Technical Support for Avast

Avast AntiVirus is a popular and reliable security program with the comprehensive set of tools. It offers various features and tools to provide the protection in real-time to your system. To ensure maximum protection it keeps on updating its database of virus definitions continuously. It verifies the risks and eliminates them from the machine. It has a well-organized interface which shows all the available features of the program in the main window and has four scanning modes: quick scan, full system scan, removable media scan and select folder to scan.

Intelligent Engine to Scan Virus and Malware

Its intelligent engine makes it versatile software that not only checks the saved files, but also a home network connection for the probable threat. It keeps on frequently updating its database virus definitions ensure real-time protection.

Avast Antivirus Support

Browser Cleanup and Hijack Protection

Its browser cleanup removes annoying extensions or toolbars and easily updates important software so that while detecting junkware and useless programs they could not be identified.

Safety for Online Transactions

Norton pulse updates virus definitions in every 5 to 15 minutes without interrupting your ongoing task. Its built-in intelligence expands the battery life by putting all the non-critical activities off. Its optimization feature scans all unknown files and identifies the threats.

Home Network Security

Its silent firewalls shield your network from online snoopers and threats. It checks the security aspect of the home network so that unauthorized users can’t get the access of your bandwidth as it may create a serious problem for your personal and financial information.

Create Unbreakable Security for the Data

The users can select the type of protection and scanning according to their choice. This software suite scans the PC in four modes which are segregated according to speed. They are full system scan, quick scan, removable media scan and select folder to scan. The last mode scans a specified location in depth and "Quick scan" mode scans system quickly, and "Full System" mode takes minuter to identify and remove threats. In this way it offers the overall security to your machine.

With the advanced set of features and added utilities Avast AntiVirus is a potent program to provide the complete protection to the computers. It provides exceptional protection from much online vulnerability, which includes Trojans, worms, viruses, malware, etc. It performs quick scan operation because the files in the cloud rather than on users’ systems. This cloud based integration provides an extra level of security to scan and root out the risks. And if you’re facing any problem like hoe to install, uninstall or update the program, you can call the PCTECH24 experts to troubleshoot your problems.

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