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Networking issues can spoil the entire management and workflow of any organization. Intermittent slowdowns, network traffic fluctuations are the very nature of networking. It is not easy to find that slowdown or bottleneck exists, but the pesky task is to find the point of the problem. There may be numerous reasons of these issues and IT engineers and managers may face network bottlenecks and downtime in their regular schedule often because of these issues. There possible reasons of slowdowns may include:

Network interface card (NIC)

Often a bad network adapter may cause network slowdowns on a PC and bring down an entire network. A bad network may start broadcasting junk data packets and may bring slowdowns problems.


Bad network cabling may be a whole host of issues, including a slow network. You will receive some error notification if your network connection is suffering any technical failure or is not configured properly. These error messages give you the indications about the nature of the issue.You can use these messages for the resolution of the problems.

IP Address Conflict (or Address Already in Use)

This issue may occur if your computer is set up with a static IP address and the same address is connected to the same network and using the same address. In some cases, this problem may encounter even with dynamic (DHCP) addressing also.

Support internet issues

Duplicate Name Exists on the Network and Network Path Cannot Be Found

You may receive this error as a balloon message when you turn on a Windows computer that is connected to a local network. If this message appears, you will not be able to access the network. Sometimes, you may also receive a message that network path is not found when you try to access another device via your network.

Limited/No Connectivity or Connected with Limited Access

You may receive a pop-up dialog that says "limited or no connectivity” while trying to access a network resource or a web page on a Windows shared drive.

Unable to Join Network Failureand Unable to Establish the VPN Connection

Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch) user may experience this problem if they fail to join a Wi-Fi network. This issue can be resolved almost in the same manner as you will do for a PC that cannot connect to a hotspot. You will see an error notification unable to establish a VPN connection if there is any problem either on the client or server side. Our network engineers will help you in all the problems related to your network connection. They will help you in:

Our Scope of Services Include:

  • Setup and establish a network connection for your devices
  • Send emails, print wirelessly, and share files
  • Fix, bypass, or troubleshoot common network issues
  • Check network settings to very them
  • Checking the modem and router connected to a specific network
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi device is on
  • Diagnose and Repair issues like unable to clear the DNS cache
  • To check if the network adapter driver is updated
  • To fix an intermittent internet connection if it disconnects from time to time
  • Provide remedy for a slow internet connection
  • To turn off auto-tuning
  • To alter your “Flow Control” and enable Network Sharing
  • To override or turn off password protected sharing
  • For changing your Network Sharing Settings

PCTECH24 has a team of skilled and enthusiastic professional who will take care of all the issues you are facing with your network connection irrespective of which brand’s computer you are using and who is your Internet service provider. They will fix all your hardware and software based troubles including updating the TCP/IP configuration, updating drivers, altering the network or your devices settings, etc.

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