Windows 10 Requesting for Administrator Rights? Stop it With Experts’ Aid

Do you also have a complain that your operating system is requesting for administrator rights? Windows 10 Tech Support professionals will teach to handle the matter in such a way that the future working experience will stay away from such concerning protests. Certainly, users who have updated their earlier edition to Windows 10 are enjoying and appreciating the advanced features and tools available in this OS. But on the other side, they have a little complain as well. The concerning complain is that ‘whenever a user wants to get an app from unknown developer, Windows 10 requests for Administrator right’. Below guide is beneficial for users who wish to get rid of massive annoyance due to the same.         

What Actually the Issue Is?

In order to serve users with better and better, Windows manufacturers keep on developing and providing the updated version of this operating system. Windows 10 is also a great development that facilitates people with outstanding speed, performance, and ultimately experience. But a minor thing that makes this software a little bit frustrating is its property to asks for administrator rights when users want to access an app belonging to the unknown designer. Though, this feature that comes beneath Windows SmartScreen option requests for the rights in order to maintain your device’s security yet sometimes it really irritates a lot.

Windows 10 Tech Support

However, even the Windows 10 Technical Support mavens themselves recommend keeping this feature ‘enable’ so as to ensure your PC’s safety but still, if you wish to ‘disable’ it, go through the below guidelines.             

Steps to Prevent Windows 10 From Requesting for the Administrator Rights

  1. Go to the Control Panel. You can do this simply by typing ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar followed by hitting ‘Enter’.
  2. After that, click ‘System & Security’.
  3. From here go to the ‘Security & Maintenance’ option.
  4. Here, click on arrow present nearby Security to open dropdown list.
  5. At this step, scroll downwards and locate ‘Windows SmartScreen’ option.

You’ll find that the option with heading Windows SmartScreen is ‘ON’ which means you are allowing the OS to ask for the rights it is requesting.

  1. Press the ‘Change Settings’ button   

Doing this will provide you with the options related to Windows SmartScreen. You can choose any of the two options except the first one that was enabled formerly:

  • The second option that warns you but will not request for administrator rights
  • The third option that will simply ‘Disable’ or ‘Turn off’ the Windows SmartScreen.

If followed carefully, these guidelines will instruct your W10 not to annoy you by asking for the rights again in the future.  

Wrapping Up: However, the aforementioned steps will aid you in turning off the Windows SmartScreen option with ease but doing this can put your PC at risks. So, it is better not to disable it. Still, if you want to keep the option turned off, ensure your device’s protection with aid of some important safety measures from Windows 10 Customer Support mavens’ end.      

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What New the Recently Updated Windows 10 has Brought for Users?

Are you still sticking to the confusion of ‘whether to update your Windows or not?’ Yes? Don’t mind but hearing this at the time when many Windows users have already updated their OS, is a little bit surprising. However, it is not too late, you still have the opportunity to enjoy working with the recent version. Leaving all other things, let’s go through the list of advanced features. Our knowledgeable Windows 10 Technical Support experts have listed the advancements in so proper manner that once read, you’ll for sure come to a clear decision.

Windows 10 Tech Support

Exclusive Features in the New Windows 10 

The update has arrived with a number of innovative features, enhancements, and apps that aims to proffer a brand-new and better experience to the Windows users. However, the update is already rolling into PCs globally but still, before upgrading your system, it is better to know ‘what New the Recently Updated Windows 10 has Brought’

List of Some Main Enhancements of Newly Updated Windows 10

  1. Your Phone on Your PC: “Your Phone” application in the new version allows better communication between the users’ PC and phones. It permits easy and improved transfer of media and files from your smartphone to your PC located anywhere.  
  1. New Theme: This update is really vital for the dark themes’ lovers. File Explorer is available with a dark theme that can be used simply by enabling the ‘Dark Mode’ in Settings menu.    
  1. Storage Sense: This new feature will help the users by automatically emptying the hard drives on their PCs. It deletes the files that the users are not using from the longer period of time. The feature is not ON by default. People have to enable it from the Settings menu.
  1. Cloud Clipboard: It allows you to access the work clipboard history on the desktop computer at your office from the Windows 10 device at home. For being benefited with this feature, you just have to copy your work to your clipboard on PC at the office.
  1. Improved “Snip & Sketch” tool: It is a more powerful and standalone screenshot tool that can be activated simply by using a short – Windows + Shift + S keys. Once the user does this, he/she can snip out the screenshot & share it along with comments. 
  1. Presentation Modes: It permits you to project your PC’s display wirelessly in three different modes. The modes are – Video Mode, Productivity Mode, and Game Mode.
  1. Enhanced Task Manager: Task Manager in this new version came with two advanced columns – ‘Power Usage’ & ‘Power Usage Trend’. The smart tabs help the users to categorize applications on the basis of power they use so as to ease the task of identifying apps that drain the device’s battery.
  1. Text Size Modification: Able to view text more clearly, the users can use this feature to increase or adjust the text size as per their need. For receiving help in using any new feature of this latest update, consult our Windows 10 Tech Support    
  1. Game Bar: It will provide the users with proper information about GPU & CPU usage along with fps (frames per second) used while gaming. It also includes enhanced audio control feature.   
  1. Reformed Microsoft Edge: Already excellent Microsoft Edge now arrives with more interesting tabs, interface, and tools. Moreover, now, the users are able to restrict websites from auto-opening. With it, ‘Reading View’ themes will provide the people with improved reading experience.   

“The new version came with better speed, better battery life, better performance, and better tactics to make things happen” 

Conclusion: These were the most appreciated features that the newly launched Windows 10 has brought. However, there are a number of other basic advancements like 157 Fresh emojis, 3D models, etc. To know more, contact our Windows 10 Customer Support professionals.         




Where to Get Windows 10 OS Technical Support

Though it has been long time since Windows 10 was released, but it is still new for those who have just bought a new machines which has Windows 10 already installed in it. New Windows 10 users may face multiple issues while interacting with it as new software program tends to have a few teething troubles. This version of operating system has lots of useful features to improve overall user’s experience. It has Windows store apps on your desktop, virtual assistance Cortana, new and improved Start Menu, enhanced new virtual desktops and task view, new Microsoft Edge browser at the place of Internet Explorer, copy and paste in command prompt, greatly improved mail and calendar apps, improved ‘Snap Assist’ for Windows, new tablet mode, changed Action center, Windows Defender, Dark Mode, HoloLens, Xbox apps and streaming, etc.

There are so many things you can do with Windows 10 and with a high configuration device, you can get most out of your computing machine. No user can use this operating system like a pr in one day. With the time, you will be able of using it more efficiently. If you are seeking to have support for Windows 10, the help is available in many forms. Apart from Microsoft, there are so many vendors who provide support services for Windows 10. PCTECH24.COM.AU which is an independent third-party that also provides Windows 10 OS Customer Support. This article explains your Windows 10 OS Technical Support options. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will continue to get upgrade notifications on their PC, laptop, or tablet until they don’t accept to upgrade your exiting OS. Technically, it will be good to accept the upgrade as the new Windows 10 has so many impressive features and more responsive.


At PCTECH24.COM.AU, you will always get support for Windows 10. Here all technicians are proactively ready, so you can call us at any instant whenever you find it convenient to talk to our representative to get Windows 10 OS Technical Support.  Our experts can help you with installing a fresh Windows 10 as well as its available updated in case you have already installed it. Our experts can guide you how you can start with Windows 10. They can provide you simple tips and tricks to get grips with Microsoft’s new operating system. They will focus on new features and irritants what may seem the biggest gripes to the new users of Windows 10. Our experienced professionals are delighted to assist you in specific event when your new Windows operating system is throwing challenging events towards you.

PCTECH24.COM.AU experts can provide you support if you want to upgrade from Windows 7/Windows 8, enabling virtual assistance in Windows 10, downgrade to previous version of Windows, how to get Edge browser and hide the administrator account in Windows, and other small 0r large problems. PCTECH24.COM.AU is the one stop solution to prove 360 degree support for Windows 10 problems. For detailed help, you can visit our official website or talk to our representatives over phone.

Avail Windows 10 OS Customer Support at PCTECH24.COM.AU

Every computer such as laptop, tablet, and Smartphone requires an operating system to connect with an external peripheral device and to run various applications and software programs. To make sure that you interact in the best possible way with your digital devices, Microsoft has been putting its best efforts to come up with the advanced operating systems. Since the launch of its first operating system to Windows 10, it has integrated so many changes and technologies in its operating system as well as in its other programs including productivity tools, browsing programs, etc. it has offered till the date. Windows 10 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft and to make sure that it remains convenient to use it for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, Microsoft has integrated the best features of both.

Windows 10 is the highly popular OS and there are fair chances that Windows 7 and Windows 8 users must be having issues while dealing with their devices once they have just installed Windows 10. It is a system software that helps in performing fundamental tasks of a computing machine such as administering peripheral and external devices, maintaining record of files and directories on the hard disk, receiving input from the input devices, redirecting output to the display screen, etc. The latest version of Windows OS has a redesigned start menu, new improved edge browser, the Xbox center, a dedicated window for Windows store, unified setting for PC customization, and various other features.


Notifications about Windows 10 may be nagging you if you continue to use either of the two operating systems. It may seem annoying to some users, but it is a good thing to remind you of upgrading your version of Windows as the new operating system has a lot to offer. It is more responsive, has lots of new features, and partially shaped by user’s requests and feedback. Microsoft keeps on updating its Windows Operating system according to the user’s requirements. The latest one offers features, such as Cortana and the edge browser to give you seamless and faster performance experience. Cortana can perform a wide variety of tasks like it can tell you meeting schedules and jokes.

There are many enhancements in Windows OS that you may not know and remain unexplored, but our technicians are able to see your OS with a much better approach. When you just cannot find the way you needed, go down the route of technical support. Contact technical support of the PCTECH24.COM.AU is the easiest way you can get support for Windows 10. Doing so will establish one-on-one connection with Windows 10 experts. Our technicians will guide and provide you tips and tricks to get grips of this operating system. Dial PCTECH24.COM.AU toll free number for Windows 10 OS Customer Support and connect with our engineers to get professional help from us.

Our Windows OS tech professionals can help you with installing clean version of Windows if your OS installation ends to a mess. They can help you in upgrading you Windows OS as well as if you want to roll back your previous version of Windows (Windows 10 to Windows 7). You can call us or have a chat with our representatives to get the technical help. We are just a call away. Our support experts assure your setup, installation, update or upgrade of Windows without hindrances.

Flash Will Soon Be “Click-To-Run” in Microsoft Edge

Most of the browser makers are chipping away their dependency at the web’s Flash and Microsoft is also following the footsteps of others browser makers and announced that upcoming Edge browser versions will favor HTML5 by default over Flash.

Microsoft said on 14th December 2016 that sites that support HTML5 will default to a clean HTML5 experience and in this case users will have better performance, more security, and improved battery life as  Flash will not even be loaded.

On sites where Flash is required, users computer screen will show a pop up like one attached below and it will remember the user’s choice for subsequent visits.


Edge users will see the prompt shown above when accessing a website with Flash content

On Windows Insiders builds, Microsoft has already implemented these changes to Edge users. For regular Windows users, this update may be available in the coming weeks. Although, Microsoft has not announce the exact day when it will integrate the new default multimedia playback technology HTML5 in Edge, but it is certain that Flash will be demised.

Microsoft also announced that in the beginning, major websites that have millions of monthly visitors and still rely on Flash will be exempt for the click-to-run Flash popup. The spokes person of Microsoft said that in the coming weeks and months, we will actively monitor Flash consumption in Microsoft Edge and will then take a decision of shortening the list of automatic exceptions gradually. Microsoft explains the reason of doing this and said that by doing so, users will remain in control at the end of this process and we will be able to select Flash for any site user visit. Microsoft is expecting that major websites will have a clear clue that Flash’s death is coming at a fast pace so they will try to migrate their user experience to more modern technologies.

Google and Mozilla have done the same in the past and now Microsoft is advising web developers to focus on deploying new technologies such Encrypted Media Extensions, Media Source Extensions, Canvas, Web Audio, and WebRTC instead of Flash. In fact, it is advising to ditch Flash altogether. It is not only the Google, Mozilla, or Microsoft; Apple also has announced that its Safari browser will automatically disable old Adobe Flash versions because of increased security risks.

Mozilla made an announcement in July that Firefox would block certain Flash content that is not important to the user experience. For those websites where Flash is the only media playback solution, Google Chrome 55 already using HTML5 as the default multimedia content handler rather than Flash with a similar click-to-run popup.

Microsoft has clearly said that Windows 10 next release will default to HTML5 content if possible and it even won’t load Flash content in the background. If this happens, users will have better performance, battery life and security. If you access a website that relies on Flash, you need to actively choose if you want Flash to load via a prompt. To make user experience better while browsing something in the Edge browser, Edge will stop certain Flash content and ads which will not be central to sites and it may speed up the loading process of the site.

Microsoft isn’t clear about how long this transition may take, but it is good that Microsoft is putting its foot down against the scourge of the internet by making its browser more secure.

Windows 10 Insider Build 14986 Release to PC with Many Updates

windows-10-insider-build-14986On 7th of December, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14986 for PC only to Insiders on the fast ring.  This build packs in a lot of new features and updates in Cortana, Game Bar, Windows Defender, Printing, and more.  All the new features that this Windows 10 insider build 14986 includes are listed below:

  • Controling music with Cortana
  • More supported games for using Game Bar in full screen.
  • Enterprise Cloud Printing
  • New Windows Defender Dashboard
  • Narrator Improvements
  • Improved Windows Update Experience
  • Registry editor improvements
  • Default to use the Microsoft USB Audio 2 class driver instead of hardware specific drivers.
  • Improved support for Windows 10 in Asia

To know more about each new feature, go through the corresponding section below:

What’s new in Build 14986?

Making Cortana brilliant:

Now Cortana can do a lot for you including turning it off, changing its volume with voice commands. Apart from this, Cortana can do things like shut down, lock, put it on sleep. Now you can use Cortana to control music playback while listening to music. Use your voice to control playback and volume.

Microsoft has added support for “What’s Playing” as many radio listeners wanted to know what that catchy tune is that has played a million times. It will work for the specific apps and may give you right answer of you say “Hey Cortana, What song is Playing?” Cortana has been smarter and it will remember your last played music app, means  you don’t need to say “on Groove” again and again. You just need to speak your desired app one time, something like “Play jazz music on iHeartRadio”; next time to repeat the same, you just need to say “Play rock music” and it will play on iHeartRadio.

Microsoft has added music recognition support to Chinese (Simplified) in Cortana, means it can now recognize music for customers in China.

Full screen when idle:

It is one of the major improvements to Cortana’s look when your PC is unlocked and idle and you say “Hey Cortana.” When your PC is in in unlocked and idle state and you ask something from Cortana, it will result in a stunning full-screen experience that is optimized for far field viewing!

Cortana sign-in using Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity:

This feature let you signing into Cortana with your work or school account instead of using your MSA, even if your organization does not support MSA. To sign in to Cortana using account other than MSA, go to Cortana’s Notebook and “About Me” and sign in.  Currently AAD join is only available on Windows 10 PCs.

Enterprise Cloud Printing:

The new Enterprise Cloud Printers discovery UI enables corporate users to detect corporate printers on Azure Active Directory joined devices while IT admin deploying and configuring the backend services under Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners.

Corresponding backend services (are not yet available) need to be working for this feature to work, so to discover and install printers in the interim, continue to use existing UI.

Windows Game Bar improved full-screen support:

Microsoft added support for six full screen games in Game Bar with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. For the Windows 10 Creators Update, many more are added. In full-screen mode, Microsoft has added support for 19 additional games with Windows game bar. As always, to invoke Game Bar to capture a recording or screenshot, just hit WIN + G.

Taking users’ Windows Ink experience to the next level:

With the Creators Update, Microsoft has already announced and released few improvements for our pen and Windows Ink users and with this build a few more are announced.

Resuming previous screen sketches:

Users bring it in notice that it was too easy to accidentally lose their Screen Sketch, so Microsoft made a change with build 14986 and now you can resume previous sketches. By default, it will always open a new screenshot when you open Screen Sketch, but now you will be taken to the sketch you were working on by clicking on when Screen Sketch last closed the Resume button.

Updated Ink Flyout Visuals:

The Windows Ink pen, pencil and highlighter flyouts can show a preview to give you glimpse about how it would look like to color with the currently selected ink and width. Any app that uses Windows Ink with the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK will show these improvements visibly. Flyouts are also updated so that duplicate entries don’t appear in high contrast. To close the flyout, support using the Esc key, and returned the flyout to dismiss once you tap a color or change the width.

Better control over ruler rotation:

Updated the Windows Ink ruler that can rotate in sub-degree increments while moving it with touch. Now it is easier to line the ruler up with two points on the screen

Enhancing your inking experience:

To make you feel that you are creating something on paper using pen, the cursor will not be shown while you’re inking.

New Extensions in Microsoft Edge:

There are a few new extensions to share with Windows 10 users. Have a look at Ebates, Intel TrueKey, and Read & Write.

Updated Rendering Technology:

Rendering technology used for many types of UWP app content has been changed. If you notice any new visual glitches in UWP apps send your feedback to the Microsoft. Microsoft is widely using the same Windows.UI.Composition API that app developers have access to for XAML UWP app and shell rendering for additional context on this change.

Narrator improvements:

Microsoft’s aim is to make its products more and better performing. Narrator improvements are a big part of that including:

It has a new feature to provide additional information about colors, fonts, line spacing, margins and more.

Press Caps Lock + F to hear this information.  To cycle through nine categories of information, continue to press Caps Lock + F. To move through these categories in reverse, use Shift + Caps Lock + F.

Context Awareness, the default level for a Narrator feature is now set to 2.  As you move around areas such as the Start Menu, Office ribbon, etc. you will hear additional information.  To cycle through the different options, use Alt + Caps Lock + /.  Zero tells off for the feature.

The key to get advanced information about the item with focus has been changed from Caps Lock + F to Caps Lock + 0 in Narrator.

An issue is fixed from recent flights where Narrator only say “No item in view” when placing focus on the Start menu tiles.

New Windows Defender dashboard:

With the availability of a new dashboard coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is making it easier for you to view and control Windows 10 device security with the health features available on your PC or tablet. Upgrade to this build to get a preview of the new experience. Insiders just need to restart their PC to see the preview. By searching for “Windows Defender” and clicking on the search result that says “Windows Defender/Trusted Windows Store app,” you can find can find the dashboard.  Remember, the dashboard is not fully functional just yet as it is in a work-in-progress state.

Registry Editor Improvements:

Considering users feedback, Microsoft has added the familiar File Explorer keyboard navigation shortcuts to Registry Editor to continue enhancing your registry experience. Now, you can easily go up (Alt+ Up arrow), backwards (Alt + Left arrow) or forwards (Alt + Right arrow) in the registry. To customize the font Registry Editor Uses, a new entry point in the View menu is also added.

The USB Audio 2 Class Driver and You:

To get more miles on the class driver, Microsoft is temporarily changing things as of 14986 to prefer the class driver over third-party drivers. It has been done to flush out device compatibility issues and other bugs in its own driver.

Improved Update Experience:

Windows developers always try to keep your devices secure, reliable and fast performing. In this space, build 14986 comes with two more improvements.

Improving Windows 10 in Asia

Along with Cortana’s new music recognition support for Chinese (Simplified) also made a few changes to improve the Windows 10 experience in Asia based on feedback.

Chinese Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements

  • New context menu for the IME mode
  • Microsoft Pinyin IME now supports importing and exporting self-learned phrases
  • Wubi IME has been updated to support user-defined phrases

Line Mode for Chinese (Simplified) Handwriting

Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements:

  • It’s now possible to remove text prediction candidates
  • Improving the Japanese IME conversion accuracy
  • Improved reliability and responsiveness

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • Windows Hello face is improved which may require you to “Improve Recognition” to get recognized again. To enable this, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options and under “Windows Hello” and “Face Recognition”, then choose “Improve Recognition” to go through the Improve Recognition wizard.
  • The Taskbar’s context menu settings entry are update to now explicitly be called “Taskbar settings”, as that is where it pointed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Virtual Touchpad’s right and left buttons might not work on some devices. An issue where the Virtual Touchpad wouldn’t launch if the primary monitor was non-touch also fixed, and the Virtual Touchpad icon to the Taskbar settings is added where you can Turn system icons on or off.
  • The issue where apps such as Store, Photos, and People might launch on their own after PC had been inactive for long.
  • The issue where navigating to Settings > System > Battery would crash the Settings app is also fixed.
  • The default state of the Handwriting Panel that docked at the bottom of the screen is changed to be floating next to the text field. If you want to use it in docked-mode, select it by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the Handwriting Panel.
  • An issue is also fixed where using ~ to switch languages using the Thai keyboard might sometimes result in a hang while typing in Office apps, such as Outlook or Word 2016.
  • Migration logic is also updated to preserve unlock setting across upgrades when going forward from 14986 the default user’s.
  • An error is resolved where Microsoft Excel was crashed while double-clicking on an Excel document to open it from File Explorer.
  • An issue is also fixed where Windows Hello might get stuck “Looking for you”.
  • An issue Insiders with Surface Dial is also fixed that users were experiencing while rotating the Dial as it was making unexpected beeps.
  • A few things have moved around in Storage Settings like, “settings to change save locations” has moved to its own page. An issue of showing an unexpectedly high number for Storage Usage for the Other category is also fixed.
  • An issue is also fixed where the PowerShell entry in File Explorer’s File menu sometimes gets unexpectedly grey out.
  • An error is fixed where the Clock and Calendar flyout in the taskbar wouldn’t launch if the system was using the phonetic sorting method and the display language was set to Chinese (Traditional).
  • The full screen Settings search results are updated, now use smaller icons. It is expected that it will deliver an overall more polished feel because more search results will display on the page at a time.
  • An error where some notifications might draw too low or too high, and then be seen shifting itself to the correct position.
  • An issue is also fixed where the outline incoming notification toasts might still be seen even if notification banners as a whole for that particular app had been turned off.
  • An issue Insiders may have experienced where despite having items in the Favorites folder, the Favorites bar on desktop might appear empty is also fixed.
  • The issue of CPU throttling when idling on certain webpages with many looping videos or gifs in Microsoft Edge.
  • Insiders reported that sometimes pressing Alt + D was not being able to set focus to the address bar in Microsoft Edge, this issue is also fixed.
  • For Insiders with PCs that upgraded to builds 14926-14959, some default power settings may have been lost and not recovered on subsequent upgrades. The effect of this causes devices to potentially use more power, change the power button behavior on tablets, etc. Starting with 14986, an attempt to detect this issue and re-apply the power settings will be made during upgrade. This attempt is a temporary process to help address this issue for Insiders, and will be removed once we’re closer to the Creators Update release.
  • Windows Error Reporting logic is also updated so that online game play, video streaming, Skype calls, or other network-intensive activity don’t get interfered by uploading crash data.
  • An issue that result in potentially freezing at the splash screen on launch of Microsoft Studios games like Microsoft Sudoku, Jigsaw, Minesweeper, Taptiles, and Treasure Hunt.
  • An issue is also fixed where the task bar was visible on the Welcome screens after upgrading even if its location was set to be on top.

Resolution of Common Problems of Windows 10/8.1/8

There is nothing perfect in this world and this is applicable to the technology as well. Windows is also such an Operating System that is not perfect has some temperament, glitches, and flaws. However, the good thing about Microsoft is that it learns from the flaws and issues and eventually and creates a super OS (near to perfect) that will be capable of beating all other OS.

There are numbers of operating systems in the market, but Windows has made its special place because of various reasons that add convenience for the end users. Since the release of its first OS, Microsoft has developed various versions of Windows over the years. Today, Windows has a great significance and with the every passing day, it is becoming more popular among the computer users.

In the year 2014 in the month of September, Microsoft announced that it is going to release its new version of Windows for consumers on July 29, 2015. With the release, Microsoft also announced that the authentic and eligible users of Windows 7/8 can upgrade their editions to Windows 10 for free. Microsoft launched Windows 10 to render a harmonious experience to the Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 users. It includes the features and functionalities of both of the versions.


a harmonious experience Microsoft developed this OS version with the expectations that it will provide a smooth and glitch free experience, but like other software programs, it may encounter some internal glitch or issues  in fewer instances. Windows 10 users have reported a few Windows related issues with their version of OS and Microsoft have taken the corrective measures for most of the reported problems that are easy to apply and follow.

Below a few of Windows 10 issues are enlisted with their solutions:

Prevalent issues of Windows 10 and their solutions

Installation Problem

Users have reported that issues encounter at the instance when they tried to install Windows 10. While installing Windows, issues encountered accompanied by a pop-up message reflecting, “Something happened.” To fix this problem the only option users have is close the window to terminate the installation process. Users reported that this problem occurs when they were using a burned USB or DVD while installing Windows 10 or trying to choose to create an ISO.

Before installing Windows 10, check the Language and Region settings on the control panel and verify that US English is selected. If US English is not selected, you need install the US English Language pack on your system again. Otherwise option you have is, use the feature “Upgrade This PC” with the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.


Unable to Find Wireless Networks

This annoying problem may not only encounter with wireless network, but it can be irksome even in wired Ethernet connections also. To fix this issue, the first recourse you can exercise to counter this problem is restart your computer first and then your Wi-Fi router. This recourse will usually work for you, but if it doesn’t resolve your issue and could not find any Wi-Fi connection, what you need to do next is see if you have installed any VPN software. Check out that your VPN software is compatible with Windows 10 or not. If it is not compatible with Windows 10, uninstall it. Another option to fix this issue is disable your firewall and see it works for you or not.


Windows 8.1 Unusual Issues and their Resolution

Windows 8.1 is an upgrade to Windows 8 that was codenamed Blue. This better version of Windows 8 is regarded as an upgrade from its predecessor and received mixed reviews from the users. This version of Windows also has its share of issues so below a few unusual problems are discussed along with their corresponding fixes.

Start Menu

Microsoft has received many complaints from Windows 8.1 users that their Start Menu is missing. The most effective solution for this problem is use the 3rd party apps. This solves your issue of missing Start Menu.


One File Saved with Multiple Copies

If you have saved multiple copies of same file, this will consume space on hard drive and will show many issues in Windows 8.1. What you can do as a solution to prevent occurrence of this issue is, use a 3rd party service to disable the default back up service.


Windows 8 Common Concerns and Fixes

Windows 8 launched with the major changes specifically in terms of the user interface as well as the OS’ platform. It was launched to provide a good experience to the Windows users. In fact, it was built to give the user a better touch experience on desktop computers and laptops. Like other two of its versions, Windows 8 also has its share of problems. So here is the fix for a few common problems.

Apps do not Close

Once a user launches an app, it will remain running until the operating system decides close or stop it. The OS do so to save CPU cycles mainly. The common fix for this problem is use ALT + F4 to close apps. However, with regular builds, this command does not work.

Turning the Device off

Clicking the Start button brings the shut down or restart option to the Windows 7 user, but due to different setup, Windows 8 gives you shut down or restart the computer options when you click on the Power button to. Another technique to restart or shut down the computer is hover the cursor over the Start button, go to Settings, Power and then choose the option.

If you still face any problem with Windows 10, then you contact Windows 10 Technical Support Services to their respective service provider or any third-party service provider and in case if you have any problem with Windows 8 then you contact Windows 8 Technical Support Services to their respective service provider or any third-party service provider .


Advance Abilities of Windows 10

Microsoft has brought a good idea for not only the computer users, but other digital gadgets users. This version of Windows is more stable and feature laden than the earlier versions of Windows. With the flexible changes it may lead the race of dominant operating system. It’ll give a totally new experience to the end users, and it looks different on different devices. The best thing about this that it’ll be a free upgrade for the Windows 7/8 users for the first year. It is equipped with many features and abilities.

Advance Abilities of Windows 10

Comeback of Start menu

You know that start menu was the part of Windows 7 and when the users move to the next upgraded version of it, i.e. Windows 8 it was replaced by the live tiled icons on desktop. In Windows 10 both options are available for the comfort of the users who are comfortable with any of the two versions of Windows. With its upgraded graphics you may go for its full-screen view.

Xbox app and streaming

It is a feast for the gamers that Windows 10 is available with Xbox One along with some more interesting features. With the Xbox app you’ll be able to play multiplayer and simulator games. Also, it has the ability to stream games from Xbox One and support for Direct 12.


From the Microsoft’s concern Cortona is one of the attention grasping features of Windows 10. It is a digital assistance like Siri and Google Now. Earlier it was for Windows Phones only, But now it’ll come to PC and tablets. It’s placed next to the start button on the desktop and also you can find it by saying “Hey Cortona”. It also allows to edit the things it knows about you in order to serve you better. With its intractability you can make a request to execute like toshow me the document from October, etc.

Holographic computing

We have seen this technology in the movies only till the time, but isn’t it exciting that you’re going to experience it? Windows 10 is the only one holographic computing platform. It’s the augmented reality, which is very interesting and has brought holographic expression in the real world from the virtual environment.

Continuum mode

With the ‘Continuum Mode’ it will make your interaction with the device easier. Means this Operating System can move comfortably between laptop and tablet.

Spartan browser

According to Microsoft Spartan may be the new browser of Windows 10 which is built with ‘interoperability’ in mind. Along with the reading mode, it also allows you to annotate with pen, finger and obviously keyboard. It is an intelligent browser because it provides you the additional information related to the subject you’re asking for.

Universal apps

It’s good news for those users who’re using multiple Windows devices. Universal apps is a bunch of programs like audios, mailing & messaging, maps, music, videos, etc. and they will look same across multiple gadgets and their screen sizes and OneDrive will synchronize the data automatically.

Unified settings

The Insider program of Windows 10 is based on the users experience and demands. Microsoft has made the changes suggested by its users and now it has unified setting of previous two versions of the same OS. Means you won’t find PC settings and control panel separately. It also has an Action Center, which is synchronized across devices and to give you notifications.

Also for Windows phones

Unlike the earlier versions of Windows for Windows Phones, Microsoft has kept the same name of it for this OS based phones. It has the same name for a variety of devices either PC, Phones or tablets.

Windows 10 is the result based on the demands and changes suggested by the users and It’ll roll out in the in the last week of July 2015. Overall, it’ll look more like Windows 8 but with tweaks. It has the Action-center as its new ability to sync with other devices and also has the ability to float the keyboard on the screen. Also, users can reply to notifications in-line. And there is app menu to show you the recently installed apps at the top.

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Why Windows 10 is superior to Windows 8.1?

As a Windows 8.1 user, we had to face various complications such as fancy start screens with large icons, unorganized task bars, confusing “PC Settings” and so on. However, Microsoft Windows 10 finds a way out of all these problems.


Some of the features that Windows 10 users would love are outlined below:

  • Old Pal Start Button is back: In Windows 10, start button is back and you can feel nostalgic, as it takes you back to the outstanding user interface of Windows 7. It is an excellent feature, you should try it.
  • A new browser and CORTANA: Yes, IE (Internet Explorer) you would like to hate. CORTANA is going to Windows 10. It is like a sharp personal assistant when compared with its competitors like S-Voice and Siri. Besides, it will work as a full-fledged desktop assistant. It will perform crucial functions such as browsing, opening a file, copying, pasting and all the tasks you do in Windows.
  • Different Desktops: If you are using Mac Os X, then you might have encountered the multiple desktop features. Now, Windows 10 includes such features as well. It provides an alternative of the “Workspace Switcher”.
  • Command Prompt and Improved Multitasking: Windows 10 also introduces a quadrant layout up to 4 apps to be shown on the same screen. The operating system creates smart suggestions to fill the screen space. You can see the cycle via open apps using the Alt + Tab shortcut.
  • Windows 10 is a free companion for existing Windows PC users: Finally, Windows 10 is great for existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users since Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 clients will receive free and latest updates for lifetime.

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