Technical Support for Slow Computer Performance

Your computer performance is poor if it is taking too much time to respond on each of the command or when you turn it on. There may be several reasons of slow performance and drowsy behavior of your computers like cluttered files over years, any conflicting applications installed on it thatloads at the startup, more than one security application, outdated or recently installed software updates or drivers, virus infections, third-party browser plug-ins, etc. Often the two factors are responsible for a sudden performance-degradation on your computer one is the last-installed software and another is an update to your operating system or drivers, whereas, other factors attribute a steep or a gradual decrease in performance of your device.

Slow Computer Support

If you want to identify the causes of poor and slow performance of your computer, first you need to determine when the slowness occurs like you may experience sudden slow performance while starting a specific program, browsing the web, starting up the computer, etc. To fix the slow performance issues, PCTECH24 technicians will first of all find the reason that is the cause of reflecting such situation and these reasons may include:

Our Scope of Services Include:

  • Too many add-ons in browser
  • Your hard drive is failing because it has moving parts and they all fail eventually
  • Doing too many tasks at once.
  • Running too many programs at once
  • Too many browser tabs are open that are likely to hog far more than its fair share of RAM.
  • Rogue programs may be responsible for hogging all the processing power
  • A lousy antivirus program
  • You have a virus
  • Hard drive is 90% full
  • Too slick operating system
  • Running a computer without rebooting it since long
  • Outdated drivers and hardware conflicts
  • Remnants of any uninstalled application
  • Too old computer
  • Processor or the device itself is overheating

If you have not partitioned your device memory space and all the data is stored in an unorganized manner, or running your anti-malware and antivirus tool continuously for regular scan in the background, unnecessary application vying to be ready and run when your computer boots up, or there is a virus infection, or a fully occupied hard drive that make the programs react very slow, or some external problem like CPU case matted over with dust, or outdated drivers and applications that support and are necessary to run the hardware efficiently, or out-dated browser plugins, or an overheated system/processor, or broken and corrupt files of uninstalled application may drag down the performance of your computer. If you need expert technicians to fix any of the issue discussed above, the technicians at PCTECH24 are always ready to help you.

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