How to Use Windows 10’s Built-in Screen Recorder Tool?

Screen recording is a useful flexibility and many of the people use it on their computers, tablets and smartphones for various reasons. As an example, gamers may use built-in recorder tool to record their cool moves and achievements, while a few of the users use it to send some of us use it to send […]


How to Customize the Look of Microsoft’s new Windows 10

If you are a new user of Microsoft’s Windows 10, you may have noticed a lot of new useful features of it, if you compare it to its predecessor. Although it looks a bit different to the starters from all other versions of Windows OS, but at the same time it’s more advantageous. You can […]

5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015

5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015

Nowadays Internet users pay much attention on security concern so that they can keep their identity anonymous and secure. Online intruders and malicious agents always track the online user’s activities in order to steal that and misuse that. Today computer users know that they are not 100% safe when they’re online but it’s partially true. […]

15 Amazing YouTube Tricks You Should Know

YouTube needs no introduction! It’s the topper in the list of video streaming sites and 3rd among World Wide Web. It’s the way to go whether you want to watch latest or oldest videos, movies or willing to upload any created video. YouTube is equipped with multiple features which are hidden and if you’re a […]