Windows 10 Keeps on Spying on You Even if You Try to Stop it

While booting up Windows 10 for the very first time, you may customize its various settings related to the collection of data and information coming from Microsoft’s servers. Although you can reduce the ratio of sharing the amount of information by stopping your machine from sending typing and speech data, contact and calendar details, location […]

TrendMicro Errors

How to Fix Installation Incomplete… Error code: #1603, 3002, 0x000

When installing TrendMicro antivirus and it stops between 70 to 100 percent, “Installation Incomplete… Error code: #1603, 3002, 0x000” error message appears on the screen of your computer. It’s recommended that close all the programs currently running restarting the installer. Important Note- It’ll better to bookmark this page or take the print out of this […]

Home Network Router

How to be a Smart Buyer of a Home Network Router

A router is a device which can connect all of your gadgets to the Internet or it can interconnect them also using some software applications. You just need a wireless router if you want to connect any of your devices like computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. to the web. Today you have multiple choices of modern […]


One Sign Which Indicates that your Android is Infected

As you know that it’s not just a computer that can get attacked by nasty viruses, hackers always try to figure out new methods to break the protection of your digital devices like smartphones and tablets also. Cyber criminals know the potential of these devices; they know that these machines are capable of handling a […]

Make Your Computer More Secure

Best Practices to Make Your Computer More Secure

Be it your house, business, or machine, security is a challenge. This document is written from the security prospect of your computers. This write is about how you can protect your computing machines, data stored on them, accounts, and other identities & passwords. So here more technical security precautions are discussed which can be applied […]


3 Excellent Online Backup Services

Today your personal as well as well professional life is very much dependent on computers and mobile phones. There are so much of your lives that are stored in the folders of your mobile phones and computers. All the information and content you have stored on either of the devices may be gone in the […]

Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

6 Transcendent Ergonomic Keyboards

The problem of being non-ergonomic is not only limited to the mouse and keyboard, but extends to various sections of your computing machine. But here the one of its prominent section is your computer keyboard. Its matter of concern that you should understand the way you put your hands on top of normal keyboard is […]

unused data

Why You Should Protect Unimportant Data Also

If you think that only certain data like financial information, banking details, company details, and credentials are the only important things which you need to protect, then you may prove wrong when it comes to risk factor involved with every type of data. Many of you place a high priority on certain data, however; even […]


IT Security Issues in Android

IT security issues are one of the biggest knocks for Android, which make IT admins weary and this make Android not secure enough for enterprise use. But now the situation is getting better. There are several Android security issues still exist, especially when it comes to app security, the ability to protect data on lost […]


Why and How to Remove Live Update 365?

Live Update 365 is a fraud adware program which gets installed with third party applications without asking for your permission. If you see a lot of windows pop-ups and advertisements while browsing the web, there are chances that an adware or PUP program has infected your computer. Live Update 365 is also the same type […]