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HP is a renowned brand having designed a lot of products for the people. Its products range from Desktop, Laptop, Printer, Speakers to smart devices. All its products are admired and are used by millions of people globally. It designs one of the safest, reliable and robust devices. However, some issues can happen with HP devices also. In order, to fix such errors team of experts are always ready to help the customers at HP Customer Support.

HP Support is helping a lot of customers all over the globe facing technical issues with their devices. Technical issues can happen with printer, desktop, laptop or speakers. Whenever you come across any issue, simply reach the experts and get the issues fixed. They are the experts in dealing with technical issues.

HP Technical Support

Common Printer Issues

  • Printer not working at all.
  • Power is not passing from the printer.
  • Low Cartridge message is coming.
  • Connectivity issues are coming.
  • Print quality is not good.
  • Paper tray is not opening.

Common Desktop/ Laptop Issues

  • Laptop not working properly.
  • Slow Performance of the PC.
  • Blue screen error is coming up with the PC.
  • Device is not opening in Safe Mode.
  • Wi-fi connection is not working.
  • Apps are not installing in the desktop.

HP Technical Support is very much admired by the people all over the world. The reason for the same is that proper assurance is given as well as hassle-free services are offered. So, contact us for removing all the issues and increase the performance of HP devices.

Below are some of the important features that make HP Support quite admirable.

24*7 Affordable Service

Our support staff is always ready to help you 24*7 with an affordable price structure. Thus, you will get reliable support at any moment. Don’t stress to reach us if you are facing the HP Laptop/printer or desktop issue.

Trustworthy Support

Our objective is to serve every customer 100% reliable service within a specific timeframe. HP Support always provide their service whenever a HP device user requires it. Hence, our Customer Support is proficient enough to eliminate all the threats from the HP devices.

Our Online Service

Your time is significant to us. So, we offer online support to the customers for their absolute comfort. In addition, our technical support is present round the clock that is 24*7. So, don’t hesitate to connect with us, we will resolve all the issues as soon as possible with best tools.

We know a lot of efforts are needed to run a device efficiently. Our HP Support team creates a healthy environment for customers coming across technical issues. It’s not how simply you reach a customer support, but what standard of services they offer to you. Our assistants are happy to help you in case of any trouble that comes with the HP device.

Our technicians are proficient to fix all kinds of services comprising of printers, laptops, and computers. We try to provide some of the simplest means to connect with us. We might be busy with other customers, but our technicians contact you back whether you are staying out of country. We have our Support Number present 24/7 for any major or minor errors.

High Popularity is the Menace for Android

Android is one of the most popular platforms which acquire more than 80 percent market share whereas iOS has a market share in the teens and rest is distributed among other smartphones operating platforms. With every new smartphone launching in the market is stretching more and more share that is why Android phones rule. One of the major reasons of Android popularity is Google’s decision to make it an open OS, but this also makes this platform vulnerable to attacks.

As Android is an open OS, it allows many manufacturers to make devices that can run Android. However, when so many venders are there to use and release it in several models, it leads to OS fragmentation and results in thousands of active version of Android. Tough it is not a big deal if the vulnerabilities of each version of software are patched as soon as they come to notice. Actual problem starts when Google, a smartphone manufacturer, or an OEM is not able to release the patch on time.


Attackers have taken notice that most of the times there is a delay in releasing the security patches so they trade on such delays and mange to attack on the vulnerabilities of an Android device. Hackers and attackers may put malware in the Google play store to exploit these vulnerabilities. Google uses a tool called Bouncer to scan apps before allowing them to be listed and sold through the Google Play store, but attackers do this by obfuscating infectious contents of their apps to slip past Bouncer.

Using a dropper is another way to get malware past Bouncer security scans. A dropper attack initiates when the attacker uploading an app to Google Play that doesn’t have malware. Once the victim downloads and installs the dropper app, it communicates with the attacker’s server to downlaod malware and other infections to the user’s device. One more case in point for Android devices that security researchers recently analyzed is “Charger” ransomware. Researchers found that Charger is embedded in an app, which is available through Google Play. Once Charger infected the app, it steals SMS messages and contacts from user’s device and asks for admin permissions. Once you give it permission, the ransomware locks down your device and send you a message demanding payment.

Attackers are not using only these three ways to attack Android user’s devices, but they are also using malware for Android in more dangerous ways. Attackers are putting redundant components in malware to make their attacks successful. To execute their attacks successfully, the second component keeps attacking if in case security disables one component. Camouflaging malware to look like a legitimate, hiding the app’s icon, delay to run a program when malware runs, and using social engineering to get elevated privileges in order to stop users from uninstalling the app are other persistent threats that deter user from getting rid of malware..

An alarm should go off in your head if your organization’s employees connect their Android devices to your network services like email and VPNs. To prevent users’ mobile phones from becoming an entryway for hacking and attacking attempts in your organization, make sure that you have mobile security controls in place.

If you are facing any issue in android device contact Avast Technical Support.

Why to Choose the HP Z2 Mini G3 Your Next PC Workstation?

Desktop PCs have been great forever as they give you many flexibility as well as power. They are able to give you a lot more processing power for your money. They render you more features and flexibility and ability to perform your tasks with efficiency and on time. They make people able to get by with a standard build for surfing the web, editing documents, and light gaming. A standard desktop PC is enough potential to perform your regular tasks, but what if you have to use your PC for some crucial and serious work, and you want it as fast as possible. You will need more power if you’re a graphics designer, like a 3D artist or a CAD designer, or you work with huge data sets. In this scenario, it will be better if you look at getting a workstation.

With a focus on performance and reliability, Workstations differ from PCs in a few key ways. These systems may be able to perform demanding tasks for long periods of time. Means if you are dependent on them, they must be able of completing the job if in case you need to set to a workstation to render overnight. Though there are many features and flexibility which set workstations apart from ordinary desktop PCs and even gaming PCs, but reliability is one of the key differences. Workstations are usually built with more durable parts, have optimized GPUs, SSDs for faster and more dependable performance, CPUs with multiple cores, and to last longer.


Traditional workstations are massive towers so they take up a lot of desk space and with the increasing workload, they may also run hot and become loud. HP focused on these issues and brought the HP Z2 Mini G3. HP is doing great and has been on a roll with amazing new PC designs. Recently, users have witnessed its Pavilion model’s Wave with expandable snap-on modules and which looks more like a fabric-clad speaker, and the Elite Slice. And now, it has come up with the Z2 Mini, which is a workstation that literally fits in your palm. Though, the HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation may be small in size, but it packs a punch and is certified for real work

The Z2 Mini was specifically designed for professionals and assuming the nature of their jobs. It is specifically designed for graphic designers, professionals who work with massive data sets, 3D artists, engineers, and for those users who will appreciate and trade on its thoughtful design and specifications. Its small size doesn’t compromise on its work capability and capacity. It performed great while testing it for thousands of hours. It is certified for use with more than 20 professional applications, including Auto CAD, Solid works and Vector works. For demanding 3D modeling and rendering, the Z2 Mini can be outfitted with NVIDIA’s Quadro M620 GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

For workstation performance, the workstation can be configured with existing and next generation Intel Core and Intel Xeon CPUs. The Z2 Mini has the capacity to get equipped with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which is more than enough for most professionals, and for rapid boot up, file loading and app response times, it has a 1.5TB HP Z Turbo Drive SSD. The Z2 Mini is the world’s smallest workstation specifically designed for CAD users. For the ultimate work desk, it supports up to six displays (four native and two additional) with daisy chaining. You can easily detach the top lid and the internals easily upgraded.

For DisplayPort, there are multiple outputs – two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, and four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, means with this workstation, you don’t need to reach for dongles. The Z2 Mini measures the dimension 216 x 216 x 58mm that means it’s 90 percent smaller than a traditional business-class tower. Size wise, it is shorter than a standard cup of coffee. Because of its small size, you can mount it almost anywhere, from the back of a monitor to under your desk, or even on a VESA arm.

For quiet performance, it has uniquely shaped octagonal chassis which comes with custom designed fans and cooling system. To make sure that the machine always runs cool, the heat vents are designed on the corners of the machine to withstand blockage caused by loose papers. From a combination of faster boot up, app loading, rendering and file handling tasks, you just need to shave ten minutes off a day on a faster machine. Hopefully shaving these 10 minutes off a day is not tough for you especially if these ten minutes add up to 2,500 minutes saved in a working year.

It would be great to upgrade your PC from a desktop to a workstation if you earn a living using your PC doing data intensive or graphics work. You can check out the new HP Z2 Mini G3 if you value both performance as well as design in a minimal chassis that saves space.If you face any technical issue with HP devices, just contact Hp Technical Support.