How Technical Support for Webroot Antivirus can Help You Safeguarding Your Computers

Webroot is worth considering if you are looking for a powerful antivirus solution for your computers. While detecting infections, it doesn’t return false positives and while in running state, it doesn’t drain your device’s battery life so have no impact on general performance.

technical support for Webroot antivirus

technical support for Webroot antivirus

In the present technical scenario, it is not possible to keep your digital life safe. The risk increases in tenfold if you are fond of online shopping, browsing, banking, etc.  Today, viruses and malwares have become one of the biggest threats for computer users so along with providing good protection, you need to be careful what you are browsing, downloading, and watching. You need to make sure that your Webroot protection remains active all the time as infections may attack your device when you are offline.

Webroot is a solid option if you are concerned with the security of your computers and smartphones. It has with a good rate of the latest malware detection in real time. Its good malware detection rate and various other features feature it in the category of one of the most trusted and popular antivirus software. If you are facing security challenges to keep your computers and connected peripherals safe, you can install Webroot protection on your device for worry-free digital life.

Webroot antivirus offers a decent range of features that safeguard your device from malware. It is the right software if you are looking for a security solution.  It excels at proactive protection along with making sure that it offer you completely safe environment while performing any task on your device.  It runs in the background so you can do your work while it is spotting malicious programs.  There is a risk of risk of getting infected by malicious programs every time when you surf online or connect any external disc drives to your computer.

While interacting with your computer, it is important to protect it from viruses. For your device protection, you can install Webroot protection on it. If you encounter with any issue with your Webroot installation, configuration, and upgrade, you don’t need to be worried. provides technical support for Webroot antivirus to download, install, and configuration on y our PC.

Webroot Antivirus protection prevents any virus or malicious software from entering your computer and protecting it from being hacked. Its protection ensures that you are giving your device a safe environment irrespective of what task you are performing on it. But if there is any issue with your Webroot antivirus, your private information, files and browsing history will be at risk. For speedy resolution to your antivirus related issues, you can call experts for getting technical support for Webroot antivirus. has fully committed professionals who are certified and experienced to handle day-to-day issues related to Webroot applications. Our technicians are well versed with the technical skills to fix Webroot antivirus installation, uninstall, upgrade and other problems that you may encounter with. Here experts will give you the right solution and advice to prevent the attack of viruses and if you already have infections, they can help you with their detection and removal.

How to Eject USB Storage Devices Using a Desktop Shortcut

If you are disconnecting a USB storage device from your computer, it is important to eject the device properly by heading to Windows notification area (system tray) and clicking on Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. When you will do so, you’ll put a stop to the read/write operations between the USB storage device and your computer. It will ultimately help you to minimize the risk of data corruption or loss.

But if you need to connect a USB flash drive, memory card, or external hard drive frequently to your computer, you may not like to follow the same routine each time to eject your device. In that case it will be convenient for you to create a desktop shortcut to eject USB storage devices quickly.

Safely Remove Hardware Using a Desktop Shortcut

To open the Create Shortcut Wizard, right-click on the free space on your desktop and choose New > Shortcut:

In the Type the location of the item field, copy/paste the following line (case-sensitive): Rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL HotPlug.dll.

Once you are done, move to the next screen by clicking on Next:

By registering a new name in the Type a name for this shortcut field, you can rename the shortcut (e.g. Remove USB). After registering a new name there, click on Finish and that’s all there is to it to place the new shortcut on the desktop.

Safely Remove Hardware Using a Desktop Shortcut

How to Change the Shortcut Icon

It is very easy changing the default icon of a desktop shortcut. Right-click on the new shortcut > Properties > Shortcut and click on Change icon:

Now you will see a dialogue window titled Change icon, click on the Browse button and look for a file named “shell32.dll”:

Once you have found a file named “shell32.dll”, select the file (C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll) and click on the option Open:

Now Windows will display the icons contained in the shell32.dll file. Choose the icon you want and click on OK to validate:

Assigning a Keyboard Shortcut

It is also possible to associate a shortcut key with your new desktop shortcut. In the Shortcut key field, go back to the Properties menu and define a key combination:

Click on Apply then OK to save your new settings.

Ejecting USB Storage Devices

As your new shortcut is ready now, you have a direct access to the Safely Remove Hardware utility. In the Safely Remove Hardware utility, you will see all the USB storage devices connected to your computer. To eject any device, just choose its corresponding entry from the Hardware devices list and click on the Stop button:

To validate your action, click on OK button on your computer screen. Now Windows will reflect a message that says, “The USB Mass Storage device can now be safely removed from the computer”.

If you require experts help while using a desktop shortcut to eject USB drive or anything else explained in this document, you can ask the experts at PCTECH24.COM.AU to get support for all hardware.

1800 832424 – TECH 24 (AUS)- Google’s Best Tips to Android Ransomware Protection

It is always a matter of concern that ransomware are infecting Android devices. As per report and according to Google, less than 0.00001% of apps that you install from Google Play ever have ransomware. On a justifying note, Google states that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning twice. However, that doesn’t mean that Google say that ransomware isn’t a very serious issue. They are still a crotical problem and obviously need to give it a second thought while using your Android device. You will get hardly hurt if you exercise caution. It is must especially when a device has as much sensitive information as your tablet or phone.

support for android

It is good to hear that Google has already done a lot of the work for Android users. To keep ransomware and all kinds of other threats from infiltrating your device, it has built numerous protections into Android. You’re in the best shape if you’re among the roughly 3% of users running Android 7 Nougat.

Google implemented several new features in its latest version to fend off ransomware, like “safety blinders”. This feature keeps apps from finding out all other running apps. Android 7 Nougat also launched protections against clickjacking which is a technique that attackers use to trick users into clicking buttons where they can’t see to kickstart malware.

This can be a big relief for you that Google has made it impossible for a malicious program to change your PIN. It is one of the most common way attackers and hackers use. They lock users out of their devices using ransomware apps and reinforce them to set up a PIN or other lock. Now for safety, Android apps are also sandboxed. Android apps will run inside isolated virtual containers so that they could not poke around where they’re not supposed to interfere. Though it’s not a impossible task to break out of a sandbox, but it is arduous.

There’s also a feature called Verify Apps feature, which has been around for years. This feature scans for suspicious behaviour and blocks them.  This feature will even remove suspicious behaviour from your device in very serious situations, all without you lifting a finger.

How Android users can avoid getting a ransomware infection

The first step to avoid getting a ransomware infection on your Android device is, don’t mess with the “untrusted sources” switch in your settings. Google screens apps in Google Play after checking them on its security parameters. It is not obvious that other places where you can find Android apps, like third-party app stores and filesharing sites will be necessarily screening apps.

Google advises you to do little investigation before clicking on download and install button of any app even in Google Play Store. Though Google is good at keeping threats out of its store, but still odd ones can still slip through cracks. Before installing any app, have a look at its reviews and see what permissions it will request. Skip the install if in case things aren’t adding up.

Another super-simple way to provide the protection to your device is, keep the software up-to-date. Make sure that you have the latest Android patches and current updates whatever software you have installed on your device. It will help you keeping malware at bay.

If you it is being difficult for you to understand how you can keep your device protected against ransomware and malware, you can ask the experts to do hacks for you. Here at PCTECH24.COM.AU, we have experienced experts who can provide you support for android ransomware protection as well as device running on any other platform.

How to be a Smart Buyer of a Home Network Router

A router is a device which can connect all of your gadgets to the Internet or it can interconnect them also using some software applications. You just need a wireless router if you want to connect any of your devices like computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. to the web. Today you have multiple choices of modern wireless routers. To connect your devices to the web, you need a router which supports 802.11n wireless standard at least as it is the most common version of Wi-Fi. Most of the new communication devices are compatible with this standard.

Home Network Router

Now the next standards are being used and they are dominating the market because they offer a wider range and faster speeds. So it is clear that the most advanced routers will be more expensive than readily available. It is okay to spend extra if you have a high speed connection, but to get the high speed, you don’t need to replace your device. It may be possible that you only need to update its drivers instead of upgrading it. Those routers which are compatible with both 802.11ac and 802.11n standards are also backward-compatible with previous standards like 802.11g and 802.11b, means if you’re using older wireless routers, they will also work according to new standards as well.

So while buying a new router, you should know some basic points if you don’t want to make any mistake. You should know that all routers have more than one port. And to connect your Internet modem, there’s the Wide Area Network port. To connect your wired devices like laptops, computers, etc. there are the Local Area Network ports for connecting wired gadgets. Although most of the routers come with four LAN ports, but a few may have less also. So you need to make sure that how many devices you want to connect to your router, and is that meeting your demands or not.

Security is also a very crucial aspect so you should be well aware of it that you don’t leave your network open to all. If you haven’t protected your network neighbors, hackers and other cyber criminal may use your connection frequency and fulfill their suspicious activities. It is not only risky, but it will also make your connection slow. So make sure that your device favors WPA2 encryption. If you are thinking of buying an old router which supports only the older WEP encryption, then your network is not safe from the cyber criminals. A hacker can easily break this encryption in nothing flat.

Apart from these factors, there are some extra features which may prove you a smart buyer, if consider them as well while buying a network router. These features can make your network fast, secure, and efficient. More routers are of the dual-band variety means they support two different frequencies: 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. If your wireless device operates at the lower frequency, i.e. 2.4 GHz, there will more signal interference which can be a reason of limited range and slow speed and if your device operates on 5 GHz, you’ll get a more powerful signal as it’ll bypass noise (interference). Only buying a dual-band router will not solve the interference and performance issues, your wireless gadget should support dual-band 802.11n standard

You should be aware of the fact that wired and wireless gadgets operate at different speeds. Most wireless routers have a maximum speed of 150Mbps, however, there are high-end 802.11n routers also which can give you speed up to 300Mbps. And 802.11ac compatible routers can achieve more than 1 gigabit per second on compatible high-speed gadgets. Apart from WAN and LAN ports, a few routers have USB ports so that you can connect an external storage media or printer. Some routers also have built-in parental controls and safety features like content filtering (it can block malicious contents and websites while surfing the web).

Most of the recent technologies are succeeded by the new advancements and routers are no different. So to stay secure, get high speed, save money and time, you need to aware and attentive. Your responsibility doesn’t end here; it increases as you buy a router.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services.

One Sign Which Indicates that your Android is Infected

As you know that it’s not just a computer that can get attacked by nasty viruses, hackers always try to figure out new methods to break the protection of your digital devices like smartphones and tablets also. Cyber criminals know the potential of these devices; they know that these machines are capable of handling a huge amount of data and a lot of confidential information is stored on them. These flexible gadgets store your bank accounts, passwords, emails, and social media derails. And because of this reason Android devices have become the next target after computers.


Crooks knows that these devices are equally potential and can perform a lot of functions of a computer so they try to get the access of your smartphone and tab and try to steal the important information like banking details, email accounts passwords, social account login details, and probably more. The very big reason of being so vulnerable to risk is that Android is open source. It gives equal opportunities to users and developers.

Android users have the flexibility to download any application directly from the Internet and the sites which are offering the application of their interest. Hackers take the undue advantage of this flexibility and attach their tools with the third part software to monitor the behavior of the mobile user. Infected apps installed on your Android break the security barriers and steal your personal information. So you need to be careful before installing any app from third party site as these pesky programs often bundle viruses.

They can also drain your Android’s battery life and decrease its performance. So it becomes important necessary to take the security issue seriously. You can detect the symptoms if your gadget has attacked by viruses and got infected. And this document is about how you can figure out that something is suspicious with your phone:

Annoying and Unwanted Apps

There are many adware and software applications which bundle unnecessary apps with them. They get installed with third party apps without asking for your permission. And these unwanted apps become the carrier of viruses and malware. If you suspect that you have installed any malware or malicious program by mistake you can remove it from your device. Just open your Settings page, then tap on Applications>>All Apps, and scroll through the list of installed applications installed on your device.

At the upper right-hand corner, there is delete option located there, click it and verify your action if you want to delete the app. If it doesn’t work out for you, you need to boot your gadget into Safe Mode and try once again. This will help to stop infectious apps if they are defending or hiding themselves.

Excessive Data Usage

Often people ignore it as they don’t know that it may be an act of hacker or malicious program. If you find that your data is being consumed more than expected, it’s advised to track that consumption. Because hackers or snoopers may be misusing your bandwidth to accomplish their evil acts. So look and compare table or graph which displays the data usage of previous months also.

You can also track your data usage on your Internet Service provider’s website. If you notice a spike in usage, it may be an indication that you have been attacked by hackers or cyber criminals. Often pop-up ads and unwanted programs installed by a virus run in the background and eat up the data.

It’s not only about the data usage which indicates that you got an infection, but some malware target the users through SMS text messages. Hackers wrap legitimate apps with a virus that prompts Android users to subscribe to the paid text message. Once the installation process is completed you won’t find the virus, but it’ll be a hidden risk for your bank accounts if you don’t unsubscribe the subscription.

 To check that if your Android device is compromised, check your cell bill for any unusual cost under the “SMS” category. Otherwise, they may be a costly mistake for you which will be billed at different prices. To troubleshoot this problem, uninstall the problem causing and reinstall it without selecting the option “Subscribe to SMS Updates”. To stay safe, don’t subscribe to text alerts from dubious sources. It’s a better option that you select for email subscriptions or pop-up notifications.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about android infected issues.

Best Practices to Make Your Computer More Secure

Be it your house, business, or machine, security is a challenge. This document is written from the security prospect of your computers. This write is about how you can protect your computing machines, data stored on them, accounts, and other identities & passwords. So here more technical security precautions are discussed which can be applied to laptops as well as desktops and you can adopt them as an independent administrator or a pro. Before implementing below written security precautions it’s important to notice that a few of precautions may depend on the communication protocol between the machine and the network.  If your local network or computer is managed by a support service provider, have a word with your provider before implementing any changes in order to keep the problems at a bay concerned with your network connection and machine.

Make Your Computer More Secure

Here a few best practices are explained to protect your computer:

Praxis the principle of least privilege (PoLP)

Keep the controls of your system by yourself and don’t give other the privilege to own your system. Practice the principle of least privilege and do not log into a computer as an administrator. Change the login account settings and customize them because if you’re running your system as an administrator, you are giving somebody else’s the right to hold the controls of your system. It leaves your machine more vulnerable to safety perils and trade on.

This kind of security patches brings more risks as these high-privilege accounts let the attackers monitor and attack on your system. Such perils can create extreme damage even if you’re visiting an unfamiliar Internet site or opening a malicious link or an email attachment. This sort of risks can further reformatting your hard drive, wipe out all your files, and manipulate or creating a user account with administrative access. But if it’s necessary to perform tasks as an administrator, make sure that you always follow security procedures.

Run a security application

Run a security application

It is very much important to download and run a security application to keep your system safe and maintain its security irrespective of the platform your system is running on. Security software are the tools to help you to protect the files, software and personal information stored on the system. They alert you if there is any potential threat.

Keep all existing software updated

software updates

Keep all your applications updated because every here and there new virus definitions release, which bring more perils to you as a user. Plus, outdated applications don’t let the system to perform to its full extent.

Keep the backup of all your important data and files


Keep the back up your data otherwise you may lose the access of your data permanently. If you keep back up of your information frequently, it’ll help to secure your data even if there is hardware failure, virus attack, and your operating system crash. For the same reason it’s recommended that save files in multiple places like cloud, external hard disk, etc.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services.

3 Excellent Online Backup Services

Today your personal as well as well professional life is very much dependent on computers and mobile phones. There are so much of your lives that are stored in the folders of your mobile phones and computers. All the information and content you have stored on either of the devices may be gone in the blink of an eye. There may be many reason of this los, such as physical damage to your systems, theft, virus attacks, etc. and it can result in the permanent loss of personal files and photos. An online backup service protects you from the permanent loss this irreplaceable data. Online backup services allow users to store everything in your system to a remote location, so that it never truly lost. Most of the people are waking up to the risk saving their files only in one place and hence the need of online backup services becomes extremely prevalent.


To make your job easy among multiple options to choose from, here is a list of the three best online backup services on the web to save your important files and folders:



It’s one of the most comprehensive cloud based backup services as far as protecting your files and photos are concerned. iDrive has the absolute features and its software is compatible with every major operating system. Its mobile apps allow you to sync and access your files anytime, anywhere. You can even keep the backup of your entire data stored on your mobile devices, including photos, apps, videos, contact, and more without paying additional fees. It gives their customer 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage space. Plus, it also offers a plan to backup your external hard drives. It has features like file versioning and file recovery to recover previous versions of altered and deleted files from their online storage. It has a file sharing tool to take automatic continuous backups and the option to create a private encryption key. Plus, it has a sweet remote wipe feature to protect your files in case device is stolen.



CrashPlan is another worth to keep option if you need unlimited storage capacity. It doesn’t backup your mobile data. Although it’s not as feature rich as IDrive, but its unlimited storage space is definitely a convincing deal for various users. It is compatible with all major operating systems and also allows mobile applications to access files and account on the go. However, don’t forget that it can’t backup the files and folders on any of your mobile devices with this service. Its feature list includes various extensive benefits also like you get unlimited storage space for unlimited period of time to recover lost or deleted files and folders from your online backups. It has an optional scheduling tool, but it isn’t as easy to use. Its storage is not geo- redundant, so all of your backed up files are lost forever, if their data center goes down. However, this is the only shortfall with military grade encryption and an optional private encryption key, if it’s compared with iDrive.



It is an okay option which is packed with a few useful features like unlimited storage space, and the whole shebang. But security is an issue as you can’t know how private your files are with them. They also collect a lot of your personal information to create an account. It’s not compatible with all Operating Systems but it does allow to sync and access files on the go with your mobile devices.  It also comes with unlimited file versioning and external hard drive back up, but you can’t recover a file if it’s been deleted from your backups, it’ll be lost forever. Unlike two other online backup services, it has zero geo-redundancy to their backup system. Their single data center is the only choice you can count on to keep your data safe. However, it offers security features like a private encryption key and ensures that third parties remain out of the mix.  But to deal with the case of device stolen, it doesn’t have a remote wipe feature.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about online data backup software.

6 Transcendent Ergonomic Keyboards

The problem of being non-ergonomic is not only limited to the mouse and keyboard, but extends to various sections of your computing machine. But here the one of its prominent section is your computer keyboard. Its matter of concern that you should understand the way you put your hands on top of normal keyboard is not right if you consider it from a health point of view. The situation may get worse if you sit for long hours in front of your computer screen and follow the same routine and posture.

If your sitting position is not right, you may face the problems of muscle-strain and injuries. An ergonomic keyboard can help to fix these issues quite effectively if you use it on a regular basis. Ergonomic keyboards organize your standard keyboards a different manner while giving you complete access to all the keys in standard keyboards. Ergonomic keyboards are going to help you a lot if you’re a writer, or a coder or an avid gamer or who spends a lot of time in front of the PC without compromising with your health.

Now you know the importance of ergonomic keyboards, it’s good to know what are the best-available choices you have for better convenience in the long run. So here is a list of 6 potential options you can buy! All of the keyboards are listed on the basis of a variety of factors, including design, usability, customer reviews, convenience, etc.

Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard


There are various the most expensive Ergonomic keyboards in the market and Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard is one of them. It’s a high-quality build and design makes it the top class product. This keyboard has been divided into two parts, and a flat surface separates these two parts. Amidst two sections, there are two sets of keys which you can control using your thumbs. These keys in the set are commonly used keys like space, Enter, backspace, delete, Ctrl, Alt, Windows key, etc.

This Keyboard has two integrated USB ports which can be configured easily. Plus, its on-board programmability allows you to remap all the keys according to your requirement. This keyboard supports QWERTY & DVORAK layout and the only problem with Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard is that it has somewhat pied organization of arrow keys, but otherwise the product is a worth-the-money.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

It’s a compact ergonomic keyboard of Microsoft Sculpt series, which is recommended to those who need a convenient keyboard for regular use. The keyboard is divided into two parts, one for the numeric keypad and other one for the alphabetical keypad. The alphabetical keyboard itself is divided into two parts in order to offer a relaxed position for arms.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard’s angle is domed and the arc layout of keys is relaxing as well as impressive from the hand-positioning point of view. Since this keyboard has a separate numeric keypad, it’s easy to setup a workspace and if you don’t use it often, you can even keep it apart. This input device also offers space for putting your palms. Users say that it’s one of the best wireless ergonomic keyboards which has a sleeker design instead as it does not come with mechanical switches.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard


Along with Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard, Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard is another product from Kinesis. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard is a good choice if you work continuously or play games for hours. It’s a portable yet ergonomically-built keyboard and its design has zero degree slope. It is compact yet gives you an effective typing experience so that you can have fully-fledged typing experience along with portability, and comfort. To connect two pieces of keyboard, the keyboard has a by default removable pivot.

You separate two parts by a maximum distance of 9 inches if you remove pivot. Separation enhances the ergonomics whereas the pivot gives comfort of use. If this keyboard is compared to the other keyboard from Kinesis, this variant has a standard key organization, to keep the things easy for the new users. Plus, it also includes other features like support for driverless hot keys, easy-to-type switches, and sleek design

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard

You don’t need to adjust your body according to keyboard design with Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard because you can adjust it from 0 to 30 Degrees. It allows you to choose a design which comfortable as well as good for your health. It comes with the split keyboard design and has almost every key you need. It is compatible with PC as well as Macintosh devices as it has corresponding keys for working in both environments. Instead of mechanical switches, it also has soft keys. Its design is compact so just can fit into your workspace. It’s a wired keyboard which you can connect using USB.

Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

If you want an unprecedented typing experience, Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard is the one recommended by a lot of experts. It has easy-to-handle design, one of the best keyboard layouts, and specifically designed for smooth performance. It’s flexible for tilting and tenting, provides enough spaced palm support, sculpted key tops, laser-etched keys, etc. To be more productive, it has three USB ports and dedicated switches to perform cut, copy and paste functions. If you add media controls to the account, this ergonomic keyboard becomes a superb choice for regular users.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop is a handy choice if you don’t want to spend much money on ergonomic keyboards, but still want to have a good typing experience in the long run. The combination of keyboard and a comfortable  mouse is a nice deal. This combination gives you a good workspace as the keyboard is having a contoured style arrangement and its layout looks like a wave. While maintaining the compactness, Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop has a palm rest, which can use or remove according to your requirement.

Its other features include cushioned palm rest for improved usability, the split spacebar, palm lift for an effective neutral wrist position, and much more. On the whole, it has enough features and quite comfortable to use.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about Transcendent Ergonomic Keyboards.

Why You Should Protect Unimportant Data Also

If you think that only certain data like financial information, banking details, company details, and credentials are the only important things which you need to protect, then you may prove wrong when it comes to risk factor involved with every type of data. Many of you place a high priority on certain data, however; even mundane data can be very useful for you and you need to pay attention on that as well. It has been observed that it’s easy to gain the access of that data that you think is not really important.

unused data

Your competitors may use your data for nefarious purposes, hackers and intruders may use to get the access of your system and for other reasons. Unimportant data may also provide valuable insight about you and your work which may highlight your vulnerabilities. Snoopers may enter in your email servers without penetrating the security layer of corporate servers. Because they obtain information from the data you think is useless, but it still offers valuable insights to the enemy. If they get succeed to make the entry in this way, the tight security which you have applied on the server and system is worthless.

It’s useless that you spent significant time and money to shore up the security system to analyze vulnerabilities and prevent the threat if enemies are able to access and misuse the information.  Securing yourself against every kind of online and offline risk does not mean that you need to be paranoid always. It’s not about being paranoid; it’s about being more realistic, more practical about your security. If you don’t pay attention to every kind of risk involved with your information, it’s much more likely to have protection from a foreign nation, which may break the encryption on your hard drive, but not being secured in your neighborhood who may steal anything with ease.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about why you should secure your unimportant data.

IT Security Issues in Android

IT security issues are one of the biggest knocks for Android, which make IT admins weary and this make Android not secure enough for enterprise use. But now the situation is getting better. There are several Android security issues still exist, especially when it comes to app security, the ability to protect data on lost or stolen devices and centralized management. These are all legitimate reasons to think twice before deploying Android devices into the corporate environment. Android developers have made improvements in Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and have started to address these risks.


Security risks because of apps

Being a free-code platform, it’s very easy for manufacturers and coders to manufacture Android based devices. Even developers are reaping more benefits because of the lack of control over apps. Probably it’s the most serious of the Android security issues every size and type of enterprises are facing today. Unlike Android, Apple has a strict app-approval approach and process which does not allow unapproved and malicious apps to be installed and run on its devices. Whereas Android users are free to install any third-party software application developed by anyone.

Although the Android Market tries to give some level of control over the apps available to its users, but there are other apps developed by different users (some of them can be potentially harmful) are available on developers’ websites or in alternative app stores. In an effort to make the user more secure, most of the Android based devices notify you about what data and features the app wants to access and asks you to verify the action by clicking on OK button before installation.

In most cases, only this action can’t make you secure, however, these warning messages can be a bit helpful. Often users are befooled by the app like if a user installs an app and it says that it’ll make it easy to communicate with others, the user press OK button as a reaction. It might be useful if Android devices send an alert message before any issue encounter. Unfortunately, there is no such functionality provided by Android. But for the time being, anti-virus applications are good options which are capable of providing some security against the risk of various applications.

Security issues around management

In previous versions of Android, have no native capabilities to monitor and disable a lost or stolen device remotely. But some apps have been developed to tackle these security risks and they have similar features like Android 3.0 and 3.1 have.

Android developers are trying hard to keep their platform more secure in the most challenging environments and Android 3.0 allows its users to encrypt the contents of the device they own. This entire encryption procedure takes about or more than an hour, after that by entering a password, you can access content on the device. Plus, Android 3.1 grants administrators the ability to monitor and lock down devices remotely.

There is another reason that contributes to the security issues, i.e. lack of centralized management utilities. It would be helpful if a corporate IT administrator could provide some security or adopt some security policies to manage Android devices, specifically to make sure that users install only trusted apps. There are a lot of third-party vendors who provides multiple types of applications which may be risky, but at the moment to minimize and avoid such risks no proven, integrated management tools exist.

But after they are informed about that, vendors are trying to develop such products as they also understand that Android security issues, especially with earlier versions of the OS, have been a serious problem to Android enterprise adoption. Now, because of the features such as remote management and disk encryption become part of Android, and because of third-party vendors develop better management tools, the situation getting better, but Android app security is still a major problem.

Jessica is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software and always discuss about latest tips and tricks about virus removal and data recovery services. In this article she discuss about android IT security issues.