Tips to Protect Smart Gadgets like Mobile Phones & Tablets

We discuss about security and data privacy in most of our blogs. It’s quite obvious to discuss that as we are connected to devices in every aspect, all the photos of the last trip, videos of the children, contact details and all the important data is stored in these machines. Take a few minutes and read the blog from experts of the ESET Support to protect these devices.

  1. Set lock screen

Never leave your phone unlocked. As the phone has all your private data. Create a password or PIN to stop easy access to the phone. Gestures and face identification are less safe, but are better than nothing. Setting lock screen will definitely help to be secure from strangers. If in case phone is lost, chances of peeping inside the phone is very low because of lock screen.

  1. Hide your Passwords

You will say that people near you can look what PIN or password you’re entering. Usually, we’re not concerned about reliable people near us, but what about unfamiliar person in a public place like café or train? In your phone settings, hide the passwords by disabling of the option: Settings > Security > Make passwords visible.

Eset Technical Support

  1. Secure your apps with a PIN

All apps in your device are not equal when it comes to safety and security. Possibly the weather application won’t keep the personal information. But, the messages and banking apps need to be keep secured as their data is private. You can visualize what might occur if kids open a particular app while they’re playing on your devices. Use ESET Security to create a PIN to let it open. As an additional security feature, it will be good that the lock screen and ESET PINs are not same.

  1. Install Apps from reliable sources

If you use other app stores in addition to Google Play, then skip the option “Unknown sources” in the device’s Security Settings. Sometimes the Google Play Store lets malware to pass by. It’s quite common that most Android infections enter because of fake apps masked as genuine apps, so double click the publisher. Be alert of downloading from bogus websites masked as genuine ones. Avoid pirated and cracked versions.

  1. Scan App with ESET Mobile Security

Always keep ESET Mobile Security on, if you are using third-party stores. ESET scans any installed app before its running. It can also scan an app before its installation. After installation of ESET, when you mount any app, the mobile will ask if you want ESET to scan it. Use ESET security software, it will scan and allow the app to the default installation method.

From the above tips, the safety of the smart devices will be quite easy. These are some of the best tips from the experts of the ESET Technical Support. Just go through the tips and try to include them in the daily life. Once these tips are followed, no chance of any infection to adversely affect the device.