How to use USB drives in a safe and secure manner?

When people were struggling with low space compact disks and floppy disks, the USB drive came into the cyber world as a long required relief. It made transferring and storing of data way easier. But as always as these tiny devices are, they can also be a potential carrier of malware, and thus a favourite place for hackers. Let us check how USB devices, also known as flash devices, can be a big safety threat.

How to use USB drives in a safe and secure manner

Why USB drives can be a huge Safety Threat?

Used as a put up to Infect Other PCs

A malware code that can find USB drives can harm your PC via an infected website. So, the moment you plug your flash drive into your PC, the malware might download extra malicious codes onto the gadget. When USB device is used in another PC that get infected too. Now, this software code could be used to steal financial or sensitive data of the victim, and transfer the data to an external server. This stolen information could be used by a hacker for financial activity or other illegal action.

Information Loss

Possibly the biggest risk that USB drives have is related with their basic job itself – their storage skills. If your USB drive is stolen or lost, then you are risking mistreatment of the information the device holds. Next, this content may contain data ranging from general notes to crucial data like personal pictures/videos or even classified corporate stuff. Basic USB drives do not have any built-in safety feature, and if your data in it is not password protected, then you can understand what’s at stake here.

Manual Access

The greatest advancement of technology is its ability to lower space; shrinking the size of drives as much as possible without harming their functionality. Unlike the old school days, USB drives today can be as small as a toenail. Using such drives any troublemaker who manages to get manual access to your PC, can download vital files as well as encrypted keys, personal data, passwords, etc., and use it to their benefit. And the sad part is you might not have even the smallest amount of idea that your data has been compromised.

Autorun Issue

Autorun is a facility in Windows that automatically runs file in a USB drive when it is accessed; which in this situation is a USB drive. This facility, but, is more dangerous than being beneficial. This is because, with its help, any virus in the USB drive can get entered automatically the moment the drive is plugged into a PC.

How to use USB Drives with care?

  1. Always use different USB devices for home and for office.
  2. When it comes to device security, always treat the unknown with extreme care. Never use an unknown USB drive on your PC. Even if you are using your colleague’s or friend’s flash drive, make sure that the device is not infected.
  3. Use a trustworthy and reliable safety solution for your PC. A malware present in your PC, as already discussed, can easily reach to other computers via a USB flash drive.
  4. Disable the autorun function in your device. Depending on the version of your Windows OS, the steps may differ.
  5. Do not store data such as social safety number, credit card details, bank account number, passwords, etc., in your USB drives. But, if you should do it, then get all such data password secure.
  6. To lower the odds of misplacing your USB drives, thinking their petite size, keep a designated storage for them in your office and home.

How McAfee Secures your USB Drives?

One of the thoughtfully applied features offered by McAfee security solution is its USB drive safety.

  • It stops auto-run infection.
  • It permits you to block unauthorized USB gadgets from accessing your PC and thus keeps your vital data secure.
  • It scans external devices the moment they are connected to your PC.
  • After sale service is also very good, simply dial toll free number of McAfee Technical Support for any help related to the Antivirus.

A simple but beneficial technology is one that is the most popular with the users. And this kind of technology happens to be the most attractive to cyber hackers, as well. By all means, make good use of every technology you come across; but do not shy away from the requirement of using it in a secure and protected manner.