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PCTECH24 offer full tech help for all Windows operating systems and Windows 8 is also in the same bucket. Windows 8 is the successor of Windows 7 which made significant changes in itself if compare two. It was designed to improve the user experience on the touch screen devices and now it’s available with a fresh look and feel with Sleek, nimble and modern interface. A great number of users move from their existing operating system to Windows 8. It allows you to customize and personalize your desktop.

And if you’re facing problem how to choose your start screen background, or pinning the apps, profiles, websites, profiles, games and folders the PCTECH24 experts will help you to customize your Windows according to your choice. Windows 8 interface is optimized for the touch display devices with integrated apps and on the large display you can run two apps simultaneously. And since touch display is a new experience for you so you may have faced the difficulties while dealing with this operating system.

Feel free to ask for the expert support from PCTECH24 and know how to keep Windows 8 stable in performance, how to get support for traditional apps, how to make it quick responsive and how to save the memory space. PCTECH24 engineers can help you to access Windows 8 flexibility to start from the desktop with the applications as live tiles on your device. We can assist you, how can you input your command in three simple ways through mouse, keyboard and touch in this OS.

Windows 8 Support

Since it’s new for the most of the users and bit different from its predecessors, so it’ll be complex for if using it first time. On the start screen on the right side, it has a search charm which gives you quick web access if you have an Internet connection. Its start screen shows all the important apps and you can directly access them from the desktop. It has increased and improves productivity tools to help you out with the text and documentation stuff.

Its office applications create a collaborative environment and allow you to edit and save your workspace either on the system memory or on the online storage space. And if you’re unsuccessful to access any of its feature just let us know and do it for you.

PCTECH24 Offers Following Windows 8 Services

  • Support for troubleshooting install, uninstall and upgrade issues
  • Support for fixing driver, Internet, slow speed, poor performance issues
  • Support for security of the system
  • Support for OS start-up errors
  • Support for pairing with other devices
  • Support for how to recover the data and regain the performance after the crash
  • Support for other runtime errors
  • Support for how to download new and popular applications on it

Windows 8 Live tiles give real-time updates even without opening them and also you can adjust their location according to your priority. It has attractive and alluring Windows backgrounds and themes to customize the settings and looks of your desktop according to your taste and work. It supports for NFC (near field communication), cloud computing, and has additional in-built security features. Its integration with online services enables you to download new software easily. It’s available in two versions home and pro and in case you’re facing any issue or receiving any error message while dealing with Window 8 or looking for an upgrade from Windows 7, connect to the tech professional of the PCTECH24 for instant support.

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