What is Google’s Project Fi and What does it Mean for Mobile Operators

Project Fi is a wireless service from Google. It is a virtual mobile network. It uses technology partners including Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular to render services in specific parts of the country in order to help mobile customers and connect them to the best available 4G LTE and Wi-Fi and networks at any given time. Google has created a service that is designed around how people live and what are their digital habits. This project focuses on intelligent analyses that easily shift between multiple networks.


It is designed for you with the flexibility to connect you to the best available signal, whether it is one of our three partners of 4G LTE networks or Wi-Fi network. Google knows that every mobile user has different data needs and they use their device differently so the company has created a plan that is flexible.  The plan include the provision to pay for the data you use and get credited for the rest. Your plan travels with you wherever you go.

This project will automatically link up your phone one of the Google’s international partners while you are travelling beyond your region. You receive the high-speed without costing any extra penny while roaming also.  To work with multiple networks the latest flagships of Google including the Pixel, Nexus 5X and 6P are designed with a new state-of-the-art radio built.

Project Fi is Google’s experimental wireless service that it has launched for its own Nexus devices. It is the project that promotes the technology to seamlessly switch your phone between a handful of networks. With puts its own layer of encryption in place before tapping you into reliable public Wi-Fi networks.  This project allows you to pay only for the data you consume each month even if you are out of your country at the same flat rate.

It may sound an unusual arrangement for many of you who don’t need or don’t love to travel, but people who travel a lot could end up saving a handsome amount. Apart from these basic benefits, it has something more to offer.  For Fi subscribers, Google has added an option to get data-only SIM cards, which are tied to existing accounts. The idea behind using this benefit is that you can pop a card into any SIM-supporting tablet or laptop and use the data of that SIM on the same rate without facing any complication. Although you will rarely find the laptops and tablets devices with SIM slots, but these are not the only devices to utilize this feature.