5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015

Nowadays Internet users pay much attention on security concern so that they can keep their identity anonymous and secure. Online intruders and malicious agents always track the online user’s activities in order to steal that and misuse that. Today computer users know that they are not 100% safe when they’re online but it’s partially true. There are multiple ways to stay safe one of them is surf anonymously. If you want to keep your identity confidential VPN software can be really helpful for you. They secure your networks, your identity and location as well. There are various VPN software available for free for users of all platforms and a few of them are enumerated below which are available as a freeware:

5 Excellent VPN Services for Free for 2015


This service doesn’t charge even a single penny. This doesn’t allow adware to enter in your network and doesn’t put limitations on your browsing speed. There are no data caps and subscriptions also even though being completely free means you can get unlimited data at blazing fast speed regardless of the location you have choose. To download this service you don’t need to register anywhere, there is no need of credit or debit cards. This software is as simple as just download and run this wonderful application on your Windows, Android and other devices.

SecurityKISS VPN

SecurityKISS VPN offers a limited amount of bandwidth on a daily basis, but at increased speed. This VPN application has good speed in its free version along with better security features. Without making any account or login into any account, you can use this direct software and for that you just need to click on the connect button of it. Its one day limit is 300 MB. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac OS.


This application protects your Internet connection from infected agents and malicious users because these obtrusive agents can breach through your security wall and intercept your confidential data. They can identify your location, change your browser settings, change your credential details, etc. It basic account is available for free with security features which are limited to a particular location with the speed limit of 300 kbps, but premium users will get more speed and more flexible features.

HideMan VPN

If you are willing to pay, then HideMan VPN is a great choice as its premium version has lots of impressive features. Its free version puts the limitation of the usage of 7 hours per week, whereas in premium version, there is no such kind of limitation is imposed on users. It’s compatible with all major OS.

CyberGhost VPN

It’s one of the best choices in free VPN services along with lots of free features in the free version. This free VPN software is laden with all the security features which make it a complete VPN service. Although this free version comes with ads, but with adblocking software, all perky ads can be handled. This is not in the case of the premium version, because that is completely free from ads and offers 5 times better speed than the free version. It is compatible with all major Operating Systems.

Above most of the potential VPN software are discussed which can be your choice for because of their amazing features first and the cost second. They are those VPN subscriptions, which will not put a heavy load on your pocket and also, they ensure robust protection from online risks. They will not only keep your identity annoying, but also your location and activities as well. With these software, you can enjoy the freedom of Internet without any fear.

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Make Your Browsing Experience Safe with VPN

Privacy is the basic right of everybody. In case of web browsing, VPN security can give you complete protection from cyber threats and serve your security purpose well. Its adoption can bring two technical results as advantages: First It encrypts the signal so that intruders couldn’t intercept your network identity and your activities remain imperceptible to them and second it alters your IP address and it seems a different location, nation and machine identity to the eavesdroppers. There are lots of productive reasons to clock your device with VPN protection apart from a drawback that it compromises the speed of the machine.

Make Your Browsing Experience Safe with VPN

VPN enables a network-enabled device (like computer, mobile phones, etc.) to exchange the data as if you are connected to the private network.  It provides multiple layers of protection to the users using encryption and tunneling protocols. But tunnel endpoint must be secure before VPN tunnels are established. For the authentication purpose a user-created remote-access VPN can be secured by using two-way authentication, biometrics, passwords and other cryptographic arrangements.

They are beneficial because accessing a public Wi-Fi network without complete protection is not a safe option for your confidential activities. Public Wi-Fi networks don’t offer any security to the users rather they create the challenges. In this condition your connection will be open to the hackers and even newbie intruders can intercept your signal. This insecurity forces the user to have a safe VPN connection. Before logging into a public network, encrypt your signal so that you remain hidden from the eyes of snoopers and hackers.

VPN protection, also allows to access your home network while you are not in the territory of your home location. If you have enabled VPN tunnel, you can demand to your existing network which you have borrowed for the instant to provide the access of your home connection. It provides confidentiality of information in such a way that if the snooper has sniffed the data at the basic level, they will see the encrypted data only but can’t decode that. It accepts the data after confirming the authentication of the sender, so that the message integrity remains intact with the message.

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Benefits of VPN or the Virtual Private Network

Today, we live in a computer driven world. The computer is a basic requirement for leading a smart life these days. Everybody has an access to an internet connection and everybody uses it for their own different; personal or professional uses. In today’s age of technology, not having all time access to the internet can sometimes be a great obstruction in your work. And having a secure internet connection at the time you need it is of utmost importance. But how can you be sure that the unknown internet connection that you are using at the time of emergency is safe, secure, and free from and infiltration from the outsider and the data that you send or receive over this network is safe as your own personal connection. This is where VPN comes in.

Benefits  of VPN or the Virtual Private Network

VPN or virtual private network is a way to protect not only the data you transmit through the network, also the data already on your computer against any kind of internet hijacking. Originally used by the corporate houses, the increased dependence over the internet has made VPN popular among the home networks too. The VPNs work in covering up your IP address. It is like a wall that is created behind which your IP address hides and the IP address that is shown could be from anywhere in the world. The people who know their way around the computers would not even log into a network that they are sure of being secure hence the importance in VPNs is further highlighted.

The VPNs do not make you anonymous, but just increases your level of privacy when you are online and it is really important to understand that anonymity and privacy are completely different terms. There is still some information left about you that could lead to the revelation of your true identity. Also the VPN provider does log into your information unlike what they said. You are not anonymous there otherwise how would they be able to provide you with the services such as a limit on the data to be used or the number connections and the services alike. Think about it.

But despite that fact, it is still very helpful to use a VPN in cases like when you need to bypass some internet filters and in cases where you need an IP address from a different country to get access to a particular website. It can also come handy when you need to share your files with a group of people online for a long period of time. And of course the basic service that the VPNs offer of online privacy has been one the greatest driving factor in order to use the VPN service.

It is just fair that if you need to be sure that the network that you use is a secure one, then the VPN providers also need to be sure that you are not someone who is trying to get away with a cyber crime. This is done by simple security checks like a biometric lock, or passwords, etc. it is like you log into an account where you fell down some information about you and the computer authenticates the information and once that is done, you are good to go ahead and use the VPN. Hence the security and privacy of both the user and the provider is maintained.

Gitanjali is an experienced technical content writer. She has done post graduation from a reputed university and likes to write unique and informative article about Operating Systems .