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Android is world’s most used,popular and customizable operating system for the mobiles and tablet and millions of users worldwide. It based on the Linux Kernel and was designed and developed for the touch screen Smartphone and available as an open source. It is introduced by Google and today it captures the biggest share of mobile operating system. Google keeps on upgrading its OS to the several versions and most of the major brands of the mobile market come with Android OS excepting a few which run on their own platform.

Android comes with a simple UI based on direct manipulation and its store has a large number of useful applications and over millions of applications downloaded from its store. The access to Google’s application store for Android is free and there are free as well as paid applications. So it is user choice to choose from paid and free application. For detailed overview of Android, Android users can contact PCTECH 24 support team.We provide support to configure smartphones and other devices running on Android and personalize their setting for your convenient experience.

Tech Support For Android Devices

Android is especially designed for touchscreen mobile devices like smart-phones and tablet.The mobile OS itself help the users with the aid of applications, but if you want to learn how to use them effectively, you can contact PCTECH24 to supervise your mobile from trained professionals and help you in using them like a pro. We are dedicated to deliverend-to-end solution for the Android devices even if your mobile is suffering from slowness and sudden crashes or Android application giving some errors. In any sort of problem, you can call PCTECH24 Android phone support services.

PCTECH24 has a team of certified professionals who will first diagnose the device and eliminate its errors whether it is a compatibility issues, or syncing issues, or you need help to customize the settings of your Android OS, or any compatibility problem, or any other problem. We will make sure that your Android run fast and easy. Call us at any instant to receive comprehensive technical support and enjoy the smooth performance of your Android device.

Scope of Services

  • Just relax while our expert tech support team resolves Android device related errors
  • Setting up Wi-Fi on your Android device and configuring it for wireless printing
  • Personalizing and customize your new Android device settings
  • Transferring media and other files from one device to another
  • Synchronizing the data and files stored on your device applications
  • Reducing battery power cycles and optimizing your device’s power options
  • Downloading and installing apps on your device from Google Play/Android Market
  • Email/Google account set up, and OS installation
  • To custom home page, and pin application to task bar
  • History and catch cleaning help
  • General troubleshooting and factory reset help
  • Support for upgrading the applications, restore, backup the data and files
  • Help to connect Android device to the PC
  • Help for Network troubleshooting and upgrading Android versions
  • Support to change general setting, language, display, and call
  • Help to improve the performance of device
  • Answering any other query related to your Android device

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