How to Disable Windows Automatically Restart Feature After Windows Update?

The system needs to restart after Windows updates are installed for them to take effect. When the installation process is complete, Windows Update normally initiates an automatic restart. This document describes the steps to disable this feature. Before disabling this feature, just bear in mind that updates will not be applied unless the computer doesn’t […]

10 Useful Internet Tricks and Tips

10 Useful Internet Tricks and Tips

Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks which is a common place for all that renders you number of flexibilities and opportunities like exploring a huge amount of information from the place you are sitting, communicating with number of people using online tools and utilities, and other communication facilities. Today, the Internet is a […]

Replacing Cartridges

How to Fix the Issue if Printer is not Working After Replacing Cartridges

Ink cartridge Ink cartridges are disposable container that contains ink for an inkjet printing devices. Depends on the types of printer, monochrome or colour printer, an inkjet printer may only have one or multiple ink cartridge that contains either black or each of the primary colours along with black. Replacing ink cartridge may not be […]

How to fix Dell Computer Related Issue

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Dell is a big brand in designing and delivering high-end personal computers that look elegant, stylish, and perfectly mixed with performance. Dell is an American multinational that you can reckon as a brand which is dedicated to perfection.  Dell laptops are known for their great performance, designs and looks. Though it is piece of equipment […]

Types of Security Threats and Network Attacks

Types of Security Threats and Network Attacks and their Counter Measures

A security breaching attempt and network attack is defined as a threat. Most of the attacks including intrusion, denial of service or other on a network infrastructure analyze the entire network in order to gain the information. After gaining the required information, such attacks eventually cause your network to corrupt or crash. Different attackers may […]


How to Remove the G-button from the Android Keyboard

If you are Android user and using the official Google Keyboard application (now called Gboard), you may have noticed that at the top of the keyboard, Google Keyboard application features a new G-button. Regardless of application you are in, you can run web searches directly in the keyboard interface just by tapping on G-button. Means […]