at risk of data breach. You have to keep your guard always up before sharing any kind of information with anyone. Make sure that you don’t share your login credentials to a site with anyone, giving up your credit card number […]