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Avast Antivirus Total Technical Support for Efficient Computing

Since its launch to the buyers Avast Total Antivirus has end up to be one amongst the leading common virus protection kit that provide update protection from virus attacks. Avast Total Antivirus is good for the customer probing for total virus protection for the PCs with sturdy anti spyware package. It protects the laptop from spyware threats, unwanted adware assaults and virus attacks. Many customers search for quick and handy methods if they see the problems with Avast Total that’s obvious. We have a tendency to support the shoppers to supply immediate resolution if stumble upon any technical problem with Total protection. Our customer support care service team is prepared to supply you help with the most effective potential solutions. Knowing the necessities of the shoppers, we offer wonderful Avast Support for the shoppers. No matter, what the problem be, you’ll never notice us reducing our quality, as we all know the quality. Our Avast Technical Support service is reasonable, convenient and simple to travel for.

Avast Antivirus Total Technical Support
                                             Avast Antivirus Total Technical Support

Why Avast Total Antivirus Technical Support?

Globally, Avast Total Antivirus Technical Support has become the primary and leading option of the shoppers. The most significant reason of this is, one will simply get service by dialing the Avast Total Phone number or via Avast Total Phone Support. Technicians at us, fix the question once absolutely diagnose of the PC against malware attacks and infected files. Once diagnose is done, our technicians then fix the update technical problems instantly. By dialing Avast Total Antivirus Technical Customer Support Service Phone Number buyers will get the remote facility from our skilled professionals to create their laptop trouble free concerning update and uninstall. Individuals became additional dependent over the PCs for doing their jobs of update and uninstall, hence it’s become important to require away the nuisance. The malware and virus invasion over the laptop will take away all the information of update and install from the device. Thereby, our technical support service team ensures the security of your files with correct update and install.

How to Contact Avast Customer Technical Support Service?

The customers will contact the Avast Customer Technical Support Care Phone Number or by live Chat care support with our customer care team. Phone support service is one amongst the best ways that to stay up-to-date with the customer service team for update and uninstall. Fixing the technical problems has become quite simple as if you miss one thing concerning update and uninstall, then you’ll be able to do it once more from our customer support executives. Although you call them a hundred times they’ll not lose their patience and can support you fixing the update and uninstall question sedately.

Our Avast phone support care team can give affordable and trustworthy repair services. Our technicians can support you via the method of fixing the update and uninstall technical errors. Our Avast Total Antivirus Support service provides quick and fast methods knowing the essential requirements of the users. Our Total Customer Technical Support Phone Number is obtainable around the clock for the buyers and ensures to supply them the most effective technical solutions for update and uninstall. What number of people is aware of the technical problems for update and uninstall? That technical downside the device is experiencing? That desires the solution? That update and reinstall error occurred that build the laptop runs slow or shut it down? The solution of such troubles will be given by the Total Customer technical support service team.

Our technical support team offers:

  • To notice and take away all virus from your PC.
  • To examine the reason of update and reinstall errors.
  • We get better your PC performance to make it run fast.
  • We take out all garbage and fix update and reinstall dilemma.
  • To find out and repair update and reinstall evils legally responsible to lead future attacks.
  • We offer competent and sensibly priced technical support for Avast Total antivirus.

Call us for elite Avast Total Antivirus Support Service, dial our toll free phone number or reach to us via live chat care support. Our customer support service is obtainable throughout the day. Our non-stop qualitative support services force our customer to come to us. We have a tendency to help the update and uninstall technical problems user experiencing with Avast Antivirus. We all know the importance of purchasers work thereby offers immediate resolutions for the update and uninstall error.

We are present for the following:

  • Avast Antivirus update, installation.
  • Remote support for total solutions.
  • Avast Total antivirus updates.
  • Resolve update caused due to Avast product.
  • Fixing Avast Total popup issues.
  • Instant professional support by certified staff.
  • Fixing Avast virus total protection software reinstalls errors.
  • Configure Avast antivirus for better virus protection.
  • Update and reinstall to latest version of total virus protection software.
  • Customize Avast Total update and reinstall settings as per customer necessities.

With the advancement in technology is increasing; on the opposite hand the cyber attacks are increasing. These threats don’t seem to be solely destruction the laptop performance but conjointly unpleasant them by accessing the data. Our technicians are backed by the skilled of professionals, giving excellent resolutions as per the needs of the shoppers. Our support services are ideal for several in operation systems comprise of Windows, Linux and Mac. Thus, don’t hesitate if facing any difficulty dials our toll free phone number for Avast Total Customer Support.

Our Avast technical support team can fix the update and uninstall question, immediately it reaches to them. In addition, technicians at us fix the issues in no time. Get reliable, reasonable and real Avast Total Customer Technical Support service from us. Dial our toll free Avast Technical Phone Number 1800 832 424 (AUS), for the reliable solutions for update and uninstall. Besides, capitalizing the skills of our consultants, we have a tendency to promise our purchasers that quality services are provided from our finish at the foremost smart value. We’ve been serving from quite a few years and with pride say that our customer support services are praised. We at PcTech24 are just a call away from you. Just call our toll free phone number.

How to avail Tech Support for Avast Antivirus by the Experts?

Avast is known for the protection of devices from viruses and infection online. It is known for the security of Android gadgets and PC devices while surfing online. Avast is highly trustworthy and one of the free software that get update regularly. The features it holds are one of the best amongst all other anti-viruses available online or offline.

Avast Support
Avast Support

Avast is admired for its two important features: possibly undesirable application (PUA) and antivirus assurance recognition. It is highly rated software that is used for number of online security purpose. It gives protection to your PC by following you online on the internet. There is a free version of Avast Antivirus available online for iOS, Macintosh, Android and Windows as well, so you could secure every one of your device with practically a similar Antivirus. The most important thing to note here is that you have to uninstall the old version of Avast software. At the time of uninstall it should be confirmed that all traces of the old antivirus is eliminated, if not done then the newer version may not be fully compatible or would not update properly. That is why regular update is important for Antivirus.

Advantages Initially

Currently we try to concentrate on a few details so you pick Avast for the security of your device. You will be thinking that being full security of components it is free for every one of the customers. Avast gives the security online for the portable device or PC too. In the mean while that you are using Avast and you require Uninstall any online application for your gadget, Avast will check it initially and after that it will update it. Next is it accompanies firewall software. You get surge in value with safe browsing being Avast. Afterward there are endless causes with the goal that you apply Avast antivirus. Here is an attempt to display some of them for your understanding.

Customer face number of issues while using Avast and looking for tech support.

  • System got hang Abruptly
  • Update Issue – Not able to update the software.
  • Installation Issue – Not able to install the software.
  • Uninstall Issue – Not able to uninstall the software online.

Avast antivirus has launched a few online techniques and every one of the versions is more feasible than the older one as it is update part. In any case, at some time customer can experience tech issues while searching online. So, client requires tech support in this condition that can help and fix the update as well as uninstall issues. Avast Tech Support gives a mixture of specialized uninstall support to help user in managing Avast antivirus related issues. Make sure your valuable data and records are their sole concern. Avast is quite powerful and positive application for securing your devices online or when doing uninstall method.

In short it is anything but hard to introduce, update and uninstall yet some time a situation might come that you confront problem to supervise it. So you can take help from the tech support experts by calling third party toll free number or getting support via online mode. You will get a quality Avast Support whether online or on call. The support teams they hire are highly experienced and certified who are experts in their work and deliver an amazing result by their skills.

The technicians of this tech support firm provide Avast Uninstall Support for Avast antivirus.  The best part of Avast tech Support Company is the service and availability they have. They provide day and night support as per the customer requirement. The technicians here are highly skilled in their task and are certified by Microsoft.

What features Avast Support contains for the users?

Avast Support is one of the dependable companies in the world that write security software’s and licenses multiple products related to computer security field. It has been in this arena for more than a decade. Antivirus is a very important requirement of the user as it helps to protect the data from the infection distributed over the internet by hackers. Internet is full of attackers, but antivirus helps the user to secure the data. The specification of virus is present in the database of the Antivirus that helps it getting blocked. Avast Support can be contacted in case of any difficulty with security update.

Avast Customer Service
Avast Customer Service

Just like any security software, issues may come while using it, so there is a need to call Avast Support to fix it. In order to carry on using the best customer services from Avast Help and to make sure that the software is fixed, proper Update must be present. Avast Antivirus Update is a center that was launched by the Uninstall to help its users in fixing bugs related to Antivirus Update.

Due to changes in the technology on regular basis, Avast Support is easily reaching a huge number of users at minimum time. Being renowned firm, Avast has been able to provide this due to launch of Uninstall Customer Services that help in removing outdated security software. By the use of Uninstall support, users with bugs related to Uninstall & Update have been helped. Whatever with software, viruses, programs, and computers and so on is managed by this Avast Support.

It has been made quite simpler to contact this Tech Support center. There you can ask on how to get rid of any problem online. You can send email, make online suggestion or call using them directly to this Customer Service center phone number. The emails and queries are replied directly in less than a day and when calling their phone numbers, you get immediate reply regarding Antivirus Update.

It is advantageous to often call Customer Service center phone number in order to get details of any latest changes in the Antivirus Update and uninstall. This is because of new ideas are being created and applied to full fill the needs of the users.

There are several benefits associated with getting your Avast Tech Support online. For beginners, it is important to note that those who contribute by giving advice on these Tech supports are experts. In addition to this, there are several of them and this offers you the skill to find one who will give you a simple response that will help you towards getting your bug fixed. It is crucial to note that this is the real deal. Avast Uninstall are not out to make unnecessary money but rather, making sure that you get real and dependable Antivirus Update help. It is important to state that this comes in handy particularly when you are trying of setting up an Antivirus Update in the system.

There are numerous third party Tech Support firms that also provide the help related to Antivirus Update issue. The benefit of these Uninstall Customer Services and Avast Support is that they offer continuous cost effective remote service.

Maximum numbers of Avast Support providers are available online. The Avast Tech support firm deals with a range of hardware and software bugs like Update. Major issue comprises Avast Update, Anti-virus uninstall, and Virus removal. The technicians are always present to help the user. You can contact them on 24*7 phone number at any time of the day.

Avast Support can fix the below mentioned issues with Avast Update.

  • How to install, set-up, activate, update, uninstall and configure Avast Support.
  • Examining and recognizing of all the Trojan, spyware, malware and other viruses.
  • Find and repair Avast Uninstall errors on computer device.
  • Execute full PC scan with Avast Support on Windows device.
  • Fix other issues associated to Uninstall & Update.
  • Stop annoying pop-ups remove adware/spyware and Uninstall Virus.
  • Fix error pop ups of Uninstall or hang screens and much more.

The updated or latest version of this Avast means it can block multiple threatening sites. In addition, it can even give help to the user to block a number of virus attacks, on several social networking websites. Help from customer service phone number can even secure the PC from virus attacks on social networking platforms, instant messages and emails. Customer service can even provide the best safety against online theft and other negative manipulations, online. Avast Support is designed in such a way so that it can avoid technical problems easily. In case, you face any difficulty, make sure to give Avast Support expert technicians a call on phone number given. The Avast Tech support technician will assist you, to fix the issues you are facing. Avast Support will take the remote access of your Windows device after your authorization and will assist the issues get fixed in front of you only.

1800 832424 – TECH 24 (AUS)- Google’s Best Tips to Android Ransomware Protection

It is always a matter of concern that ransomware are infecting Android devices. As per report and according to Google, less than 0.00001% of apps that you install from Google Play ever have ransomware. On a justifying note, Google states that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning twice. However, that doesn’t mean that Google say that ransomware isn’t a very serious issue. They are still a crotical problem and obviously need to give it a second thought while using your Android device. You will get hardly hurt if you exercise caution. It is must especially when a device has as much sensitive information as your tablet or phone.

support for android

It is good to hear that Google has already done a lot of the work for Android users. To keep ransomware and all kinds of other threats from infiltrating your device, it has built numerous protections into Android. You’re in the best shape if you’re among the roughly 3% of users running Android 7 Nougat.

Google implemented several new features in its latest version to fend off ransomware, like “safety blinders”. This feature keeps apps from finding out all other running apps. Android 7 Nougat also launched protections against clickjacking which is a technique that attackers use to trick users into clicking buttons where they can’t see to kickstart malware.

This can be a big relief for you that Google has made it impossible for a malicious program to change your PIN. It is one of the most common way attackers and hackers use. They lock users out of their devices using ransomware apps and reinforce them to set up a PIN or other lock. Now for safety, Android apps are also sandboxed. Android apps will run inside isolated virtual containers so that they could not poke around where they’re not supposed to interfere. Though it’s not a impossible task to break out of a sandbox, but it is arduous.

There’s also a feature called Verify Apps feature, which has been around for years. This feature scans for suspicious behaviour and blocks them.  This feature will even remove suspicious behaviour from your device in very serious situations, all without you lifting a finger.

How Android users can avoid getting a ransomware infection

The first step to avoid getting a ransomware infection on your Android device is, don’t mess with the “untrusted sources” switch in your settings. Google screens apps in Google Play after checking them on its security parameters. It is not obvious that other places where you can find Android apps, like third-party app stores and filesharing sites will be necessarily screening apps.

Google advises you to do little investigation before clicking on download and install button of any app even in Google Play Store. Though Google is good at keeping threats out of its store, but still odd ones can still slip through cracks. Before installing any app, have a look at its reviews and see what permissions it will request. Skip the install if in case things aren’t adding up.

Another super-simple way to provide the protection to your device is, keep the software up-to-date. Make sure that you have the latest Android patches and current updates whatever software you have installed on your device. It will help you keeping malware at bay.

If you it is being difficult for you to understand how you can keep your device protected against ransomware and malware, you can ask the experts to do hacks for you. Here at PCTECH24.COM.AU, we have experienced experts who can provide you support for android ransomware protection as well as device running on any other platform.

How to Get the Setup Log File if Avast Installation Fails

There may be several reasons if you’re trying to install and download Avast on your computer and could not be successful or it quits unexpectedly. If you connect to any tech support service providing company to help you in Avast installation, you will be asked to provide a setup log file for further analysis. You can access and copy a setup log file to a text file from the screen where Avast Setup wizard notifies you about an error that occurs while completing the setup.

Below the instructions are given to get the setup log file if Avast installation fails, but make sure that you perform then in order. So proceed as follows:

  • When you’re notified by the Avast Setup wizard while completing the setup that an error is occurred, there are two options in the middle of the screen, click on ‘View setup log’ button.


  • Earlier step will take you to Avast Log Viewer screen where you need to set Verbosity to ‘Debug’ listing from the rollover menu in the left corner at the bottom side.


  • Then click on the option ‘Copy to clipboard’ that you’ll find in the lower right corner at the bottom side.


  • Now, open the ‘Notepad’.


  • Click on the edit button in the ‘Notepad’, and click ‘Paste’ to insert the setup log data from the clipboard.


  • Then again drag the cursor to the top menu bar and select ‘File’, and click ‘Save as…’,


  • ‘Save’ the setup log anywhere on your computer as a text file named SetupLog.txt.


  • Once it’s done, exit from the ‘Notepad’, and then click ‘Close’ to exit Avast Log Viewer.


  • All ‘Done’ to exit from Avast Setup wizard.


After performing all the steps correctly, please compress the setup log file SetupLog.txt using a file compression tool built in your Windows then send it as an e-mail attachment to your specific Avast technical support service provider for further analysis.


Steps to Create and Use Avast Rescue Disk

There are multiples types of malwares and infections which may prevent the Avast installation on your computer. So if you want to install and use Avast on your computer in this case, you need to create Avast Rescue Disk first and use it to remove malware and infected files.

  • Create Rescue Disk on a CD or USB drive
  • Boot up your computer from Rescue Disk
  • Scan your PC for viruses and other infections
  • Repair or delete infected files

Step 1: Create Rescue Disk on a USB drive or CD

To create a Rescue Disk image either you need an empty USB drive with 500 MB or more free space or a blank recordable CD; CD/DVD-writer; burning software that can write in ISO file format (Alternative method).

Important Note:

Computers manufactured around year 2000 were not able to boot from USB drive. So if you’re using one computer that was manufactured around year 2000, you need to use the Alternative method to create Rescue Disk on a CD.



Follow the instructions to create Avast Rescue Disk on a USB drive,

1. Open the Avast user interface.


2. Go to its main menu then select Tools and then Rescue Disk.


3. Insert an empty USB drive into its port and choose USB from the select media drop-down menu. Then click on the Create Rescue Disk option. It’ll open a new window.


In this next window, select the letter that indicates your USB drive.


Click on the Yes or OK button if it asks you to erase content of selected USB drive. Thiwill confirm your action.

4. A progress bar will show at the time your Rescue Disk is being created. Click “OK” after the Rescue Disk image is complete.


Step 2: Boot up your computer from Rescue Disk

Once a Rescue Disk image is created, you can boot an infected system using the external USB (Preferred method) or CD (Alternative method) drive at the place of the internal hard drive.


Follow the instructions given below to boot from Rescue Disk on a USB drive,

1. Shut down the computer and insert USB drive into the USB port with Rescue Disk.

2. Turn on that computer which needs to be scanned. Press the right key to enter the Boot Menu as soon as your computer is on.

Important Note:

  • Look at your computer’s BIOS boot splash screen text (often a computer manufacturer’s logo and/or hardware initialization details are shown on it for a few seconds before Windows starts) that explains you how can get the access to the Boot menu.
  • As there are many computer and BIOS manufacturers, so there may be multiple ways to access the Boot Menu. The most common keys which are used are Esc, F12 or F11. F10, F9, F8 or F5 keys also are used by some computer models or manufacturers.
  • As soon as you find the right key to access the Boot Menu, restart the computer again and keep on tapping that key.


3. When the Boot Menu appears, choose USB device containing Rescue Disk from the list. It may be listed as Removable Devices, USB Storage Device, USB Flash Drive, or similar (sometimes it may be listed on a sub-menu with the other storage drives.)


4. When you select the boot option from the correct external media, a message will display with the instructions that which key you need to press. And as soon as you press the right key, it starts Rescue Disk.


Important Note:

If you are not able to access the Boot Menu, refer to the manufacturer’s website and go through the computer’s documentation, or try to connect to manufacturer’s support services. Also keep in mind that you may not boot those computers from USB drive which are manufactured around year 2000.

Step 3: Scan your computer for viruses and other infections

Your computer is ready to scan for malware as soon as Rescue Disk starts up on it.

1. Choose an option:

  • All hard discs – Scan the entire system.
  • Selected folders/discs – Scan only specific disc(s) or folder(s) on the computer. To select the folder(s) or disc(s) to scan, click on the “Change” option and then OK.

Note: If you want to scan compressed files (RAR, ZIP, etc), tick the option Scan all archives.

2. Then Click on the Start scan button.


Now you’ll see a progress bar.

3. A scan report will appear after the scan is finished. All the threats found will be listed there in the report.


And these details will be also in the results screen.


Step 4: Delete or repair infected files

Once Computer Rescue Disk completes the scan, it notifies you if there is any threat found. If it detects any threat, you have two options:


Fix automatically

1. Rescue Disk tries to detect and delete the malicious code from all infected files, while keeps other files intact. If Rescue Disk fails to repair any infected file, it’ll automatically delete that from the infected PC.


2. In the next windows, you need to click Quit and restart computer button to exit Rescue Disk.


Now when your computer restarts, remove the external USB drive/CD containing Rescue Disk from your system.

How to resolve error message ‘Package Broken’ or ‘Not a Valid Win32 Application’

The error message ‘Package Broken’ or ‘Not a Valid Win32 Application’ will reflect while installing Avast antivirus.

Follow the below written steps to resolve errors regarding Avast Antivirus setup file

While trying to run Avast 2016 installation, the error ‘Package Broken’ or ‘Not a Valid Win32 Application’ appears if the download is not complete. The best way to fix this issue is, try to download the setup file again.

If these errors appear, with the MD5 checksum utility, you can check the integrity of the Avast 2016 setup file you downloaded, to find out if the file you’ve downloaded is corrupted.

  • To make sure that you have downloaded the Avast 2016 setup file properly which is not corrupted:
  1. Download your Avast 2016 setup file from the its develop site and select the product of your choice:

Avast Premier 2016 | Avast Internet Security 2016 | Avast Pro Antivirus 2016 | Avast Free Antivirus 2016 | Avast Uninstall Utility

After downloading the product, save it to a location your computer in where it’s easy to locate and find.  Your Windows Desktop will be a nice option.

  1. Once you have downloaded your setup file, compare its MD5 hash with the correct checksum utility like a third party MD5 checksum utility:

To check the file for integrity:

 – Run the MD5 & SHA-1 Checksum Utility.

Avast - 1

– Click the Browse button on the right,

Avast - 2

And open the Avast 2016 setup file that you have downloaded.

Avast - 3

 – Below the correct and verified MD5 hash of each setup file are given. Copy the appropriate MD5 hash from the list given below:

Product edition                                                          MD5 hash

Avast Premier 2016                            BA7A1150639261D1AB3E35E3819EDFA7

Avast Internet Security 2016              872BE55115BEEFE9B8B7CE43AA1C6CD0

Avast Pro Antivirus 2016                   CD93BE254B308141435FB372215FA5A5

Avast Free Antivirus 2016                  9430AE7D1DD3805330628CD307BD2B1F

Avast Uninstall Utility                        1CB698757D7C855B2868A6EAF2E55A66

Avast - 4

Now paste it to the Hash field and click the Verify button.

  • If a popup message indicates that the MD5 hash matches, it means you have successfully downloaded the whole setup file and it’s okay to start the installation of any product of Avast 2016:
  1. Avast 2016: Installing Avast Premier
  2. Avast 2016: Installing Avast Internet Security
  3. Avast 2016: Installing Avast Pro Antivirus
  4. Avast 2016: Installing Avast Free Antivirus

In case the popup message doesn’t verify the MD5 hash, then you need to remove the previous setup and download your Avast 2016 setup file once again. Also check the compatibly of the software and software.

Software Products

Avast Premier 2016

Avast Internet Security 2016

Avast Pro Antivirus 2016

Avast Free Antivirus 2016

Compatible Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education

Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 8 / Pro / Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate

Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional / Media Center Edition